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DAY 2: Intelligent perimeter surveillance collaboration offers improved intruder detection

Physical security company Genetec and sensor manufacturer Optex are showcasing intelligent perimeter surveillance at Passenger Terminal Expo.

As partners, the companies have ensured that the data and analytical capabilities of Optex’s sensors can be viewed and interpreted within security interfacing platform Genetec Security Center. At the expo, representatives are demonstrating how the integration of Optex’s high-security lidars and fiber-optic sensors with Genetec Security Center improves intruder detection and tracking to prevent, detect and respond to an attempted perimeter breach. The multi-layered, unified approach to perimeter security is designed to manage the convergence of physical and cybersecurity within airports.

“Securing the perimeter is a key priority for every airport,” said David Lenot, critical infrastructure practice lead at Genetec. “We’re delighted to be working closely with Optex, whose innovative sensor technologies have revolutionized what is both possible and cost-effective for the airport industry to deploy.”

Tomohiro Tsuji, general manager at Optex, added, “Together with Genetec we can truly offer a layered approach to perimeter security, providing heightened intelligence and situational awareness before, during and after an attempted intrusion occurs. We look forward to demonstrating how our respective innovations combine to improve the overall security of airports against unwanted incursions.”

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