What the conference delegates, speakers, exhibition visitors and exhibitors said about Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE & EXPO 2016!

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Vernice Walkine, President & CEO, Nassau Airport Development Company, Bahamas
“I find this conference to be an interesting one, because it’s a good mix of exhibitors and delegates like myself. I have nothing to exhibit but I am observing all of the latest and greatest technology available to airports, some of which we are already using, some of which is just amazing. There’s always something new to look at and consider, so I have some new ideas and have met some great people who I will be following up and having conversations with. This conference has served us extremely well and I’m so delighted to be here. This is my first time attending and everyone has been very, very helpful and very, very friendly. It’s been a great few days”

Elisabeth Le Masson, Member of the Board of Directors Hubstart Paris, Aéroports de Paris, France
“Let me congratulate you for the success of the conference and the great organisation. I learned a lot today from the presentations and the discussions with the other panellists and the moderators”

Candace McGraw, CEO, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, USA
“The conference is an extremely well-run and thought-provoking event that appeals to all disciplines. I enjoyed many of the interesting and well-prepared presentations”

Goran Jandreoski, Director General, CAA Macedonia, Macedonia
“PTE provides an environment that is so valuable for the industry as a whole. Each year is an excellent, competently run event”

Mark Matthews, Director Customer Experience Management, American Airlines, USA
“It’s a great conference. I’ve seen so many different presentations from so many knowledgeable speakers, where you learn different parts of what’s going on in airports and what’s going on throughout the industry. It’s been really enlightening”

Brian Ryks, CEO, Gerald R Ford International Airport Authority, USA
“The conference is excellent, it’s always excellent. There are so many different sessions; you learn both from (as in our case) a domestic and international perspective, new ways to do things, and obviously the networking is a key part of that as well”

David-Ioan Ciceo, CEO, Cluj International Airport, Romania
“Very good conference this year in Cologne”

Florian Seibezeder, Head Of Services, VIAS - Vienna Airport Security Services, Austria
“Very well organised. Very well-chosen speakers on very different themes”

Chui-Lung Chang, Chief Engineer, TIAC, Taiwan
“One of the best conferences I’ve joined. Excellent content and really well organised”

Federico Buzzoni, Project Manager, Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 SA, Argentina
“Great! Lots of conferences covering most airport topics”

Marcus Wong, Assistant Manager, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, Singapore
“A great opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and develop a greater understanding of the industry”

Francisco Jofre, Airport Planning & Design Engineer, Latam Airlines Group SA, Chile
“I was very surprised about the high level of the speakers. Really a very nice experience overall and a lot of networking!”

Pierre-Luc Faucher, Senior Purchaser, Aéroports de Paris, France
“Very diversified source of information, especially through presentation of the different projects ongoing in different airports”

Morten Poulsen, Senior Project Manager, Copenhagen Airport, Denmark
“There were a lot of good speakers”

Gary Warren, VP Planning Development and Environment, Metropolitan Airports Commission, USA
“Excellent! A great and motivational melting pot of ideas and technology from around the world all in one place! Very up to date and relevant”

Peter Spurway, VP, Corporate Communications & Airport Experience, Halifax International Airport Authority, Canada
“One of the best, if not the best, PTCs I’ve attended in the last 10 years. Looking forward to 2017”

Alan Black, Public Safety Director, Dallas Fort Worth Airport, USA
“Very broad and diverse event this year”

Suhail Kamil Kadri, Vice President Information Technology, Hamad International Airport, Qatar
“I enjoyed the conference very much”

Andrew Price, Head of Airport Operations Management, IATA, Switzerland
“PTE is always a great place to see the latest developments in our industry and to meet the key players”

Cleatus Hunt, Area Port Director, USCBP, USA
“This was a well put-together event for organisations that share a common interest in improving the experience of travel. Diverse and informative”

Peter Moore, Director of Development (Design), Dubai Airports, United Arab Emirates
“Passenger Terminal EXPO delivers excellent exhibitions and conferences year on year and is improving the quality and content for both. Will definitely be back in 2017. All presentations were of a consistently high standard. The exhibition hall was very good this year, with an excellent floor plan”

Chris Annetts, Commercial Passenger Services Director, Heathrow Airport Ltd, UK
“A good mix of speakers who provided plenty of food for thought for the future. There was a broad mix this year, which had something for everyone, with plenty of time to take everything in over the three days of the event”

Declan Austin, former Airport Systems Manager, EasyJet, UK
NOW - Declan Austin, Senior Manager Airport Solutions - Europe and North America, MATERNA, UK
“Passenger Terminal EXPO and CONFERENCE is a great show. It’s the one opportunity of the year where you can see everybody, everything, catch up with what’s going on too. I wouldn’t miss it for the world”

Lea Bodossian, Secretary General, Airport Regions Conference, Belgium
“Great staff and a great team, it was a pleasant experience as usual. The quality of the speeches and speakers was even higher than previous years!”

Peter Mayerhofer, Chief Infrastructure Officer, AMG Airport Management Group, Kazakhstan
“PTE is the best and biggest event in the airport industry. The exhibition is extremely valuable as you have the highest number of suppliers under one roof”

Marion Town, Director of Environment, Vancouver Airport Authority, Canada
“Thank you. You did an incredible job and I had a fantastic experience”

Maurice Jenkins, Director Information Systems and Telecommunications, Miami-Dade Aviation Department, USA
“PTE is the best forum to bring industry leaders together for industry updates and collaboration. The whole event was really well planned. Thank you for the opportunity to present and chair at such a great event, it is truly worthwhile and well attended”

James Fremantle, Consumer Enforcement Manager, UK CAA, UK
“Well-organised, interesting conference”

Vincent Granato, Chief Operating Officer, Port of Portland, USA
“The conference was very good”

Christopher Pratt, Executive General Manager Major Projects, Perth Airport, Australia
“The conference had good coverage of relevant contemporary issues and subjects”

Christine Vitt, VP Strategic Planning and Sustainability, Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority, USA
“The exhibition was fantastic! What a great way to keep up with technology and products. The international flavour of the conference and exhibition is great. Excellent event!”

Brian Engle, Director of Customer Service, Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, USA
“It’s the best conference in the world. The colleagues you see are from all over the world. The expo is bigger than ever this year and it gets bigger and bigger. It’s so neat to come here to interact with people you’ve met in the past and people you get to meet in the future. And to see all the new technology, and the speakers and the sessions are just wonderful. You outdid yourself again this year as PTE was just fabulous!”

Rachel Burbidge, Environment Policy Officer, Eurocontrol, Belgium
“I take this opportunity to say what a great event Passenger Terminal EXPO was this year. The Environment and Energy session was interesting and really informative. I learned a lot! And I’m already looking forward to next year”

Marcelo Mota, Director of Operations & COO, Aeroportos Brasil Viracopos SA, Brazil
“Participating in an over-arching technical and business-orientated event like the Passenger Terminal EXPO and CONFERENCE is a great opportunity for networking with peers and keeping abreast of the latest industry developments. It covered all sorts of subjects with its tracks, and the track grouping was well thought out. I spent a good portion of my time meeting with partners and potential suppliers as well as learning about innovation in the industry. It was a pleasure to attend the 2016 Passenger Terminal EXPO and CONFERENCE in Cologne. The conference was a great event! Looking forward to attending it next year”

Brian Cobb, VP Customer Experience, Cincinnati Airport, USA
“It seemed even larger than in past years and was bustling almost non-stop over the three days”

Carmen Feijoo, Head of Behaviour Detection at Madrid Airport, Guardia Civil, Spain
“Interesting conference with a lot of diversity in topics. All the subjects were covered and I would strongly recommend it. There was a wide range of content”

Steve Sisneros, Director of Airport Affairs, Southwest Airlines, USA
“It’s the best airport conference in the world”

Velissarios (Velis) Eleftheriou, Implementation Manager, Dubai Airports, UAE
“Congratulations for your double achievement to make the biggest ever PTC and in a ‘big village’ like Cologne (not Paris, Barcelona, Vienna, etc.). And thank you for the excellent hospitality! I am sure that organising the largest and BEST aviation conference in the world is a zillion times more stressful than you make people believe. Every year the conference is getting even better and bigger, irrespective of location. Broad, extremely relevant and interesting topics”

Elizabeth Leavitt, Director AV Planning and Environmental, Port of Seattle, USA
“The conference once again exceeded my expectations and continues to deliver an action-packed and rich agenda with all relevant topics covered. The exhibition hall was filled with the latest and greatest advancements and equipment in our industry. Excellent!”

Ian Kwok, Assistant General Manager, Airport Authority, Hong Kong
“I totally enjoyed the conference”

Abhilash Chacko, Head of IT Commercial, Gatwick Airport, UK
“I think this is a great opportunity for us to actually talk about this sort of thing. And also it is validation for our thought process, so the conference has been great. And of course, we also had the expo. I visited a number of stands in the exhibition hall and I found a number of good solutions that we would like to try out in Gatwick”

Kerstin Meraner, Customer Experience, Deutsche Lufthansa, Germany
“The advantage of PTE is that you can go and meet all the suppliers as well as go to the conference. I think it’s a really great programme and it’s really worth spending some days here”

Jim Parashos, Director Operations and Customer Experience, Darwin International Airport, Australia
“The content is always very rich, the presenters are always very good and the exhibition part has also been really useful. Over the last three years we’ve actually purchased furniture here at the exhibition, so it’s always useful to touch base with the vendors, do a good deal and come back the following year and give them feedback and order some more”

John Newsome, Director of Information Technology, Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, USA
“The conference provided opportunities to learn, exchange ideas and experiences and explore product and service offerings on the expo floor. I consider a conference a success if I experience some ‘ah ha!’ moments and leave committed to further exploration. I thought the exhibition was even better than usual this time, with a good number and mix of well-informed vendors”

Graeme Ferguson, Business Development Director, Manchester Airport Group, UK
“We come for the scale. I think this year is a great example: huge turnout of exhibitors and participants, so it gives us an opportunity to share our views and ideas and meet like-minded operators and other businesses. It’s a good opportunity, certainly for our operations teams to go out and see what new security equipment is available for our customer services team. They can see the new seating, for example, and all the passenger experience pieces that are crucial to us as an airport”

Alan Black, Public Safety Director, Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, USA
“Very broad and diverse event this year”

Douglas Stolls, Manager of Guest Relations/Central Baggage/Continuous Improvement, Virgin America, USA
“The customer service track was the best-attended one yet. There was a really good variety this year also”

Gunnhildur Vilbergsdóttir, Commercial Manager, Keflavik Airport, Iceland
“I stayed in the rooms a lot, going between different rooms, and there were many interesting things happening. I enjoyed very good case studies with good depth of information. We learn a lot here, and sometimes we use the opportunity to exchange cards and do visits. It’s a huge exhibition now, it’s really big and everyone is putting so much effort into doing it well. It’s very important for us to come here”

Giovanni Russo, Head Planning & Engineering, Zurich Airport Ltd, Switzerland
“The best conference in the business, quite simply the best event of its kind in the whole industry!”

Andrew Price, Head of Airport Operations Management, IATA, Switzerland
“In an event like this, the room here had maybe 40 people put their hand up when I asked who’s an airport. Just being able to pull the community together and talk about these common capabilities that we want to have in the industry, that’s really a great thing to do. It’s really a fantastic opportunity”

Paul Amen, Manager - ATC and Airfield Operations, American Airlines, USA
“Excellent conference that was well organised and with great participation by all who attended. There is so much good information to learn from events like this”

Luigi Battuello, Commercial Director Non-Aviation, SEA Milan Airports, Italy
“I attended two days of the commercial section and I found it to be rich in insightful input. All the relevant topics were covered with the right level of content”

Aissatou Thioubou, Environmentalist, Blaise Diagne International Airport (AIBD), Senegal
“This was my first Passenger Terminal EXPO attendance. Really very meaningful and interesting in terms of knowledge; a refreshing experience”

Borga Dinçler, Corporate Communication Director, IGA - Istanbul New Airport, Turkey
“The number of speakers and content of the presentations positively surprised me”

Steven Costello, Director, Heathrow Hub Ltd, UK
“Some interesting subjects and presentations”

Matthias Poeter, Airport Master Planner, Zurich Airport, Switzerland
“The conference was absolutely worth the visit. The networking opportunities are vast. Even for experienced industry people it is always surprising to see so many different specialists in one place. Good fun!”

Florian Raff, Head of Operations and Capacity Planning, Zurich Airport, Switzerland
“Excellent conference. Great mix of presentations, exhibits and networking”

Kevin Borley, Head of Technology and Innovation, Bristol Airport, UK
“An excellent use of my time and that of my colleagues”

Susana Santos, Product Aviation Development Specialist, ANA Aeroportos De Portugal, Portugal
“Very interesting learnings”

Devon Webster, Development Manager, Port of Portland, USA
“Great broad-based conference. Very high-quality presentations and a wide range of topics covered. Thank you!”

James Golding, Project Manager, Heathrow Airport Ltd, UK
“A good opportunity to hear from airports around the world on their development plans, new initiatives and challenges”

Antoine Rostworowski, Director Airport Customer Experience and Technology, Airport Council International World, Canada
“As usual, another great conference! With more data, better technologies and our connected passengers, we require opportunities such as this more than ever to facilitate communication and exchanges between all industry players”

Yair Gannot, Director Aviation Safety, Israel Airport Authority, Israel
“Very professional event”

Patrice About, Director for Ground Innovation, Air France - KLM, France
“Good location and organisation”

Peter Kruger, Senior Manager, Hamad International Airport, Qatar
“The conference hosted a good cross-section of industry experts. One could find good technical and commercial solutions to almost any element of planning, developing and operating a passenger terminal. Overall, an extremely comprehensive event”

Charles Marshall, Airport Engineering Manager, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, USA
“Good information, helpful vendors in the exhibition halls. The conference programme content was good, and overall the conference and the exhibition together were very effective”

Henriette Joost, Head of IT Asset Management, Copenhagen Airport AS, Denmark
“Intense and with great coverage of every and any subject you could imagine. Subjects were great, with diverse and varied content, providing fascinating insights”

Benno De Zwart, Project Director, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Netherlands
“Good conference this year”

Emanuel Fleuti, Head of Environment, Flughafen Zurich, Switzerland
“An excellent opportunity to learn from and interact with others from the industry all in the same place”

Geraldine Lundy, Passenger Accessibility Manager, Virgin Atlantic, UK
“An excellent event this year; very comprehensive”

Graham Stubbs, Head of Security Compliance, Manchester Airport Group, UK
“Great job with the conference”

Steve Rumley, VP Infrastructure, Edmonton Airports, Canada
“Yes, it’s great. There are lots of new technologies showcased here, so it’s an opportunity to look at demos and see what’s in the market and what’s available”

Harris Markopoulos, Security Manager, Aegean Airlines, Greece
“The conference was extremely interesting. It covered various topics and was very useful to me”

Eric Naterop, Manager Business Relations, Customs, Netherlands
“Interesting themes in the presentations, with a broad audience”

Jacqueline Horsfield, Terminals and Commercial Manager, Bermuda Airport, Bermuda
“Great airport presentations”

Charles Marshall, Airport Engineering Manager, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, USA
“Good information, helpful vendors in the exhibition halls. The conference programme content was good and overall the conference and the exhibition together were very effective”

Marcel Van Beek, Manager Sustainability and Innovation, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Netherlands
“I really enjoyed the exhibition this year, with more exhibitors than ever”

Wolfgang Martini, Head of Customer Services, Munich Airport, Germany
“A brilliant PTE”

Charles Marshall, Airport Engineering Manager, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, USA
“Thanks again for a great conference. I enjoyed participating in the Environment and Sustainability track of the conference. For international aviation, there was a great amount of information shared throughout the conference as well as meaningful dialogue. Speaking, listening and sharing with the airport professionals from around the world is something that I enjoy and appreciate very much. I look forward to participating in future conferences”

Nektarios Psycharis PhD, Supervisor Management Information System (MIS), Athens International Airport SA, Greece
“I would really like to thank you for the invitation to speak at the Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE. It was an excellent event. Looking forward to Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE 2017”

Guillaume Sauvé, Director of Engineering & Development, Aéroports de Paris, France
“Everything went well”

Dave Tomber, Aviation Program Planning Manager, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, USA
“PTE conference is the best conference in the industry”

Fiona Lander, Executive General Manager, Corporate Affairs & Organisation Development, Perth Airport, Australia
“It’s an excellent opportunity to learn and network”

Enrique Catalano, Operations Manager, Aeropuertos Argentina 2000, Argentina
“This is my first time and I am really impressed with the huge amount of information about enterprises, alternatives and solutions”

Arvind Kumar, Assistant Manager – Design, Bangalore International Airport Ltd, India
“These are the things that we are doing on a small expansion in Bangalore International Airport”

David Costa, Manager, ANA Aeroportos, Portugal
“Very interesting content”

Nektarios Psycharis, Supervisor Management Information Systems, Athens International Airport, Greece
“Very good conference. Variety of topics and probably the most visitors and experts this year”

Jesper Abery Jacobsen, Senior Project Manager, Copenhagen Airports AS, Denmark
“I was happy to attend and follow the interesting talks during the conference, which also allowed for some informal networking during the break times”

Giorgio Medici, Head of Customer Care, SEA Aeroporti di Milano, Italy
“There was a positive high quality of speakers and topics in the conferences. The exhibition is also highly valuable”

Neil Moran, Terminals Asset Care Manager, Dublin Airport, Ireland
“Passenger Terminal EXPO 2016 was a well-organised event”

Ciaran Carolan, Research and Development Officer, Eu-LISA, Estonia
“A very well-coordinated and run conference and event. I was happy to have had the chance to participate and reach out to a large and diverse audience. Very diverse range of topics, which meant there was always something of interest going on”

Beverly Lewis, East Coast Regional Manager, Alaska Airlines, USA
“I wanted to say thank you for the continued opportunity to co-chair the Customer Service & Passenger Experience session. We had a big room and it seemed to fill up pretty quickly. We had some very good presentations and my presentation was very well received as well. So another good year. I know how much work it is to put all this together. When I came in on Monday last week everything in the show room was under construction, so what an amazing transformation on Tuesday for our first day, very impressive. You and your team do an amazing job”

Michael Sewards, CEO, Skybus, Australia
“The 2016 Passenger Terminal EXPO provided me with some unique introductions to fellow ground transport operators, and really good insight into emerging trends and technology. Great to see such diversity and the openness of people in sharing information. A great networking event, very good”

Beau Vanderford, Airport Manager - BOS, Copa Airlines, USA
“Great conference this year in Cologne. Even more customer service presentations would be fantastic”

George Efkolides, Head of Research Insight Data & Reporting, Heathrow, UK
“Excellent! Fantastic variety of speakers at this year’s confetrence”

Alessandro Fidato, Operations Director, GESAC, Italy
“Excellent content and quality control throughout the conference programme”

Anthony Loui, Community Planner, Federal Transit Administration, USA
“Very good. The airport cities and transport connections session was the best because it was really thought provoking. Many other terrific sessions over the three-day event”

Neville Brooklyn Hay, Detective Sergeant Special Branch, Sussex Police, UK
“Passenger Terminal EXPO is a must-go-to event each year. Extremely well organised as always. In seven years of attending, this was by far the best in terms of layout. The exhibition was also very impressive”

Jurgen Renner, Senior Manager | IATA Airport Consulting, IATA, Canada
“Great conference programme. I barely had time to attend all of the sessions!”

Graham Stubbs, Head of Security Compliance, Manchester Airport Group, UK
“I found it a very informative event during which I was able to learn about and then take away a number of excellent ideas. Overall a varied and very interesting conference programme this year”

Christof Kontogiannis, Product Manager Central Infrastructure, Flughafen Köln Bonn, Germany
“Speakers and issues were interesting”

Tatiana Bateneva, Head of Non-Aviation Business, MC Airports of Regions, Russia
“In my opinion this conference was worthier than in previous times”

Barbara Bax, Head Of Terminal Processes, Flughafen Bremen GmbH, Germany
“Good organisation. A very interesting exhibition. Good variety of speakers”

Adam Lunderup, Trainee, Swedavia, Sweden
“First time here. Very good overall”

Craig Leiner, Transportation Coordinator, Town of Natick, Canada
“A very positive experience. The expo offers a unique opportunity to interact at one venue with individuals, consultancies and companies across a broad spectrum of the airport industry. Very good”

Marcelo Rudervall, Architect, Swedavia Consulting, Sweden
“The conference was very interesting”

Erik Grunewald, Project Manager, DLR German Aerospace Center, Germany
“Best chance ever to meet peers in the passenger airport business and research. Well-balanced programme. All hot topics were addressed”

Etienne Van Zuijlen, Head of Business Development - Airport Operations, SITA, Netherlands
“PTE 2016 – the management and operations conference in particular – was the best ever! The variety of speakers from various industry backgrounds gave an excellent overview as well as the latest insights. It seemed there was a record number of people attending this year. Great!”

Song Hoi See, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Plaza Premium Group, Hong Kong
“This is a huge conference, one of the biggest in the aviation industry. I meet different types of people from concessionaries and airport authorities, and also from the service providers. I think there are a lot of ideas exchanged in the conference, and there are a lot of sessions. We have been running around in many places, and we have learned a lot of things”

Claire Mazelet, Vice President Architecture and Engineering, ADPI, France
“Very good conference with some very interesting topics covered”

Andrew Manship, Executive Vice President, Baggage Handling, Vanderlande, Netherlands
“I’ve been to many conferences in related exhibitions for a long time, but this is very intense, it’s high energy. You’ve got a tremendous amount of high-level content in a short space of time, in a small environment. So it’s been fantastic”

Andrew O’Connor, VP Airport Portfolio, SITA, UK
“PTE is really our most important show. It is the ‘go-to’ show in the airport industry for us. It is the show where we come every year and showcase all our latest stuff – the acquisitions like Type22, which we have been very excited to show here this week. So it really is the big one for us”

Anthony Leslie, Vice President, HOK, USA
“Thank you for such a well-organised event and for the opportunity to present”

Pedro Torres, Head of Product and Marketing Management, Vision Box Systems, Portugal
“PTE is a very good venue. We always get very good traffic, lots of interactions and lots of good business”

Karl-Heinz Keller, Business Manager, German Aerospace Center, Germany
“The organisation has been great, especially for speakers/session chairs – thanks for that. I would like to provide proposals for the next PTE to enhance the conference even further. Hope this helps in improving an already very good conference”

Paul Brugger, Founder and CEO, TIC Ltd, Ireland
“I thoroughly enjoyed my speaking slot, and the whole conference and expo. It was the best conference I have ever attended in terms of networking and meeting industry professionals. Very informative”

Michael Ferreira, Vice President Development, Jensen Hughes, USA
“Two of my colleagues are attending with me as we find this to be a very worthwhile conference”

Mario Luiz Ferreira De Mello Santos, President Director, Aeroquip - Equipment and Airport Operations Ltd, Brazil
“You organised such a spectacular conference, as all of them have been”

Chris Beling, Director, Zafire Aviation Software Ltd, UK
“It is the depth of people coming here. We’ve got airport ground handlers, airport authorities. What we get here is a really broad spectrum of people coming here. The first two days have been non-stop. My feet are killing me, we have been working really hard”

Paul Williams, CEO, Zoeftig, UK
“We use PTE to launch any new products we are going to bring to the market. It gives us instant access to the industry, people can see what we are providing very quickly. We know, if we bring it here, we are going to be showing it to airports all around the world”

Ewald Ploessner, Product Marketing, Desko, Germany
“We are now at the PTE for the 12th year and we found the show here to be the perfect platform to really bring new ideas to show off our products to the relevant people at the show. For us it is a very good show; that’s why we decided to do a product line this year at this show and not somewhere else”

Michael Cardash, CIED Analyst, Terrogence, Israel
“Good conference and expo this year in Cologne”

Alan Newbold, Director, Arup, UK
“Excellent conference with some very good presentations and very appropriate topics with lots of energy and enthusiasm from the speakers about their subjects”

Kung Ping Lin, General Manager, WSP| Parsons Brinckerhoff Taiwan Branch, Taiwan
“It’s a good opportunity to exchange ideas between different airport and industry partners. A good, very fruitful conference and expo”

Sergio Bonora, CEO, Laboratori Guglielmo Marconi SpA, Italy
“The conference gathered a very large number of knowledgeable and skilful professionals from all over the world. It was very interesting to listen to their experiences. It was well organised and well grouped, and the presentations came from a sound balance of airport operators, consultants and service providers. I particularly appreciated the fact that presentations were required not to be commercial spots”

Catherine Mayer, VP, SITA, USA
“So many interesting topics at the conference and therefore I had too little time for the exhibition! Overall the best ever”

Andrew Nicholson, Global Security Director, MedAire, UK
“This year’s conference had a wide range of speakers who were absolutely the right people to be talking on the subjects, which themselves were pertinent and extremely interesting”

Tiffany Fluent, Communications Executive Aviation, NACO, Netherlands
“PTE 2016 was a great success in Cologne this year! We are already looking forward to next year’s conference, especially since it will be hosted in our capital city of Amsterdam!”

Paul Behnke, Senior Associate, Aviation Strategies International, USA
“I have attended this event many times over the years and it never disappoints. Great conference programme and exhibition as well as some of the best international networking opportunities I have ever encountered”

John Jarrell, Head of Airport IT, Amadeus IT Group SA, Spain
“I’ve known PTE personally for many years. It’s clearly one of the key events – if not the key event – in the industry. It’s got a huge attendance. You get the proper level of people who attend this from the airports, and it makes it a good return on our investment too, to be at PTE”

Timothy Hudson, Aviation Practice Area Leader, Gensler, USA
“For my first time attending this conference I found it to be a not-to-be-missed event! Not only was speaking at this conference a great experience, but the networking opportunities, quality of exhibitors and overall conference content and calibre of speakers exceeded all my expectations. All programmes were very relevant to the industry, and there was plenty of time to visit the exhibition hall. Many fantastic networking opportunities throughout the conference and exhibition”

Pascal Garreau, Consultant, Arcandia, Belgium
“For me it was a very fruitful knowledge-sharing experience”

Maria Pou, Chief Executive Officer, BP & Partners, Spain
“I just wanted to congratulate you for this smashing event, and thank you for inviting me to participate in it. This PTE has been brilliant – informative and refreshingly different. Your team has done a superb job organising the meetings. The conference covered a huge part of the current topics important to the aviation industry. I would also like to congratulate you for the excellent refreshment and dining areas, which provided additional opportunities for networking”

Catherine Fankhauser, Sales Director, SICPA SA, Switzerland
“Very good. The content of the conference programme was very well selected and put together”

Marcel Dreef, Director Aviation Planning Solutions, Quintiq, Netherlands
“There was a good variety of speakers and topics with differing speakers and presentation approaches, some particularly visually strong with significant audience engagement”

Doug Cooley, Vice President, Michaud Cooley Erickson, USA
“Fantastic exhibition and conference. I think it was the most impressive exhibition I have been at in the past 10 years. The conference had quality speakers and extremely interesting topics”

Andy Shand, GM Customer Affairs, NATS, UK
“Very good conference and I will be coming back. Lots of mixed topics, which kept it interesting”

Henrik Rothe, Senior Lecturer, Cranfield University, UK
“It is an event that stands out as a unique synthesis of industry innovation and holistic projection of contemporary and future practice in airport design and operation. The increasing number of academically sound presentations contributes to the success of the conference programme. Hardly managed to see the exhibition as the conference was packed with great presentations!”

Larry Leung, Director, Experience The Skies, Canada
“The conference was well organised with a diverse speaker line-up covering topics that are important to passenger terminal activities presently and into the future. PTC is a conference not to be missed! This year has the best content yet. The topic areas are relevant to today’s aviation environment and it is good to see a diverse group of presenters offering different perspectives from around the world”

Aymeric Dussart, Director - Strategy and Business Data, Aéroports de Montréal, Canada
“Excellent conference – I will definitely try to attend again. The content was excellent and the sessions were extremely informative”

Pascal Garreau, Consultant, Arcandia Consulting, Belgium
“I just wanted to congratulate and thank you for the quality of the organisation of PTE. Those three days were an amazing opportunity for knowledge sharing and learning. As a speaker for the very first time, I found this experience really exciting and fruitful. The success of this event has been made possible thanks to the professionalism and the kindness of your team. I wish you the best for the next edition of PTE”

Larry Leung, Director, Experience the Skies, USA
“I want to take this opportunity to thank you and the rest of the organisers for a great job at the conference this week”

Kiran Merchant, CEO, Merchant Aviation, USA
“This was my sixth year presenting at this conference. It is one of the premier aviation conferences in the world. PTE presents an excellent opportunity to share ideas and learn from our peers about new and better ways of addressing our common needs. Excellent, engaging and educational! The exhibition is an integral part of the event and provides an excellent opportunity to learn about vendors’ products and services”

Jean Salomon, Principal, JSCP, France
“Thanks again for the great fun! I wanted to congratulate you for the EXCELLENT level of the conferences in general, and the AVSEC/Border Control track in particular. I had only a few moments to peek at the other tracks, but spoke with a lot of delegates in the exhibition hall who were thrilled. Everyone agreed your organisation team did smashing good work, most probably at the very best level I remember. Great team, great people, good audience! Once again, kudos and many thanks. Looking forward to more of the same: fun, challenges, then success!”

Alaistair Deacon, Airport Operational Systems Consultant, Aldeacon.com, UK
“The best set of speakers and industry experts to date, and the only must-attend conference of the year! A good and wide selection of expert speakers and current topics. I always attend the exhibition to understand the latest products and offerings that the vendors are making. Much of the industry R&D comes from these vendors”

Eduardo De Almeida Lima, Researcher, UFRJ, Brazil
“It exceeded all of my expectations. The speakers brought really interesting information and experiences to the different topics”

Al Lyons, Senior Vice President - Firmwide Leader Information Technology & Electronic Systems, HOK, USA
“Yet again PTC delivers great content and provides participants with insight into how technology will continue to improve air travel. I found all of the speakers were great and as usual had a fun time as well as learning a lot”

Zeev Nativ, Division Manager, Liacom Systems Ltd, Israel
“Again the PTC was highly valuable for me, and I appreciate very much indeed the level of sharing valuable information among colleagues. I have encountered content so far which is helpful and inspiring to me”

Mark Walker, Director, Pinfarthing Ltd, UK
“The PTC and expo is undoubtedly the one event that any professional in our industry cannot afford to miss. The conference content, number of suppliers and networking opportunities are unrivalled. A good balance of topics, and all areas very current”

David Holm, Director Architect, Cox Architecture, Australia
“Very good, strong conference programme this year, particularly the airport cities and airport development strands”

Juan Francisco Garcia López, Innovation and Strategy Manager, Indra, Spain
“PTE is always a good opportunity to talk with clients and suppliers to align possible joint business ventures”

Philip Weake, Managing Director, Compass International Media, UK
“The presentations I attended were clearly being given by experts in their fields, and were interesting, informative and enjoyable. As usual there was a wide range of topics covered, with something for everyone. Very impressive range of exhibitors – again, something for everyone in the busy halls”

Art Kosatka, CEO, TranSecure, USA
“Excellent as always. We get literally several dozens of invitations to present throughout the world each year, and PTE is among the top four or five musts”

Arthur Weesie, Senior Commercial Product Manager BHS, Vanderlande BV, Netherlands
“A real sense of urgency could be found in the presentations and in the exhibition hall”

Amber Harrison, Director CSR, SITA, UK
“Some good sessions on the environmental side”

Tim Morrison, Aviation Director, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff, UK
“We always look forward to PTE and this year’s was no exception. It was a jolly good event! Great meeting up with old friends and making new ones. The talks were interesting and reinforced the very healthy state of our industry! Next year’s event is firmly in the diary”

Heleen Erkamp, CEO, Casper, NETHERLANDS
“Lots of very interesting presentations”

Mark Brownlee, Associate Design Manager, Buro Happold, UK

Tim Martin, Director, Perkins + Will, United Arab Emirates
“Conference was extremely well organised and a good selection of speakers”

Marius Van Lith, CEO, OCP Solutions BV, Netherlands
“Diverse, informative and to the point. Great networking platform”

Christopher G Lohan, Executive Director & Co-Founder, Lead 8, Hong Kong
“Very positive, fascinating talks. Well organised, with a good range of related product offers”

Andrada Bujor, Consultant, Advanced Logistics Group, Spain
“The conference was a complete success, with many sessions about interesting topics”

Bob Deagle, Partner/Senior Electrical Engineer, MCW Consultants Ltd, Canada
“Very good conference programme overall”

Alan Lamond, Director, Pascall+Watson, UK
“As ever, there was a good list of speakers at this year’s conference”

Joseph Crump, Director, Unison Consulting Inc, USA
“Very good event. The international presence really provided greater insight into how other airports approach their business”

Reinhard Augustin, Sales Director, Materna IPS, Germany
“[With that in mind] we can already say that PTE [in this specific respect] has been a great result for us. We have had very challenging discussions, but also very productive discussions, and we will use the results and the information from these discussions in the next couple of weeks to redefine the product and create a new version of that solution”

Richard Wilks, Airport Business Development, NEC Display Systems, Germany
“I think this is our seventh year being at PTE. It’s the best venue – you get all the airports from around the world. We are very much a global business, a global business partner in the airport sector now, and it’s the right type of customer. PTE really attracts IT and commercial personnel from the airports. They come here, they want to see what the new concepts are, where the innovation and the technology is going. PTE is the only event that we do during the year that attracts those types of customers”

Rui Roosien, Consultant, NLR, Netherlands
“Well organised. Huge. Lots of interesting people. A well-presented, great exhibition with a wide range of companies that made a great effort to present their services and products”

Juan Van Rensburg, CEO, Aviation Coordination Services, South Africa
“A well-organised and managed event”

Ron Yevzerov, CEO, RSIIT, Israel
“The best ever!”

Miho Nakamura, Assistant Manager, Jalux Inc, Japan
“The conference quality was good”

Steve Wareham, Vice President, Trillion Aviation, USA
“I have always said this is the best annual airport conference in the world! This year was no exception!”

Ward Haidar, Senior Architect, Dar Al Handasah, United Arab Emirates
“Great exhibition”

Nicolas Schenk, Consultant/Managing Owner, Plan77, Switzerland
“A good place to meet interesting people from the airport market”

Rupert Johnston, Director, Risk & Resilience Ltd, UK
“I just wanted to say thanks for the opportunity to speak at the conference. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole event, and the arrangements worked like clockwork! It was an interesting few days and I really enjoyed listening to so many different areas of expertise. I definitely learned a lot!”

John de Giorgio, CEO, Concessionaire Analyzer+, Malta
“Yesterday was a very, very good day and so far this morning has been very encouraging too. We can actually look at specific projects that we have undertaken, or are in the process of undertaking for airports around the world, that we link back, specifically, to our attendance at PTE”

Zeev Nativ, Division Manager, Liacom Systems Ltd, Israel
“I leap on this opportunity to thank you very much indeed for everything. Both the exhibition and the conference were most valuable for me. Thank you very much for the first-class organisation of the conference. Looking forward to Amsterdam 2017”

Paul Behnke, Senior Associate, Aviation Strategies International, USA
“Great event once again! I wanted to thank you for the excellent preparation and the seamless on-site experience”

Henrik Rothe, Senior Lecturer, Cranfield University, UK
“Thank you once again for organising such an amazing event. I felt this year was a further step forward to link the industry to a wider debate about the future role of airports within changing economic, social and cultural conditions. I was very happy to see the room filled up to the last seat during my presentation!”

Mari Peltomäki, Project Manager, Aviapolis/Airport Area Marketing Ltd, Finland
“Thank you so much for organising a totally successful event. This was my first visit to Passenger Terminal EXPO. I found the event to be really impressive and very worthwhile. I was amazed by the number of wonderful speakers and the engaging discussions we had after the sessions. The event was maybe the best in its content compared with other events. So thank you again and hope to see you next year!”

Chris Lohan, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Lead 8, Hong Kong
“Congratulations on a great conference in Cologne!”

William Faas, MSc Student, Cranfield University, UK
“Good quality of speakers and a wide variety of topics. It was well worth attending”