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Weight can be a game-changer
Arpege Master K

Arpege Master K has been designing and installing industrial weighing equipment around the world since 1987. At Passenger Terminal Expo it will unveil its new Bag2R OIML weighing indicator to weigh passenger baggage at the check-in desk.

The Bag2R is a brand-new product designed to meet airport needs. It includes Ethernet and digital load cell options that enable advanced monitoring and maintenance features.

The one-for-two feature maximizes valuable space as only one floor conveyor is needed for two desks. This contributes to reduced costs and optimizes queuing during rush hours.

Airports looking for a user-friendly, multi-language interface can rely on the Bag2R with its graphical display settings, bar graphs and overload detection alert. Furthermore, the front panels have been designed for quick and easy cleaning and disinfection. Installing the compact Bag2R is easy as the operator and passenger panels match perfectly with new or existing desks.

Approved for legal-for-trade transactions, Bag2R is the perfect weighing solution dedicated to new check-in design. Arpege Master K shows how weighing solutions can be impactful on the passenger experience and new airport design.

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