What the conference delegates, speakers, exhibition visitors and exhibitors said about Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE & EXPO 2017!

In no particular order…

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Joe Franzi, First Assistant Secretary Identity & Biometrics Division, Department of Immigration & Border Protection, AUSTRALIA
“Very enjoyable. A vast array of expertise across a number of streams from industry and government”

Gabor Sooki-Toth, Coordinator, Budapest Airport Regional Development Cluster, HUNGARY
“An exciting, inspiring event with an excellent line-up of speakers embracing a wide spectrum of topics related to airport development and management”

Mohamed Yousif Al, CEO, Bahrain Airport Company, Bahrain
“This platform is a great one in terms of networking. We have been in touch with consultants, manufacturers and airports”

Richard Weaver, Manager, Airport Screening, Southwest Airlines, USA
“A lot more vendors, a lot more diversity. That is one of the real benefits because we see so many different perspectives for the same technology”

Bryan Gilberd, Product Manager, Air New Zealand, NEW ZEALAND
“The event was a great opportunity to meet with like-minded people and share ideas. As an airline representative, I learned a lot about how our partner airlines strive to improve the travel experience”

Nandita Bhatt, Deputy General Manager - Architecture/Course Developer - IAP, Airports Authority of India, INDIA
“It is a global aviation world under one roof and it gives you the opportunity to learn and interact about all aspects of aviation. It also opens avenues to various discussions and future strategic planning. It was a perfect blend of the various subjects. The high quality of presentation content, combined with platform skills, added flavour to the conference”

Egsiam Saotonglang, Engineering Specialist, Airports of Thailand Plc, THAILAND
“An excellent and very informative event. The programmes are well organised with topics that cover various subjects related to each other in the associated session. The speakers have explicit knowledge on the topics, and are well organised for each individual presentation”

Kristian Durhuus, COO Copenhagen Airports, Denmark
“It’s a good event because some years ago there were several trade fairs, and there are still several trade fairs, but this one is becoming bigger and bigger. Basically, everyone is here. You can see all the suppliers of the different products and services you can buy in the aviation sector, and you can see all your competitors, your colleagues, etc. doing interesting presentations. In two or three days you can get a very condensed picture of what is out there and what you have to be on the lookout for if you want to move forward yourself”

Ka Chuen Fung, Senior Manager IT Planning and Strategy, Airport Authority Hong Kong, HONG KONG
“It was really good to listen to the many speakers from around the world as well as see many relevant exhibitors in the same conference event”

Simone Franke, Manager - Architectural Services, Greater Toronto Airports Authority, CANADA
“This event brings together so many interesting speakers and exhibitors. It is an excellent learning experience. The conference is great to attend if you are involved in the airport industry. There so many comprehensive programmes to choose from. It is truly a conference not to be missed”

Suresh Khadakbhavi, DGM Innovation Lab, Bangalore International Airport Ltd, INDIA
“It is the best aviation event globally and the only one that covers the complete airport ecosystem, providing a great platform for learning and sharing of knowledge. It has greatly helped in raising the global aviation business standards and performances”

Elanor Forster, Business Improvement Manager, Eurostar International Ltd, UK
“Very well done – good length with good opportunity to ask questions”

Francesco Lorenzini, Capacity Planner (Analyst), Manchester Airports Group, UK
“An excellent mixture of speakers, with excellent presentation quality”

Allen Lainez, Service Excellence and Training Director, Copa Airlines, PANAMA
“This is the greatest airport conference! Full of learning and networking experiences!”

Kristina Dores, ICAO/NCAA Chief Aerodromes & Ground Aids, ICAO (UN/TCB) Namibia Civil Aviation Authority, NAMIBIA
“Once again, flawless execution! Thanks again for pulling together perhaps the most informative and entertaining aviation conference event! This conference deserves enormous kudos for providing a rich and varied tableau of topics. An amazing success and the feedback reflects it. Great lessons to bring back. Non-attendees are now suffering from genuine 'conference envy'. I guarantee stronger participation next year!”

Edson Engelhart, Project Manager, Curaçao Airport Holding, Netherlands Antilles
“This is great. I was here last year, so this is my second time. It is always fine to see all the new information from airports”

Flavia Scandone, Customer Relationship Manager, GESAC SPA - Naples International Airport, ITALY
“A good level of speeches and a very interesting exhibition. I appreciated the variety of the programme”

Gabriel Geza, Chief Engineer, Engineering and Maintenance, Civil Aviation Authority, Botswana
“I’ve been impressed by the breadth of topics and the size of the conference. I’m interested in the detail of airport planning. I wanted to learn how other airports are tackling the common challenges, developing and working to meet passenger expectations. The topics are relevant and I am looking forward to visiting the exhibition at convenient times around the conference. I can download presentations that I’ve missed later on”

Lance Lyttle, Managing Director, Sea-Tac International Port of Seattle, USA
“What the event gives me is solutions. I wish we had more time to actively go through the exhibition hall – it's huge. I haven’t had time to balance going to the conference sessions and going to the exhibition hall. So one recommendation I would make is to have more time to go through the exhibition hall, because so far pretty much every exhibitor that I’ve spoken to has some solution that I could potentially use. I think that’s one of the great benefits of coming here, that you actually find solutions”

Inger Seeberg, Director Environmental Affairs, Copenhagen Airports, DENMARK
“A well-organised conference with interesting presentations for all kinds of airport professionals. Very interesting content – it was hard to choose which presentations to hear”

Hiosvany Muina, North America Airports Regional Manager, Copa Airlines, USA
“An amazing opportunity to learn and share experiences and successful models that bring customer experience to new levels of satisfaction. One of the best conferences ever!”

Ryoichi Ishihara, Senior Manager, Narita International Airport Corporation, JAPAN
“I took part in this conference for the first time. This is a very exciting and informative event”

Nina Danielsson, PA to Bernardo Gogna & Deirdre Chapman, Director & Commercial Lead - Capital Programme, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, NETHERLANDS
“I would like to congratulate you on the wonderful event you have put together. The organisation was superb. Thank you for all the help you gave us during the event. Hope to see you next year!”

Dr Giovanni Falsina, Environment and Airport Safety Manager, SEA Aeroporto Milano Linate, ITALY
“It was the first time that I had participated in the Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE, and I was very positively impressed by the amount of people (you obtained a great involvement!) and by the perfect organisation of the event”

Mohamad S Al Agha, Senior Manager IT Business Solutions, Abu Dhabi Airports, UAE
“Let me thank you for a great PTE conference in Amsterdam! The outcome was amazing and I am already looking forward to Stockholm next year!”

Luigi Battuello, Commercial Director, SEA Aeroporti Milano, Italy
“This is a great conference, not only for the networking, which is part of the event, but also as a great opportunity to update my knowledge and learn from colleagues doing the same job in US airports or in Asia. I decided to spend three full days here, which is not easy because we have a busy agenda, but it’s absolutely worthwhile”

Juan Ramon Matas Sebastia, Head of Operations Planning Department, AENA - Palma de Mallorca Airport, SPAIN
“The conference is well structured, which gives you the opportunity to select the sessions you would like to attend. There was a very good variety of content and subjects”

Laura Mayoral Tecedor, Senior Developer, Schiphol Group, NETHERLANDS
“The conference had a very wide range of speakers and topics. It was very positive to find out what the other airports are busy with”

Rob Gehring, Continuous Improvement Manager, London City Airport, UK
“Jam-packed with enthusiastic industry peers, the conference proved yet again that it’s a great place for knowledge sharing. A pleasure to speak at and share insights with this crowd”

Edward Mansfield, Head of UK Stations, Eurostar, UK
“The conference is well set-out and worth attending. The conference and exhibition is a good combination”

Thomas Kallmayer, Senior Innovation Manager, Munich Airport, GERMANY
“One of the most important conferences on the circuit. Great for networking and widening of one’s scope”

Carolyn Fennell, Senior Director Public Affairs, Orlando International Airport, USA
“This was by far one of the best conferences I’ve ever attended, as it focused on substantive dialogue and future areas of focus for the aviation industry on a global basis. Every presentation provided some nugget of information or confirmation of the state of the aviation industry”

Alassane Ndiaye, Project Manager/CTO, AIBD, SENEGAL
“The conference was good and very useful”

Kok Wai Fong, EVP, Changi Airports Group, SINGAPORE
“The content of the presentations was very broad, interesting and extremely useful – especially when some papers were given by academics. Keep this up!”

Mats Berglind, Innovation Manager, Swedavia AB, Sweden
“I think the conference is a good way to network, first and foremost. A good way to network with other airlines and airports – fantastic. And when it comes to all the partners here and the vendors, they’re also very good. And listening to all the presentations, you can pick out gold nuggets here and there. I think that’s a great way to do this for benchmarking, but also for a couple of new ideas that I’ll be bringing home. So, very good”

Federico Cabrera, AOCC Manager, Puerta Del Sur (Carrasco Airport), URUGUAY
“The conference is improving every year! It is the place where everybody wants to be and make contacts, with an excellent mixture of speakers of high quality”

Daniel Agostino, Assistant Director of Operations, Miami International Airport, USA
“I thought it was a well-run event with excellent topics and vendors. The programme was on time and well organised”

Robert Kastelitz, Senior Vice President of Technologies, Denver International Airport, USA
“I think it’s wonderful. There are a lot of great vendors here and I’m learning a lot about some of the newer technologies that are coming out”

Scott Gibbons, Vice President of Administration, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, USA
“The strength of the conference was the opportunity to hear from and network with airport executives from all over the globe”

Normunds Feierbergs, Board Member, Riga International Airport, Latvia
“It’s been great to see what’s happening in the industry and what the future looks like for the big airports. We also have some big plans for Riga in the next five years and beyond, and the show contains some excellent technologies that we would like to use in the terminal”

Anna Fantoni, Development Planning Manager, Sydney Airport, AUSTRALIA
“I enjoyed every minute of it. It is by far the best conference about airports in the world”

Massimo Corradi, TEN-T Projects Coordinator, SEA Milan Airports, ITALY
“Very well organised and implemented. A tremendous opportunity to learn and keep up with the airport industry. All sessions were very informative. Brilliant for networking”

Michael Jarvis, Executive Planning, Australia Pacific Airports, Australia
“I think it’s a great conference. So many different topics, so many different regions. It’s a great critical mass of people and ideas here. I think it’s one of the best places to learn about airport planning and to get some great ideas”

Tara Roberts, Ground Operation System Specialist, EasyJet, UK
“Events like this are great because you really do get to see a different perspective. You get to meet other people and it opens your eyes, takes you out of your own little box or the area you’re working with. I’ve always said that it feels like there are a lot of chefs in the kitchen! We all want the same thing and we’re all going towards the same goal, but sometimes we just need to realign ourselves and figure out what is actually the best way to do ‘that’ and not keep thinking is our way the best way or is their way the best way. I think it’s just about communication now, and piecing the bits together to move us forward to that next generation of travel. My job involves a lot of emails, a lot of meeting people, but you never have enough time to quite get that reach out to everyone. I think this conference is a really good opportunity to get that message across in a positive way. It’s not just to reach suppliers. People want advice, people want help. I’ve got a very personal view that in order to make this work across this industry, it means everyone needs to be involved. You need to get that from everyone. It’s not a competition because we do need to work together in airports and airlines, and everyone needs to keep that consistency and that relationship. So I think it’s really good to have events like this to just bring it all together and how we’re actually all working together, really”

Gary Warren, Vice President, Metropolitan Airports Commission, USA
“Another valuable expenditure of time and money! Keep it going; things are changing too fast in this industry not to attend this conference each year!”

Nandita Bhatt, Deputy General Manager, Architecture/Course Developer – IAP, Airports Authority of India, India
“This conference is a platform where you don’t have only airport operators; it’s also the airlines and the other transport departments coming together. That gives a collective understanding that this is something we all need to do together. It cannot just be one particular sector that will be managing the multi-model system. So everyone from operator to stakeholders to other transport systems and departments has to be there, and also to see security and safety. I think there are other agencies here that can help to integrate, and also technology. So yes, that’s one platform under one roof”

Luigi Battuello, Commercial Director – Non-Aviation, SEA Milan Airports, ITALY
“The conference was a great opportunity to reflect on major trends/developments/threats/opportunities for our industry”

Paul O’Donovan, Head of Terminals, DAA Ireland
“I found it very, very interesting. I have met lots of good contacts here so I have to say I’ve been very, very impressed by it”

Louise Brix-Hansen, Head of Airport Optimisation, Copenhagen Airports, Denmark
“I’ve really enjoyed attending the conference. There’s been a lot of really interesting speakers and I’ve found the venue this year is even better than last year. I work in airport optimisation, which applies to all areas of the airport, so it’s good to have a wide range of subjects from security and terminal design, to passenger processing and operations. Our hope is to be inspired by the latest technologies and to learn from other airports in terms of previous challenges”

Vince Scanlon, EGM Planning & Infrastructure, Adelaide Airport Limited, AUSTRALIA
“The conference once again lived up to expectations by providing insight on specific topics plus diversity to allow new learnings in other areas of expertise”

Gary Summerlin, Design Manager, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, USA
“An excellent opportunity to discover what other airports are doing to improve their facilities and customer service”

Anna Fantoni, Development Planning Manager, Sydney Airport, Australia
“It’s very important for us to come to the conference because this is our first pilot in this kind of track in technology applications, and so we have a lot to learn. There are a lot of airports here that have already done parts of this journey that we’re trying to implement as an airport. The vendors are all here too, so I look forward to talking to them and hearing what types of technology they’re developing, and what are their new ideas and what we can implement in this pilot. I think it’s amazing how fast the industry is evolving. So many new entrants, so many new products; it’s actually hard to keep up. I really look forward to talking to all the people in the big hall and hearing what’s new”

Sander Stomph, Director Operational Excellence, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Netherlands
“The most interesting part of the conference is to see how people are pursuing their customer-centric strategies. There are a lot of similar stories and we share similar strategies, but we all pursue them in a different way. What I really like is to get inside the heads of all the other people in the industry and see their examples and their approaches, and try to learn from them and take out the best practices and try them myself”

Janine Gervais, Director, Passenger Services, Greater Toronto Airports Authority, Canada
“There’s been a lot of interesting learning in terms of operations and passenger experience and how you can co-exist. For me personally, the commercial stream always brings a lot of lessons, as does the passenger experience stream. This is a great conference for all the groups to come together and in not such a harsh selling environment. It’s much more collaborative and the thought around the conference is much more integrated. We’re having some really productive conversations here”

Urs Haldimann, Head of Legal and International Affairs, Federal Office of Civil Aviation, SWITZERLAND
“The programme contained an impressive number of highly interesting presentations that were clearly structured; this allowed participants to follow their streams of interest”

Paresh Vaidya, General Manager - Commercial, Mumbai International Airport, INDIA
“The conference was useful. It is a good platform for the airport/aviation community to come together”

Florian Raff, Head Planning & Analytics, Zurich Airport, SWITZERLAND
“The place where the industry meets. A great opportunity to learn about the latest trends and developments. A chance to exchange ideas and to network”

Mark Croudace, Manager – Passenger & Terminal Operations, Auckland Airport, NEW ZEALAND
“Just a quick note to say great job with the conference – a number of people I spoke to thought it was really good”

David Carvalho Teixeira da Costa, Manager, ANA Aeroportos SA, PORTUGAL
“Very interesting and relevant as always. I liked all the conference chairs, especially the colleagues from the USA. They have a natural tendency to be excellent conductors and moderators”

Douglas Stolls, Manager of Guest Relations / Central Baggage / Continuous Improvement, Virgin America, USA
“Best one yet!”

Brian Cobb, VP Customer Experience, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, USA
“This conference is truly the premier industry event, providing so many vital connections to advance our global reach”

Jenia Rasekhi, Manager Passenger Service Development, Emirates, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
“Dr Jean Salomon was good, very insightful”

Linda Forstr, Business Developer, Avinor, NORWAY
“Very good conference. A great variety of topics and speakers”

Elisabetta Fossi, Airport Planner, Aeroporti di Roma SpA, ITALY
“The conference had interesting topics and speakers”

Roelof-Jan Steenstra, President & CEO, Fort McMurray Airport Authority, CANADA
“I thought it was a good event, in a terrific city”

Helder Louro, BHS Technical Manager, Geneva Airport, SWITZERLAND
“A good mixture of speakers attended the conference”

Roland Boehm, Head of Infrastructure and Systems, Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH, GERMANY
“The additional events like the Gala Dinner were good for networking”

Charles Goedken, Manager Terminal Operations, Port of Seattle, USA
“An excellent conference, with a very good mixture of speakers”

Steve Tanner, Capital Projects Director, Ports of Jersey, UK
“A useful event for airport professionals globally”

Isabel Bergling Olanders, Projektledare, Swedavia, SWEDEN
“Very interesting first visit. Speakers held motivating and inspiring presentations”

Anna Czubak, Commercial Specialist, Polish Airports State Enterprise, POLAND
“A very positive conference. Everything was well organised and interesting”

John Andrew Cullinan, Aviation Market Analyst, EuroAirport, SWITZERLAND
“A good conference for networking and product discovery”

Celiana Grouman, Manager of Retail Architecture, Aeropuertos Argentina 2000, ARGENTINA
“I found the conference to be very worthwhile and interesting”

Kim Halowski, Manager Sales & Services, Vancouver Airport Authority, CANADA
“A very good conference with a diverse range of speakers”

Carlos Maroco, Project Manager, ANA Aeroportos De Portugal SA, PORTUGAL
“Very good conference with interesting sessions”

Carolyn Fennell, Senior Director of Public Affairs & Community Relations, Orlando International Airport, USA
“I think the experience here sort of solidifies that if you’ve seen one airport you’ve seen one airport. But coming here you do find there are common challenges and there are common needs that we have. The change in the industry has gone from whose customer is it, to who is the customer, who is the passenger, who is the guest. I love the transition the whole industry is taking, and all of the sessions here trace those channels that airport operators and owners have to go through. It used to be I’ll provide a receptacle for the aircraft and the people can walk as long as they need to walk, but I’ve got to take care of the aircraft. Now we see the focus on everything from customer service, to food, to infrastructure, to lighting, to what is your experience, what is your mood, the level of noise, all of those factors that would not have been my responsibility. But now it is the airports’ responsibility to create the experience, even though there isn’t necessarily a fiscal relationship between the airport and the guest”

Mark Fisher, Deputy Executive Director, SW Florida International Airport, USA
“A great experience with excellent speaker quality and calibre”

Monika Motsch, Manager Paxflow, Lufthansa, GERMANY
“The event was outstanding with a very good mixture of speakers”

Federico Buzzoni, Project Manager, Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 SA, ARGENTINA
“In three days, you can attend everything. Great as usual”

Fazlin Hassan Naziri, Manager – Economics, Malaysian Aviation Commission, MALAYSIA
“I was a participant in the recent Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE in Amsterdam and I would like to congratulate the team for a job well done”

Ruggero Poli, Head of Energy Systems and Energy Management, Aeroporti di Roma, ITALY
“Thank you for the event, it was really interesting”

Flip Nellissen, Airport Operations - Senior Program Manager Customer Centric, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, NETHERLANDS
“Hope you enjoyed Amsterdam and look back at a terrific event”

Dvir Rubinshtein, Aviation Security Operation Center Manager, Emergency, Security & Cyber Department, State of Israel, ISRAEL
“Thank you for the wonderful, professional and enjoyable conference!”

Urs Haldimann, Head Legal and International Affairs, Federal Office of Civil Aviation, SWITZERLAND
“I’m back home after an excellent Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE with many thrilling presentations”

Brian K Engle, Director of Customer Service, Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, USA
“Looking forward to Stockholm after such a great conference in Amsterdam!”

Ruggero Poli, Head of Energy Systems and Energy Management, Aeroporti di Roma, ITALY
“It was a good, interesting and useful conference”

Sebastian Vadell Riutort, Ground Operations Standards and Safety, Air Europa, SPAIN
“All the speakers are recommendable”

Eero Knuutila, Head of Service Development, Finavia, FINLAND
“A very good conference with high-quality speakers and content. The place to be of the year!”

Rachel Thompson, Sustainability Manager, Gatwick Airport Ltd, UK
“The environment track was both practical and forward looking, I found it very useful and influential”

James Golding, Project Manager, Heathrow Airport Ltd, UK
“It was great to be able to share what we've been up to at Heathrow recently and discuss common themes among airports around the globe”

Michele Miedico, Planning & Compliance Manager, Naples International Airport, ITALY
“The conference was excellent”

Sabina Lajdova, Security Systems Specialist, Prague Airport, CZECH REPUBLIC
“I really appreciate that I could be part of the conference. It was really interesting with lots of topics”

Denise Pronk, Programme Manager Corporate Responsibility, Royal Schiphol Group, NETHERLANDS
“I've only visited the sustainability stream – I liked it very much”

Mark Croudace, Manager - Passenger & Terminal Operations, Auckland Airport, NEW ZEALAND
“A well-organised and well-run conference”

Léa Bodossian, Secretary General, Airport Regions Conference, Belgium
“From my perspective, it was the most successful edition in the five years or so that I have had the honour of attending/moderating, notably with the largest turnout of attendees”

Garry Porter, Head of Operations, Darwin International, AUSTRALIA
“Excellent! Always useful and the topics are on point with most airports and what they are trying to achieve”

Antonio Nuzzo, A-CDM Implementation Manager, ENAV SpA, ITALY
“The event was very interesting and well organised”

Denis Huet, Head of Economic Performance Unit, EUROCONTROL, BELGIUM
“The conference and exhibition provide ample opportunities to network”

Anthony Loui, Transportation Program Analyst, Federal Transit Administration, USA
“Very informative. Looking forward to next year”

Kathleen Boyd, Head of Marketing, Houston Airport System, USA
“Excellent and worthwhile!”

Andrew Price, Head of Global Baggage Operations, IATA, SWITZERLAND
“A great event that covers a huge range of topics interesting to all the aviation stakeholders”

Tammy Huddleston, Assistant Vice President, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, USA
“An excellent conference”

Eric Naterop, Manager Business Relations, Customs Schiphol Airport, NETHERLANDS
“The conference was interesting”

Marco Gianello, Airport Product Design Manager, Aeroporti di Roma, ITALY
“The conference was good”

Steve Lee, Chief Information Officer, Changi Airport Group, Singapore
“PTE was my first expo when I joined the airport six or seven years ago. It’s always been a great place to meet friends and vendors, of course, but more importantly, I think, to listen to very good speakers and share ideas with them and learn a lot of new things from them. So to me, that learning experience is excellent”

Anna Fantoni, Development Planning Manager, Sydney Airport, AUSTRALIA
“A big thank you for organising such a successful conference! I had a great time and truly enjoyed presenting in the Future Airports session. I think our Chair, Kiran Merchant, did a tremendous job. I hope Future Airports will be offered again next year. I also enjoyed spending time in the exhibition hall and attending some of the other sessions and talking to old and new friends and colleagues”

Nandita Bhatt, DGM-ARCH, Airports Authority of India, India
“It was indeed nice to attend the conference in Amsterdam. Please accept my best wishes and congratulations on putting on such a professional conference. I am keen to introduce a few speakers, so that they might also have the privilege to attend and learn”

Jaesung Park, Manager, Korea Airport Corporation, KOREA
“I attended the conference and exhibition. The exhibition was also very helpful”

Neil Pakey, Chairman, Regional and Business Airports Group, UK
“I was greatly impressed by the event management, the planning and the event itself. I will recommend it to any airport or supplier in the industry”

Steve Wareham, Vice President, Trillion Aviation, USA
“As always it was the best annual airport conference in the world, and I believe I have been to at least a dozen PT conferences over the years since 2001. Very good sessions, great exhibit floor and good chances to network. Plus, this year had a wonderful gala event. Much appreciated, Passenger Terminal team!”

Velissarios Eleftheriou, Managing Director, TOTALCDM, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
“The most comprehensive conference for the airports world”

Rogier Doffegnies, Managing Director, 2ndSense AirportCreators, NETHERLANDS
“Thank you for a great exhibition at Passenger Terminal EXPO. We had a great launch of our new company”

Michael J Doucette, AIA, Senior Program Development Manager - Global Aviation - Buildings + Infrastructure, Jacobs, USA
“I attended the conference and it was fantastic. Congratulations to all in your organisation. I first attended as a consultant and then as a client for many years and now back as a consultant again. PTE is truly the best conference that one can attend in the terminal development industry. The breadth of information presented is outstanding, and I look forward to the event as a client looking learn and to meet potential consultants, and also as a consultant to talk to potential clients”

Robert Chicas, Senior Vice President - Firmwide Director - Aviation+Transportation, HOK, USA
“The conference was terrific, and I’ll be looking to participate in Stockholm”

Paul Mewett, Executive Vice President - Business Development & Global Strategy, AirPortr, UK
“I thought this was an incredibly well-arranged conference and a privilege to attend”

Martin Neuser, Student & Master's Degree Candidate, Kühne Logistics University, GERMANY
“It was an amazing event with the unique possibility to meet various experts from all over the world. The conference topics were really interesting”

David Kipp, Vice President - Technology Services, Burns Engineering, USA
“Better than ever. This is the most interesting and informative airport conference in the world. Another great event. Well done”

Abdulhameed Abalary, Consultant Aviation Safety and Security, Pioneers Aero Consultants, SAUDI ARABIA
“It was a very diverse and well-organised conference”

Ivica Matic, Business Development Manager, Magnetic Autocontrol, Germany
“We’re looking to expand our business, and the exhibition presented a very good opportunity. So far there’s been an excellent turnout. In our line of work, you don’t necessarily seal new deals straight away but you receive enquiries from the show later down the line”

Roberto Castiglioni, Access to Air Travel Advisor, Reduced Mobility Rights Limited, UK
“Year after year Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE confirms its leadership with its ever-increasing number of speakers and quality topics”

Dheya Tawfiqi, CEO, DTEB, BAHRAIN
“An excellent conference and a great, well-organised forum for airport professionals – all under one roof”

Juergen Barthel, Acting CCO/COO, CheckIn.com, GERMANY
“PTE is the event to go to for airports and their stakeholders. But also, airlines can and should attend and learn how the airport environment changes i.e. to improve the passenger experience”

Dr Christine De Lille, Assistant Professor at the Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
“We’re regulars at the conference, we’ve been coming for quite some years. We don’t want to position ourselves as an ivory tower, we really want to be involved in the ‘mud’ and really tackle the challenges together, and we see that there is the most knowledge to gain. We learn from what’s going on here at this conference. It helps us to better define our own research agenda – what we should focus on in the coming years”

David Holm, Director Architect, Cox Architecture, AUSTRALIA
“An excellent conference. Well organised with very strong content”

Frank Smith, Consultant, Frank Smith Consulting, UK
“An excellent conference with a broad range of current topics and a high standard of expert speakers throughout”

Al Lyons, SVP Firmwide Director of IT & Electronic Systems, HOK, USA
“The conference was great! Lots of terrific speakers and panellists. It was very interesting and informative”

Gelare Danaie, Associate, Stantec, CANADA
“It is the conference of the year that you want to attend on airports. Lots of things to learn and so many people to meet. I had a really good experience as a first-time attendee and first- time speaker”

Frank Lin, General Manager, WSP Taiwan Branch, TAIWAN
“I think the conference is very good. It almost covers every aspect of the development of the terminals. I think it is good for global terminals development”

Alan Gluck, Senior Manager, ICF, USA
“The depth and breadth of information available and the diversity of speakers’ experience allows for an incredible level of learning”

Pascal Garreau, Executive Manager, Arcandia Consulting, BELGIUM
“The conference is definitely a must on the world scene! The whole airport community is gathered under the same roof for three days: it's a fantastic opportunity to meet new people to exchange views and experience the various trends of the industry. The diversity of the presentations and the various backgrounds of the speakers is also a great means to explore new issues you may not be familiar with. I want to congratulate all of you on PTC. It has been a fantastic edition. It’s always a pleasure and an honour to be part of such an event”

Joel Couillandeau, Head of Consulting Department, ADP Ing, FRANCE
“Very interesting to see some key topics tackled from very diverse angles”

Robin van Scheers, Managing Director, DS Tags Group BV / Bagtag, Netherlands
“This is a fantastic opportunity to show our new innovation. We’ve had a lot of interest from airlines, from airports, from luggage handlers, all kinds of companies that are related to the logistical flow of passengers within airports and airlines. They believe that this innovation will bring a lot of smoothness to the passenger experience, and that’s what everyone is looking for”

Art Kosatka, CEO, TranSecure Inc, USA
“This was my ninth PTE – best ever!”

Ismail Hakki Polat, Project Director, Cengiz Insaat, TURKEY
“The content was good and right to the point. Also, panels were arranged so that similar ideas were discussed during the conference, which kept the attention high”

Mohammad Hourani, Aviation Division Manager, Informatica Qatar, QATAR
“A very good and positive conference”

Rian Burger, Associate Principal – Aviation, Arup, Canada
“Quite frankly, this is the premier conference in the world. We find that all our clients come here and all the airports learn from one another. It’s just such a vibrant, interactive atmosphere. Of all the conferences I go to, this is the one I learn something at. I always come away having learned some things. It’s a good place for us to hang out. A very good conference, valuable and inspiring as always”

Peter Elmvang, Director Marketing, Beumer Group, Denmark
“PTE is bringing people from all over the world. We have a lot of customers coming from the USA, Asia, from the Middle East and of course from Europe, so it is a very important platform for us. It is really the networking event in the airport aviation business”

James Brandon, Director Geo-Political Intelligence, Stirling Assynt, UK
“The conference was extremely well organised and had an excellent range of companies and speakers, and a diverse and interested audience. I would definitely recommend it to others”

Alaistair Deacon, Airport Operational Systems Consultant, Toasty Solutions Limited, UK
“Another great PTC with essential speakers and industry leaders to hear, with a consistent quality of great speakers”

Mari Peltom, CEO & Connectivity Expert, Art Palace International, FINLAND
“Beautifully and professionally organised. Congrats!”

Chadi Sassine, Associate - Senior Engineer, Dar Al-Handasah, LEBANON
“Very well organised and provided a good overview of airport planning and sustainability”

Fernando, Bussalino, Senior Airport Planner, Dar Al Handasah, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
“A well-organised event!”

Dominic Nessi, Senior Advisor, Burns Engineering, USA
“It lived up to its excellent reputation”

Andrew Kuzyk, Partner, Entro Communications, CANADA
“I found the conference a chance to connect with new and old colleagues from all over the world while being inspired, immersed and exposed to new issues, technologies and trends happening in the airport industry”

Stavros Stromatas, Scientific Director, ENVISA, FRANCE
“I was impressed by the quality of the organisation and the interesting topics. PTE2017 was a magnificent experience for me. Thank you very much for making it happen!”

Benny Lim, VP, Certis Cisco, SINGAPORE
“A very good conference”

Catherine Kokar, Marketing Manager, IER, FRANCE
“Very qualitative event gathering key stakeholders of the industry”

Nicolas Schenk, Managing Owner, Plan77 Ltd, SWITZERLAND
“It is a very good networking platform, an interesting group of experts coming together”

Karen Berg, Global Segment Lead Aviation & Travel, Intel, USA
“A very good variety and overview of topics at the conference”

Tim Richardson, CEO, Enliven LLC, USA
“It was my first time and I learned a lot. I was impressed by the number of senior decision makers there”

Tim Morrison, Aviation Director, WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff, UK
“A great event that gets better each year! Best global aviation networking event you can attend!”

Jeremy Dalkoff, Senior Client Strategist, Intersection, USA
“A wonderful conference. I learned a great deal about what the industry is thinking, as well as making some strong contacts”

Stuart Brown, Managing Director, AAC Limited, UK
“I found the whole experience to be extremely worthwhile and very well organised. From the initial communication to the physical experience”

Per Bratsberg, Executive Business Developer, Siemens, NORWAY
“For me this was a useful event, with a very good mixture of speakers”

Juan Calero, Consultant, Ericsson, SPAIN
“A very good conference. The presentations and speakers are high quality”

Jocelyne Napoli, Associate Professor, University of Toulouse, FRANCE
“Fantastic!! Great conference! Nice experience! So happy to meet you!!! Thanks for every detail, your help and thanks to your team too”

Nuria Alsina Pujol, Consultant, ALG Transportation, Infrastructure and Logistics, Spain
“The expo is great for seeing what’s new to the industry in terms of technology and operations. We always try to offer our clients the best possible solutions, especially software. It’s also great to catch up with our clients and to spend time networking”

John Mok, Aviation Consultant, USA
“Great show, as ever”

Alan Thompson, Director - Developments, Portland, UK
“I really enjoyed the conference and my speaking slot, and hope to attend next year in Stockholm”

Frank Smith, Chair, ENLETS Mobile, UK
“It was a really great conference! Congratulations”

Edwige Languin, Communications Manager, IER - Bolloré, FRANCE
“Thank you for your fine organisation. It all went very well”

George Shaiju, Conference Coordinator, Bahrain Society of Engineers, BAHRAIN
“We would like to congratulate you on the success of Passenger Terminal EXPO 2017. Our former President was a conference delegate”

Haakan Andersson, Director of Airports and Global Transportation, Unisys, Turkey
“The expo’s been great. I’m meeting clients, talking to a lot of the exhibitors and partners, and even checking out the competitors. We’re also looking for some partnering options for some new solutions that we don’t necessarily have in our portfolio. This is a good exhibition and a good venue for networking because you have all the major players here”

Patricia Ribo, Head of Aviation Architecture, AECOM, SPAIN
“My overall opinion is that everything was very good, well organised and explained”

Paul Mewett, EVP Business Development, AirPortr, UK
“PTE 2017 was excellent! One of the best I have attended”

Keith La Rose, Director of Business Development, CopperTree Analytics, CANADA
“Everything was very professional. I speak at a lot of conferences and this one was the best run yet”

Mark Wolfe, Principal, Hassell, AUSTRALIA
“The conference was very varied. Something for everyone”

Shaun Thomas, Associate, Atkins, UK
“The presentations, Q&As and panel discussions were all very good”

Kieron Bradley, Head of Airfield Engineering, WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff, UK
“PTE is a great opportunity to listen and hear people showcasing their recent project experiences. I’ve been looking at some of the sustainable solutions around Schiphol. I’ve also been listening to Bahrain International’s development plans followed by Peter Moore’s presentation from Dubai Airports. It’s also great to catch up with colleagues of the past as well as speaking to potential future clients”

Larry Leung, Director, Experience The Skies, Canada
“This conference continues to be the must-go for knowledge gathering, networking and fun. It’s my third year coming here and the second year speaking, and it’s very exciting to be part of the 20th anniversary of the conference. Its organisation has been amazing. It’s a good learning exercise for me, as well as meeting new people and networking, and being able to speak about the information that I know. The people I speak to in the conference hall range from vendors to CTOs and CFOs. I get to meet a great spectrum of people and hear stories and tell my share of stories”

Dr Patricia Ryan, Director of Aviation, IOS Partners, USA
“We were at a seminar a few moments ago, in the concessions session, where we learned about this new ‘Generation C’ – eighteen-year-olds and below. How in the world are we going to keep their attention long enough to buy something, to get them through the airport? I’ve got 15 pages of notes already and we’ve only been here a day”

Richard Dinkelmann, CEO ICM Group, ICM Airports Technics, Australia
“It’s been great, it’s been really good, the quality of clients that we’ve seen here. We’ve seen many repeat clients, but we’ve also seen clients for the first time here and it’s just great. This is the show we don’t miss. We’re here every year, this is now our sixth year. We’re really happy to be here, to support it. It does give us value”

Bram Haans, Marketing Manager, LG Electronics, Germany
“It was a very important decision for us. It comes with our new focus where we are looking more at addressing the end users directly. As part of that, you will see there is very much attention on LG working together with our end users and with our channel partners to offer more bespoke solutions. So you see LG becoming more and more present in the relevant virtual market as we see it, and definitely transportation is one of those areas where we want to emphasise how relevant the products are. This is also a good channel for the products we have and the solutions we can put forward to the market, working with them. It’s just the first day. We’ve been open three hours and we weren’t expecting this kind of response, this quickly”

Dennis Mica, Business Development, 2GetThere, Netherlands
“A lot of airports attending here, a lot of consultants attending here, a lot of developers attending here. We wanted to see if it’s interesting enough for us to show ourselves as well”

Jeremy Corfield, Partner, CPI, AUSTRALIA
“As always, Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE set the standard for airport industry events. With the range of topics and speakers supported by the most comprehensive exhibition in the industry, it remains the must-visit airport event of the year”

James Kelly, Sales Director, Kingspan Insulated Panels, UK
“In over 15 years working in the construction industry, this is the best experience of a conference/exhibition. I got to meet all of the people I wanted to, and found it extremely well organised”

Mark Laustra, Vice President Global, Analogic Corporation, USA
“This has been a fantastic show. There are airports from all over the world here. We’ve been very impressed with the turnout. The stand traffic has been great. We’ve been able to demonstrate to and connect with a lot of different airports and even airlines, so we are really thrilled to be here at PTE”

Mark Pearce, Head of Commercial Aviation Europe, MedAire, UK
“A very comprehensive conference with a large variety of presentations and exhibitors”

Ilya Burkin, Business Development Manager, Airport 20/20, UK
“It was a very successful Passenger Terminal EXPO – interesting conversations, great leads and meeting old friends. Huge thanks to the organisers and partners. Thank you so much for having made those three days of the conference magical and full of innovation and interest!”

Arthur Weesie, Senior Commercial Product Manager, Vanderlande, NETHERLANDS
“Let me start by complimenting the organisation for a job well done. The level of content of both parallel events was high, with a broad range of participants. On a personal level, I was fully satisfied with the themes that I could attend. Looking forward to next year’s event”

Damien Breier, Vice President, BNP Associates, USA
“Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE is by far the best conference and expo combination in the industry, drawing high-level airport, airline and industry management year after year”

Francis Barich, Principal, Barich Inc, USA
“Very good. I floated between presentation sections and found most to be of extreme value. When I had a spare moment or two I spent my time in great discussions with vendors. Networking was great: not a dull moment”

Peter Smallridge, Stand Organiser, 3M United Kingdom plc, UK
“This is the only show, globally, where all of the players come. Actually, because the vendors are all a bit strapped for cash since the financial crisis, we’ve had to make decisions on which shows to come to. I think it’s actually helped PTE in a way, because there are some shows that you just have to be at. For us, we are supplying pieces of the identity management kit that often needs to be integrated maybe into kiosks, or into gates, or onto desks. Many of the people at the show are actually our customers and our channel partners, and it’s important that once a year we meet the people, we see what’s new on the block, we maybe meet some new competitors. We’ve met people from every continent on the planet during these two days”

Kim Madsen, Senior System Manager of IT and Controls, Airport and Logistics Systems, Beumer Group, Denmark
“We have been able to meet with a lot of customers. At two minutes past 10:00am [exhibition hall opening] there was a flood of people coming towards us. It’s great because we put a lot of effort into our presence here. You have a mix of system managers and technical here, so you get to do business and meet the technical people”