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The first multi-solution EBT platform

Since 2014, Bagtag has led the way in electronic bag tag (EBT) software and hardware, which is today used by multiple major airlines across the world. EBTs boast many benefits over traditional paper tags: an EBT allows passengers to escape long check-in lines, is a sustainable solution and provides passengers with more control.

However, without a centralized solution to standardize and manage EBTs, many airlines have been hesitant to adopt them. Therefore, Bagtag decided to open up its software to other EBT vendors, creating the first multi-solution EBT platform.

“Looking forward, passengers must be able to use the EBT of their choice across the world and on different airlines. The only way to achieve this is to cooperate with both airlines and EBT manufacturers,” states Jasper Quak, managing director of Bagtag.

Hence, the platform allows passengers to choose between different electronic baggage tags and use them across various airlines around the globe – an unprecedented concept in the air travel industry. The platform, developed and managed by Bagtag, is specifically designed to easily and securely integrate with airlines’ existing systems. Both the Rimowa EBT and One Bag Tag EBT have been added to the platform already.

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