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BNP Associates

BNP has recently installed the Ops Insight Evaluation Tool for baggage systems at the Hong Kong and Singapore Changi airports.

Ops Insight simulates operational changes such as flight schedule changes, system failures, daily load factors and resource assignment changes to support daily/near-term operational planning decisions. Medium- to long-term airport process changes can also be assessed for planned events such as future airport expansions, major facility closures, airline terminal/check-in relocations and racetrack assignments.

The app’s built-in Scenario Manager enables airports to understand expected system performance and capacity under varying operational conditions in one dashboard environment.

What-if scenarios can be dynamically customized to analyze BHS constraints, isolate bottlenecks, verify mitigation strategies and compare expected performance against key performance indicators. All aspects of baggage system capacity can be evaluated, including check-in processes, HBS, sortation, early bag storage, baggage make-up and arrival bag claims.

Ops Insight provides a simple, user-friendly interface to create, execute and analyze scenarios, which is especially beneficial to those users without prior simulation experience. The app immediately presents the results with easy-to-read graphical and tabular displays for quick and accurate analysis.

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