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Crossbelt sorting wins projects and awards

Leonardo, a pioneer of crossbelt technology, has been chosen for several new installation projects and has won awards for its technologies along the way.

Recently, Leonardo’s BHS was selected to transform baggage handling operations in Terminal 1 at Hong Kong International Airport. Hong Kong is a primary hub that served over 74.7 million passengers in 2018. It has earned a reputation for ensuring the safe onward delivery of baggage, as recognized by its win of the Airport of the Year 2018 Award from International Airport Review and the Best Airport in China 2018 prize in the Business Traveler China Awards.

This ambitious transformation program will see Leonardo’s advanced MBHS (Multi-sorting Baggage Handling System) technology replace legacy tilt-tray primary sorters and all associated hardware and software. It will benefit from the latest developments in Leonardo’s technology, which combines distributed sensors (via IoT) and data processing (using big data). This technology will transform baggage handling operations and maintenance into an information-driven activity, increasing the level of transparency, optimizing resource consumption and improving process quality and performance.

Recently, Leonardo sorting technology started operating at Terminal 1 of Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport, and completed its second year of operation at EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Airport. It is currently being installed at Athens, Zurich, Geneva and Orly South – the third French airport to use Leonardo’s crossbelt sorter.

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