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Upgraded software to enhance operational efficiency at airports
ISO Software Systeme

ISO Software Systeme’s highly regarded SKYport airport management suite is deployed at more than 80 airports worldwide and has recently been upgraded to include an airport operations control center.

SKYport AOCC is aimed at remote- and multi-airport operations and will also improve overall operational efficiency at hub airports.

The integral incident view – an easy and intuitive solution-oriented user interface – provides the right information at the right time. The ‘management by exception’ oriented view enables joint solution-finding through the integration of all relevant data and stakeholders; centralized management of operations for several airports (remote management); automated documentation of all actions taken; and use of predefined problem-solving workflows.

To display and analyze the operation, the system gathers data from all available airport systems and then defines certain requirements and conditions for the use of SKYport AOCC.

Based on the available data and the defined conditions, the user is shown current and arising incidents. Through the clear presentation, various filter options and the creation of user profiles, SKYport AOCC becomes a highly specialized and tailored application that will only display information that is relevant to the user at that very moment.

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