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Artificial intelligence to improve efficiency and safety of aircraft turnarounds

At this year’s Passenger Terminal EXPO, Assaia International will announce that London Gatwick Airport will be the first airport in the world to use an AI/computer vision solution to capture real-time turnaround timestamps to improve operational efficiency and safety.

Assaia’s Apron AI software creates timestamps for all turnaround-related activities from video in real time. This structured data can be used by airports, airlines and ground handlers in several ways. It can be used to configure alerts that signal that turnaround sub-processes are deviating from their schedule. As users will detect these deviations earlier and more often, the impact on OTP can be minimized. The Apron AI software can also detect unsafe situations and send alerts in order to prevent accidents, saving up to millions of euros in ground damages.

The software has the potential to make turnaround staff more productive and therefore reduce the number of staff required to oversee turnaround operations. The data can also be used to perform historical analysis to find areas for turnaround optimization as well as to find the root causes of unsafe behavior.

Finally, the software can predict when aircraft will be ready for off-blocks. This information can be used for delay prevention, gate planning and overall increases in the robustness and predictability of operations. These gains lead to increases in aircraft utilization rates and the number of aircraft that can be accommodated given a fixed amount of infrastructure.

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