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DAY 1: ITW GSE exhibits its latest ground support integration solution

ITW GSE is showing its recently launched EcoGate, which is a set of technologies that enable individual ground support units such as GPUs, PCAs, charging stations and even aircraft detection systems to work together.

The solution was developed to help airports achieve efficiencies by linking gate equipment into an integrated, intelligent system. The central EcoGate technology is ITW GSE’s Intelligent Power Management (IPM), which is available as an option on the company’s new 3500 PCA unit. With IPM, all ITW GSE equipment can be powered from a single power line running from the gate’s power supply to the 3500 PCA. From there, IPM allocates power dynamically to the different units – always prioritizing the needs of GPUs while ensuring that total power capacity is not exceeded. By managing power allocation in this way, EcoGate enables airports to upgrade or add new gate equipment without having to install costly new power infrastructure.

Beyond intelligent power management, EcoGate integrates functionality as diverse as automated aircraft type detection and management of charging stations for battery-powered equipment into a unified system. Integrating these technologies is intended to ensure an easier learning curve for operators, less risk of human error, lower installation costs and carbon footprint reductions via further electrification – in addition to the smarter use of available power.

Helle Krogh Petersen, head of marketing at ITW GSE, said, “Passenger Terminal Expo is an excellent opportunity to network and meet our business partners, customers and other stakeholders. We are keen to discuss and see the trends in the aviation industry. The conferences are interesting and it's simply a great connection hub that we very much look forward to attending every year.

“Despite a deep knowledge of the industry, customers visiting our stand give us an extra understanding of their challenges and needs, which we actively use in our research and development. We share knowledge and learn from each other. New innovations are designed purely based on customer needs, so networking, feedback and insight from our stakeholders is a necessary ping pong.”

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