New Products on Show

First-of-its-kind belt conveyor
Siemens Logistics

VarioBelt TilterPlus is Siemens Logistics’ latest innovation for baggage handling systems and a real game-changer in the market. This unique belt conveyor sorts baggage in three directions – straight, to the left and to the right – with just one device. Less equipment means airports can maximize valuable space. Furthermore, VarioBelt TilterPlus’s modular design lets airport operators easily extend their belt conveyor systems by integrating any number of additional devices. Customers also benefit from its high versatility. By simply installing end points for baggage removal in the make-up area and other conveyor technology combined with a suitable chute, bags can be conveyed in any direction. Easy to maintain – thanks to its modular structure – VarioBelt TilterPlus is convenient for international hubs and regional airports.

In addition, the new release of Siemens Logistics’ unparalleled baggage handling and airport operations software Baggage 360 provides real-time baggage flow forecasting, an interactive map of all airfield movements, and a resource planning and simulation tool. In this way, airports, airlines and ground handlers can monitor and manage processes remotely and intuitively. Moreover, airport stakeholders can optimally plan and allocate their fixed, mobile and human resources. The software leverages cloud technology, offering more IoT functionalities and predictions driven by artificial intelligence. Baggage 360 has already been installed at airports around the world.

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