Many informative and beneficial sessions across multiple sectors within the aviation industry
Wafa Ashoor, Tahleeq - ICT Business Information Solutions Officer, Bahrain Airport Company, BAHRAIN

What the conference delegates, speakers, exhibition visitors and exhibitors said about Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE & EXPO 2019!

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2019 Testimonials

John Holland-Kaye, CEO, Heathrow Airport, UK
“I’ve been a regular attendee at Passenger Terminal EXPO for many years; I always get lots of ideas about what other airports are doing [at the conference], ideas from exhibitors about where technology might be going – and it’s a great way to meet many of the business partners and other airports and airlines that we work with. The conference is a fantastic place to share ideas and there’s a lot of other chief executives from other airports that we admire here… Chicago, Denver, a big team from Changi; really fantastic airports of a similar size with similar challenges who will be addressing ​them in slightly different ways. There’s a lot that we can learn by sharing ideas, as a result of which we will all get better – and I think that’s something that will be in the interests of passengers, ultimately”

Kim Day, CEO, Denver International Airport, USA
“One of the things I said in my talk is how much we learn from other airports. Everyone is facing problems that we can relate to, and if we can hear how they’re tackling it and how they’re solving it we can ​take that back to our airport, so this is a great opportunity to learn from others, to meet new people, to look at new equipment and get excited about things that are new to us and ​that we can bring back to Denver”

Sarah Renner, CEO, Hobart Airport, Australia
“It’s amazing. This conference is clearly the world’s best; the networking opportunities are amazing, the expo this year is the best that it’s ever been. The focus on technology is spectacular, ​[as is the opportunity for] meeting peers and seeing new products – technology into the future – and meeting people who have gone through similar challenges”

Aimen Ahmed Al Hosni, CEO, Oman Airports, Oman
“PTE always offers the latest in the market, the exhibition is getting bigger and bigger every time, and we see lots of new products and possibilities and even joint ventures. The conference is talking about four or five elements, it’s about marketing, ICT, security and infrastructure which gives a wide range of information and knowledge and that’s why we attend. I’m actually going to be a speaker tomorrow, talking about the infrastructure and expansion in the Middle East, and I think there is very good knowledge and expertise in the conference – which gives very good information and opportunities for networking with others”

Kimmo Mäki, CEO, Finavia Corporation, Finland
“This is my first time here and I’m very happy; it’s a very good seminar, very good speeches, very good presentations. It’s inviting all the players here and in Europe to share thoughts and best practices. I’m enjoying it a lot: many, many good ideas”

Tom Ruth, CEO, Edmonton International Airport, Canada
“I’ve attended this conference now for about a dozen years, as well as my staff, and sometimes I bring board members here. It gives you a great overview of what’s going on within many different facets of airport operations, technology, retail; you get a chance to see it all here. You get to see the best of the world here; not only the employees but ​also the equipment, and it gives you a lot of strategic focus. You could be walking on the trade floor and something will trigger your mind, “hey that’s something we need to be looking look at in Edmonton”; you’ll go back to Canada and say, “we need to look into this”. So – great networking, great exposure to new innovations – and as quick as our road’s changing, you need to be doing this every year. I’ve been in the airport world for quite some time now and in the airport world in particular we share ideas, we don’t hold back much, we don’t think things are proprietary, we’re really like global ambassadors – we want to make sure we’re all succeeding”

Marion Town, director, environment, Vancouver Airport Authority, Canada
“It’s fantastic to meet like-mined airports and quite frankly I’ve been in a day and a half of sessions furiously scribbling notes and it’s a chance to celebrate, collaborate, innovate, steal from each other – we’re really generous with offering up our success stories as well as putting the things that are challenging us most in the middle of the table and scratching our heads and saying how can we figure this one out together? That’s what I love about this conference and the environmental groups at airports:[everyone is] incredibly collaborative and ​[we are] really all looking for the end goal of a better environment in the end”

Katie O'Leary, head of innovation and futurist, daa, Ireland
“The opportunity here for Dublin Airport I think is twofold, one is to showcase what we’re doing at Dublin Airport, but it’s also to identify what’s happening in other airports, whether they be peer airports or competing airports: it allows us an opportunity to see what’s happening on a global scale. It’s an absolutely fantastic event. I’ve come down to the expo and I’m blown away by the variety of companies that are here and equally upstairs in the conference. It’s a fabulous event and I’m really excited to spend the next couple of days here soaking it all up”

Manuel Aubone, director of customer experience – CXO, Aeropuertos Argentina 2000, Argentina
“This is my second year, I went last year to Stockholm, and I think it’s the most important conference that we can attend. I came here with part of my team and not only the conference but also the exhibition works very well for us because it’s an opportunity to meet suppliers and now, because in Argentina we are in constant redevelopment of our airports, it’s very helpful to come to one place and meet with everybody”

Bruno Mario Lochbrunner, head of conceptual station management at SBB (Swiss Federal Railways), Switzerland
“Speaking here was very good to give information about what we’re doing in Switzerland at the train station of an airport which is a specialty area. I’m getting a lot of input from different airports from different continents and that’s the main reason I’m here: to find information I can use when I go back to Switzerland to implement and pilot it in the train station. The presentation from Denver Airport was very inspiring and I’m going to have to talk with the CEO who spoke and stay in contact with her as she gave a lot of insights on how they’re doing it over there”

Chris Woodroofe, chief operating officer, Gatwick Airport, UK
“I very much enjoyed the opportunity to present and the event sparked a number of subsequent conversations. Until next year!”

Patrick Bertsch, director – aviation security, American Airlines, USA
“I echo everyone’s comments. Appreciated the lively and insightful conversation!”

Sujata Suri, VP, strategy and customer experience, Hamad International Airport, Qatar
“PTE brings the best in the airport community together. The event in London brought industry thought leaders and cutting-edge suppliers together for the entire airport community to benefit from with some great themes”

Anton Boelskifte, operations analyst, Copenhagen Airport, Denmark
"Positive to see so many speakers and great diversity in the topics”

Allen Lainez, airports training & service excellence director, Copa Airlines, Panama
“It was a great opportunity for networking and participating of the various conferences and exhibitions”

Abdulrahman Bukhari, general manager strategic projects & transformation, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Saudi Arabia
“It was a pleasure speaking at PTE, and I look forward to participating in future events as well”

Manjari Gungoosingh, ICT, Airports Terminal Operations Ltd, Mauritius
“PTE CONFERENCE remains The Event to attend for learning about other airport developments and experiences, new technologies and innovative solutions being studied and/or available on the market. It is with great enthusiasm that we go back home a little (lot) wiser, taking along lots of ideas for potential implementation in our airport"

Zainul Abidin, chief operating officer, Cam Ranh International Terminal, Vietnam
“It's been a few years since I last attended the PTE, and there's no better conference event to catch up on the latest trends and best practices within the aviation industry. Very good and relevant content, the presentations gave me good ideas on how to address similar problems in my airport”

Scott Gibbons, vice president - administration, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, USA
“The conference was excellent as always; my favorite speaker was from Southwest Airlines”

Frank Cortes, business manager retail, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Netherlands
“It was very interesting and dynamic to be able to see that all the airports are having the same issues. My favorites were Kim Day and Karl L Holz - very inspiring”

Bonnie Hayes, analyst, customer accessibility, American Airlines, USA
“The most organized conference I have ever attended. I was very impressed. The content was helpful and informative”

Steve Parker, head of airport design, Sydney Airport, Australia
“I’ve been to the exhibition and conference three or four times in the past. I find it an invaluable event, particularly when it comes to finding out how you can get the most out of existing infrastructure, where you don’t necessarily have the room to expand. Building large mega-terminals doesn’t resonate with everybody in the industry, so it’s a great way to engage with individuals and organizations facing similar challenges”

Chintan Shukla, vice president – project planning and design, Navi Mumbai International Airport Pvt Ltd, India
“The PTE in London was very well organized and Charu joins me in appreciating the efforts put in. The Middle East and Asia sessions were really interesting, and over the last few years these have been quite sought after. Looking forward to hearing from you closer to PTE 2020!”

Stephan Millescamps, passenger services architecture payment & innovations manager, Air France/KLM, France
“A lot of good presentations, large scope covering the main domain of airport and airline activities. The content was very much linked to actual and future concerns; interest was consistent”

Jim Marriott, president, JM Consulting (formerly ICAO), Canada
"Great success. Looking after all that needed to be done to ensure success of Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE and EXPO – job well done. I certainly enjoyed the security and facilitation sessions enormously. I wanted to contact you immediately to offer my congratulations on the success of this year’s conference. Again, thanks for including me and for ensuring a tremendous event"

Yacine Kebe, QSE manager, Dakar Blaise Diagne Airport AS, Senegal
“It was a great experience and my conference chairs were very helpful and engaging. Their insights and questions made for a very interesting and lively stream. I appreciated being able to share our work and experience in Dakar and exchanging with professionals from all over the world. Thank you again and I wish you equal or more success for your future events. I will surely advise my CEO to send delegates to the upcoming conference in Paris”

Philip Liao, deputy project director, Taoyuan International Airport Corporation Ltd, Taiwan
"Thanks for organizing such a great conference, I’m learning and enjoying a lot"

Michael Weinberger, lead experience designer, Lufthansa Group, Germany
“It is a great opportunity to meet the aviation community and network. Great to see that passenger experience is becoming a more and more relevant and important topic”

Etret Mohammad, terminal planning manager, Nieuport Aviation, Canada
"Thanks for organizing an amazing conference, I found the content progressive. It was a great all-in-one global learning and networking opportunity"

Simon Winder, project manager, Dubai Airports, UAE
“Conference was great! So much to see and hear from a new tech perspective and good to meet potential future vendors/partners in the exhibition too. I thoroughly enjoyed it”

Andrea Boni, vice president innovation and business development, Brussels Airlines, Belgium
“I wanted to compliment you on the great organization of the conference. It was a true pleasure to participate and to share my experiences on lounge strategy and partnership with a good audience. Excellent platform to meet peers and to get first-hand knowledge on upcoming products and services”

Kathleen Boyd, chief marketing officer, Houston Airport System, USA
“It was a terrific conference. The 2019 Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE & EXPO exceeded my expectations both in terms of the quality of the presentations made and the variety and quantity of products on the expo floor. Thank you!”

Ismihan Baysal Anderson, IT director, Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport, Turkey
“It was an excellent event in terms of both expo and sessions! It was a great chance to share experience and knowledge with the different airports from all around the world. I gained invaluable insights on where the aviation sector is leading. The content was great”

Jason Dardis, programme manager, Dublin Airport, Ireland
“A superb event for catching up on the latest products and networking with the leading people in our industry. The expo is the beating heart of the conference and really draws out the opportunity to network with suppliers”

Ruari Maybank, construction director, London Luton Airport Ops, UK
“Well organized and worthwhile event. Excellent range of subjects presented by international subject matter experts”

Greg Yates, manager airport planning, Calgary Airport Authority, Canada
“It was a great conference! It had so many streams. It was extremely well organized with outstanding presenters”

Aude Ferrand, retail director, Groupe ADP, France
“Very large number of conferences, across very diverse subjects with a good level of presentations”

Rudolf Lipold, executive vice president technical services, Salzburg Airport, Austria
“A tremendous offer on issues; very interesting contents”

Dave Deans, manager BHS/GSE contracts, Orlando International Airport, USA
“I truly enjoyed the conference. The sessions that covered current construction and bidding processes were educational. Meeting with the vendors was a highlight for me: being able to hold conversations with a vendor and then chat right down the hall with their competition was helpful to me in evaluating future product considerations”

Carlos Eduardo Gomes Souza, airport performance coordinator, department of planning and management, Civil Aviation Secretariat, Ministry of Infrastructure, Brazil
"Congratulations! I would like to congratulate you and all PTC staff for the great event that you delivered to the attendees! It was my first time at the conference, and I’d like to say that I expect to be in all other editions of it. Congratulations! Thanks again for the opportunity to attend such a high-level event!"

Karan Singh, head of aviation security risk management, Lufthansa Group, Germany
"Looking forward to see you next year"

Josef Strenzke, business division aviation AVB, innovation and development, Flughafen München GmbH, Germany
"I was a delegate at the PTE last week in London. It was a highly interesting and useful trip! Thank you very much for all the effort!"

Katherine Goudreau, managing director, American Airlines, USA
“The conference was very good”

Amiel Porta, manager, terminal operations, SDCRAA, USA
“I loved the exhibit hall. The vendors did a great job displaying the products and providing good information. I thought the variety and mix of products was good. I thought the conference program was put together well; the sessions had something for everyone”

Chie Kurabe, supervisor, retail operations department, Narita International Airport Corporation, Japan
"I really enjoyed the conference and had good experiences in London"

David Burns, head of development planning, Melbourne Airport, Australia
"I attended PTE last week in London and found it very informative"

Anne Resting-Jeppesen, concept & project manager, airport optimization (OPT), passenger & terminal services (PTE), Copenhagen Airports, Denmark
"Thanks for a great PTC this year"

Tony Roach, senior director, customer experience, Southwest Airlines, USA
"Thanks again for inviting me to come speak at the conference this year"

Rasmus Winther Brodersen, senior project leader, Copenhagen Airports, Denmark
"I enjoyed listening to the presentations in the Environment and Sustainability conference stream at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2019"

Abhi Chacko, head of IT commercial & innovation, Gatwick Airport, UK
"It was good to present at PTE. I enjoyed it"

Antoine Rostworowski, deputy director general, programmes and services, Airports Council International (ACI) World, Canada
"Another great PTE CONFERENCE. Well done!"

Mohamed AlMutawa, systems administrator, Bahrain Airport Company, Bahrain
“It was a pleasure attending PTE CONFERENCE this year in London”

Marion Town, MCIP, director, environment, Vancouver Airport Authority, Canada
"As always, the conference coordination was seamless and personally welcoming. Thank you so much for all that you & your team do to make it so easy for us"

Gabor Sooki-Toth, cluster coordinator, Budapest Airport Regional Development Cluster, Hungary
"It has been a pleasure being there. Thanks and congrats for the very impressive event. See you maybe next year!"

Prof Stephen Byrne, head of design & delivery, daa plc, Ireland
“Well done on all”

Simon Venzal, head of coasts and borders department, Guardia Civil, Spain
"Thanks for the invitation and support during my stay and congratulations for the excellent organization [of the conference]"

Merilee Adamson, manager, passenger experience, Calgary Airport Authority, Canada
“We’ve mostly been in the Passenger Experience stream of the conference. it’s been really good and it’s also nice to get out and see the exhibition, too”

Nikos Papagiannopoulos, senior project manager, IT & T data services, Athens International Airport SA, Greece
"Thank you for hosting such a successful event"

Annamaria Francinelli, airport service quality benchmarking, SEA Milan Airports, Italy
"Thanking you once again for the chance to present our experience in PTE 2019; my very best regards"

Megat Ardian, general manager, Malaysia Airports, Malaysia
“It was a pleasure. Looking forward to the next one”

Tony Roach, senior director, customer experience, Southwest Airlines, USA
“Thanks again for inviting me to come speak at the conference this year”

Kristina Dores, (ICAO/TCB/OPAS) chief aerodromes, Namibia Civil Aviation Authority, Namibia
“Thank you again for a wonderful conference… this is the one conference I won't miss and enjoy working toward”

Paolo Bianchi, head of infrastructure strategy & planning, Bologna Airport, Italy
“I have been around PTE EXPO every year since 2006 as exhibitor and delegate (Pascall+Watson) and in the last two years as speaker (Bologna Airport)!”

Urs Haldimann, head of legal and international affairs, Federal Office of Civil Aviation, Switzerland
“I‘d like to thank all of you for sharing your inspiring views and making the panel an enjoyable experience”

Jan Richards, head of insights and planning, daa plc, Ireland
“Just to say thanks so much for all the effort on PTE 2019 – hoping to speak again next year. Best of luck with 2020 organizing”

Tony Martinez, architect, Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects LLP, USA
“Overall, the speakers were great, and the expo had a great spread of vendors”

Joe Emery, senior sales application engineer, Jervis B. Webb Company, USA
"I wanted to say congratulations on a fantastic event. From what I saw, it couldn’t have gone any better. To make the point again - congratulations on putting together a very successful event"

Donald Zoufal, ICAO AVSEC PM, independent safety & security consultant, SDI Presence LLC, USA
"I look forward to participating in PTE 2020"

Jerry Angrave, managing director, Empathyce, UK
"The event was hugely impressive as ever with plenty of insight and food for thought"

Dr Jean Salomon, principal, JSCP Consulting Partners, France
"Thanks again for this wonderfully organized event. It certainly was one of the busiest and top ones I can remember, both for exhibition size and variety and for conference attendance"

Tim Richardson, CEO, Enliven LLC, USA
"Wow. You and your team are amazing. I’m halfway home, somewhere over the Atlantic, reflecting on what a good show this year’s PTC was. I am extremely grateful to have taken part as a speaker this year. It was a great experience for me, and I hope the folks in attendance at my presentation learned something. I also want to say how much I appreciated all the timely and specific information and coaching you provide speakers"

Jacques Khoriaty, Middle East & South Asia aviation director, Egis, France
“Just a short email to thank you for the excellent organization of the PTE conference. It was such a success. I look forward to supporting the event next year in Paris”

Michael Spitzer, AIA, LEED AP+, vice president, RS&H, USA
"On behalf of the panel speakers (Katherine, Eduardo, & Dennis) and myself, please accept our greatest appreciation for all you did in helping me/us in setting up the panel speaking engagement, and then flawlessly following through with the great event that it was. With thousands of people to deal with, it is still unbelievable for me to have witnessed such precise and delightful interaction with all of you. In our Thursday morning “Customer Service” focused panel, we discussed how important human interaction is to a great experience. Your staff and chairs were friendly, professional, and exhibited exceptional character under what I would consider to be extreme pressure. A big ‘Thank You All’"

Catherine Mayer, VP, SITA, USA
"All of the panelists were so well prepared and delivered such interesting presentations. It went so smoothly and there were more questions to ask but we just ran out of time"

Mark Wolfe, principal, HASSELL, Australia
"You and your team did an excellent job once again pulling the entire event together and the ongoing success and popularity of the event is a reflection of that"

Al Lyons, SVP firmwide director of IT & electronic systems, HOK, USA
"London was a great venue! Conference was informative and fun - as usual"

Deborah Grau, aviation project manager, ATM Graduate, Israel
"I really enjoyed the conference and met amazing people from this domain, which is not only my university masters but my passion. Wishing you all the best on your future projects and hope to be in Paris next year as well"

Sevda Fevzi, manager, ASQ business development & customer care, Airports Council International (ACI) World, Canada
"On behalf of my colleagues and myself, just want to convey a huge thank you... we had a full room of delegates for our sessions"

Theodoros Sbiliris, project manager, GEK TERNA Group of Companies, Greece
"I would like to congratulate you on the organization of the conferences and the quality of speakers and topics presented"

Martin Bowman, general manager, aviation products, McLaren Deloitte Alliance, UK
"Just a short note to thank you both for an excellent PTE 2019"

Alexa Hink, international project manager, Ozion Airport Software, France
"It is a great event and we are looking forward to next year when it will be in Paris (our hometown)"

Mazhar Butt, director of guest experience and hospitality, Bicester Village, Value Retail plc, UK
"Just a quick note to say a huge thanks for the opportunity to present at the PTE this week – thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity and engagement with the delegates and am already planning on attending PTE 20 in Paris. It was great to be back... brought back many happy memories and I managed to meet many ex-colleagues!"

...many more 2019 testimonials will be added here soon!

2018 Testimonials

Dean Bouchard, Director Planning & Infrastructure, Halifax International Airport Authority, CANADA
“PTE is the best conference available for airport professionals. It inspires innovative thinking and provides great opportunities to make important network connections”

Mohammed Al Katheeri, SVP Strategy and Communication, Abu Dhabi Airports (ADAC), UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
“The best airport-related event around the globe, great exhibition and great opportunities for networking”

Barry Weekes, Head of Design, Heathrow Airport, UK
“Rapidly becoming THE global networking event for airport operators, suppliers and designers”

Christopher Blasie, Manager of Passenger Services, Airlines for America, USA
“I wanted to personally send you the best note ever! Your entire team should be extremely proud for putting on a great PTE event last week. I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to speak and attend this year’s PTE. I had a blast and was so proud to be part of this award-winning event. A true honour to be at PTE and thank you again for bringing the aviation enthusiasts together to share real-life experiences on collaboration that is going on globally!”

Uwe Kaschdailewitsch, Project Management, Stuttgart Airport GmbH, GERMANY
“Once again a high-level event! Both the conference and exhibition were full of the newest information and innovations, and there was enough time for good opportunities for global networking with colleagues in the industry. Thank you!”

Nienke Middelbeek, Interface Manager, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, NETHERLANDS
“First time at the PTE. It was a well-organised event and offered a great service by providing the presentations afterwards. I had a great time. It was interesting to meet people from all over the world and see that we all deal with the same issues”

Tupac Amaru Bastidas Celis, Senior Project Manager, S7 Airlines, RUSSIA
“The event was very good”

Florian Raff, Head of Planning & Development, Zurich Airport, SWITZERLAND
“The combination of a broad range of conference streams and a diverse exhibition provides a unique opportunity to discuss, learn and exchange with a huge pool of industry peers in a short space of time. It’s second to none”

Mohamad S Al Agha, Senior Manager IT Business Solutions, Abu Dhabi Airports Company, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
“First of all, I would like to congratulate you for a great PTE 2018 event. It was yet another great PTE – it keeps getting better and better every year. Many thanks to you and your team”

Oliver Weiss, COO, Northern Capital Gateway NCG, RUSSIA
“PTE – again a great success, as usual”

Eric Kaler, Senior Director Airline Security, Hawaiian Airlines, USA
“Every year we are amazed by the showroom floor. This was my fifth year attending and there were large vendors that we hadn’t seen before, which is truly amazing. The conference had a great line-up and offers industry-relevant material that you can’t find anywhere else. Thanks everyone for a great job!”

Oliver Reindl, Chief Information Officer, Flughafen Köln-Bonn, GERMANY
“Very good conference”

Frank Smith, Chair, ENLETS Mobile - EU Working Group on Mobile Solutions for Law Enforcement, UK
“Many thanks for an excellent event – well done”

Sylvain Campeau, Manager Passenger, International Air Transport Association (IATA), CANADA
“My overall experience of the conference was excellent. There were lots of good opportunities for networking and lots of content”

Hiosvany Muina, North America Airports Regional Manager, Copa Airlines, USA
“After 12 years of participating at PTE, 2018 was by far the biggest and most productive event. A lot of great information in the conference with great speakers, and the expo was amazing overall. The networking, opportunities to learn new ideas and different approaches were great!!! Perfect event, excellent!”

Duncan Smith, Flight Performance Manager, London Stansted Airport, UK
“First-class conference, extremely well organised and very worthwhile attending! Really good and diverse content”

Ricardo Ignacio Cerri, Engineer, Corporation America Uruguay, URUGUAY
“Plenty of valuable products, vendors and insightful conference discussions”

Pierre Charbonneau, Director Passenger & Facilitation, IATA, CANADA
“First-time attendee – I thoroughly enjoyed it. Exhibition is useful and diversified”

Mohamad Al Agha, Senior Manager IT Business Solutions, Abu Dhabi Airports Company, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
“Yet another great PTE event. The conference keeps getting better and better every year and the exhibition was the biggest so far. The content was rich, relevant and useful – it was excellent. Biggest exhibition so far and had a good variety of suppliers”

Stijn Bannier, Product Manager Mobile, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, NETHERLANDS
“Great event that was very well organised”

Beth Brewster, EVP International Business Development & Lounges, Manchester Airports Group, UK
“Passenger Terminal EXPO provides an excellent ‘one-stop shop’ for any aspect of airport management or infrastructure”

Ben Green, Head of Commercial Planning & Delivery, London Stansted Airport, UK
“An excellent conference with the opportunity to cover all aspects of airport life at one event. Networking opportunities were great, and the exhibition allowed you to see all the new developments under one roof. A must for our annual calendar”

Jan Richards, Head of Insights & Planning, Dublin Airport, IRELAND
“I really enjoyed the conference and got amazing feedback from my presentation (even afterwards at the airport shopping and in the lounge!), which really gave me confidence! I’d love to speak next year – especially as it’s in London! Well done on a job really well executed and for the help you provided”

Raven Dreier-Farr, Manager IT Supply Chain, Delta Air Lines, USA
“Well-run, easy-to-navigate conference”

Abdulelah Alfawzan, Project Director, General Authority of Civil Aviation, SAUDI ARABIA
“The conference and exhibition were very good”

Ian Baigent-Scales, Airport Development Manager, Virgin Atlantic Airways, UK
“A good event as usual – always good to connect with people”

Jeannette Inderbitzin, Head of Service & Product Management, Swiss Federal Railways, SWITZERLAND
“It was an interesting experience and I will share the very interesting output from the conference with my colleagues in Switzerland. Thanks for the great organisation!”

Liene Freivalde, Director, Riga International Airport, LATVIA
“Interesting and varied subjects, great networking possibilities and a nice atmosphere. It was a very good conference”

Emanuel Fleuti, Head of Environment, Flughafen Zurich, SWITZERLAND
“Excellent opportunity to gain insights on methods and approaches of other airports”

David Costa, Product Development Manager, ANA - Aeroportos de Portugal, PORTUGAL
“Still the biggest and most important aviation event in the world (from an airport perspective). The quality and depth of the presentations is still high”

Cathaldus Hartin, Senior Executive Planner, Fingal County Council, IRELAND
“It was a pleasure to speak at the Passenger Terminal EXPO on behalf of Fingal County Council. Very varied and informative conference. Excellent exhibition”

Carolyn Fennell, Senior Director Public Affairs, Orlando International Airport, USA
“This was by far one of the best conferences I’ve ever attended, as it focused on substantive dialogue and future areas of focus for the aviation industry on a global basis. Every presentation provided some nugget of information or confirmation of the state of the aviation industry”

Wafa Ashoor, Tahleeq - ICT Business Information Solutions Officer, Bahrain Airport Company, BAHRAIN
“Many informative and beneficial sessions across multiple sectors within the aviation industry”

Miltiadis Stamatopoulos, Head Airport Planning, Athens International Airport SA, GREECE
“Useful and a good opportunity to connect with other aviation professionals and keep up to date with new trends and technologies”

Yannick Leroux, Deputy Director – PMO, Aéroports de Montréal, CANADA
“Excellent! I learned a lot from the different speakers and was able to come home with a lot of ideas to help us better manage our airport”

Bronwen Jones, Development Director, Gatwick Airport, UK
“Wide-ranging, topical and comprehensive conference. Some fascinating speakers, it was well structured”

Hung-Hsien Lin, Director, Civil Aeronautics Administration MOTC, TAIWAN
“The topics presented in the conference are abundant. I was able to meet many experts, which greatly helped me in my follow-up work”

Luigi Battuello, Head of Non-Commercial Aviation, SEA Milan Airports, ITALY
“I attended the conference and found the presentations and the panel discussions were rich in stimulating inputs and new thinking”

Douglas Stolls, Manager of Guest Services - SFO, Alaska Airlines/Virgin America, USA
“This conference was the largest one that I have ever participated in. Well represented from all over the world. I thought the content was comprehensive and represented many different areas”

Marit Gangsaas, Manager Process Development, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, NETHERLANDS
“The conference was big, busy and relevant”

Divya Prabha Sirangala Nagaraju, Senior Manager, Airport Planning and Design, Mumbai International Airport, INDIA
“The conference has been amazing. This is my third event and it has been growing bigger and bigger. The conference is really good for meeting different people from across the industry”

Mihai Iordache, Vice President of the Board/R&D, R.A. International Airport Iasi, ROMANIA
“This interesting conference offered me a great opportunity to update my knowledge and to meet people and share ideas. In my opinion it was by far the best, and had useful presentations about current and future airports”

Shane de Wit, Director Commercial, Northern Territory Airports, AUSTRALIA
“I thought the conference was great. There was heaps of good content and good-quality speakers. I took something away from every presentation”

Fabio Pacelli, Service Passenger Director, Naples International Airport - GESAC Spa, ITALY
“The best place to see and to share the state of the art in the airport industry! A good opportunity to see in a few hours the best practices to manage the growth of traffic and improve the passenger experience”

Viji Prasad, Director of Airport Operations, Los Angeles World Airports, USA
“Excellent conference with very well-planned topics for presentation and discussion. The exhibition was fantastic. The venue was great and easily accessible from different parts of the city”

Brian K Engle, Director of Customer Service, Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, USA
“I am already looking forward to next year in London! The way time is flying by, that will be here soon! Thanks again for all that you do!”

Joakim Jerbrant, Chief Architect IT, Swedavia, SWEDEN
“Thanks for an inspiring conference @PassengerTerminalCONFERENCE&EXPO #PTEstockholm #PTE18 hosted by Swedavia AB #ViärSwedavia @ Stockholmsmässan AB”

Annamaria Francinelli, In Charge of Airport Service Quality Benchmarking, SEA Milan Airports, ITALY
“The conference exceeded my expectations. It had a lot of interesting speeches and presentations. It is the greatest opportunity for the airports to network in a broad range of airport activities and benchmark with the best in class. Thanks to everybody. Excellent job!”

Salvatore Incardona, Head of Architecture and Innovation, Aeroporti di Roma, ITALY
“It's been a great and satisfying experience. I spent one day at the exhibition and one day at the conference”

Philipp Kriegbaum, Senior Security Expert, Fraport AG, GERMANY
“It has been a pleasure speaking at PTX 2018 in Stockholm”

Matti Väisänen, Service Manager, Finavia Oyj, FINLAND
“It was my first time at PTE and I was very pleased with the event. The venue was good and there were lots of interesting speakers”

Antoine Rostworowski, Deputy Director General Programmes and Services, ACI World, CANADA
“Another great PTE conference where I had to juggle between making time to attend interesting presentations and being able to schedule time to meet so many people from the industry within the trade-show area. Great conference and use of my time!”

Sharon Mahony, Aviation Environmental Analyst, Eurocontrol, BELGIUM
“Thank you for the organisation of an excellent conference and the opportunity to engage with peers and stakeholders across the globe”

Hitarth Mankodi, Director - Terminal Operations, Bahrain Airport Company, BAHRAIN
“A very well-planned, informative event where multimillion GBs of data got exchanged on products, processes, ideas, services and innovative ways to transform the aviation industry by professionals across the globe. Excellent event”

Léa Bodossian, Secretary General, Airport Regions Conference, BELGIUM
“Thanks for another great success – probably the best when it comes to practicalities, and excellent content-wise as well”

João Ferreira, IT Engineer, ANA - Aeroportos de Portugal, PORTUGAL
“I really liked the conference, it was my first experience visiting the PTE. I think it was well organised and most of the subjects at hand were very interesting”

Fauzia Aouden, Manager Expertise & Policies, Schiphol Group, NETHERLANDS
“The conference was a good opportunity to find out what the hot topics in the airport sector are. The exhibition was a great chance to see the latest products on the market”

Céline Canu, Head Aviation Facilitation, International Air Transport Association (IATA), CANADA
“Thank you for the amazing organisation. I’m very impressed with the quality of the presentations and the size of the exhibition”

Inkyoung Kim, Project Manager, Daegu Metropolitan City, KOREA
“Thank you very much for everything you have done for our trip to PTC18 in Stockholm. It was a very informative and amazing experience”

Panos Samaras, Fire Safety Officer, Athens International Airport,
“It has been a pleasure meeting you in Stockholm. Thumbs up for setting up such an efficient team to facilitate our presentation!”

Jean-Pierre Devos, First Commissioner, Federal Police, BELGIUM
“I want to congratulate you on a very well-organised conference. I hope you had some time to recover and to enjoy the feedback from a very well-organised Passenger Terminal EXPO”

Amanda Vella Degiovanni, Executive, Malta International Airport plc, MALTA
“The conference was very organised and it was interesting to listen to insight on current trends. Streams were split up appropriately, and all catered to a range of topics”

Neville Hay, Director of Training, Interportpolice, UK
“Well done to all of you for all the hard work you guys put into it. Great conference, I really enjoyed taking part”

Sini Kaikkonen, CX Champion, Finavia Plc, FINLAND
“It was my first time at PTE and I enjoyed it! I found the exhibition and conference to be very good”

Yutaka Kuratomi, Manager, Project Planning Division, Japan Airport Terminal Co Ltd, JAPAN
“I will take the opportunity to thank you and all your team for your great help and support. We had a great time working with you and hope we will be able to meet next year!”

Chih-Wen Fang, Deputy Director General, Civil Aeronautics Administration, TAIWAN
“The Ageing Population & PRMS session had wonderful performance under Roberto Castiglioni. We also learned a lot from him in the panel discussion of cognitive disabilities, travellers and airports. As you know, disabled passengers encounter inconvenience during their journeys, and there is still a long way to go to improve services. The experiences that many airports have is valuable to us”

Mary Kerins, HSSE Manager, Dublin Airport, IRELAND
“I think the conference went very well. I thought it was good and hopefully there might be a chance for me to have a speaker slot again next year”

Dimas Hariwibowo Haryono, Assistant Vice President of Service & Facility Analysis, PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero), INDONESIA
“Congratulations on Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE 2018 to you and your team – the expo was a success!”

Sujata Suri, Vice President Strategy & Customer Experience, Hamad International Airport, QATAR
“The exhibition was very useful and very well presented, very valuable for airports”

Nandita Bhatt, DGM-ARCH, Airports Authority of India, INDIA
“The conference – it’s a whole sharing process – excellent”

Ulla Ruuskanen, Project Manager, City of Vantaa, FINLAND
“The conference had lots of variety catering for all needs within the industry – highly recommended. It was awesome – so many speakers from all over the world”

Charles Sitkoff, General Manager, Risk Assessment & Mitigation, Delta Air Lines, USA
“Thanks so much for organising another wonderful conference. I thought it went wonderfully!”

Arturs Saveljevs, Board Member (CCO), Riga International Airport, LATVIA
“Thank you very much for the information and for the wonderfully organised event!”

Sonia Rüegsegger, Robotics Advisor, Japan Airport Terminal Co Ltd, JAPAN
“Thank you and all your team for your great help and support. We had a great time working with you and hope we will be able to meet next year!”

Jonathan Heller, Senior Communications Specialist | Vision, Voice + Engagement, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, USA
“Thank you for all your help with Kim Becker’s [CEO] Small Business Development panel. She was very happy with how it all came off”

Hitarth Mankodi, Director - Airport Operations, Bahrain Airport Company, BAHRAIN
“It was informative to meet industry experts and exchange ideas about the past, present and future of the aviation industry. Multi-million GBs of data exchanged on amazing ideas, projects, products and processes from aviation professionals across the globe. I was privileged to share such an experience with our CEO Mohamed Yousif AlBinfalah. I look forward to PTX2019 in London”

Li San Poh, Vice President, T4 Programme Management Office, Changi Airport Group, SINGAPORE
“Thank you very much for all the efforts in coordinating the arrangements”

Mohamed Al Binfalah, Chief Executive Officer, Bahrain Airport Company, BAHRAIN
“Three days are too short to cover all the diverse topics presented during the conference. This was my biggest challenge trying to balance between meeting exhibitors and making time to attend very interesting conference topics”

Sorin Eugen Zaharia, Managing Director, R.A. Aeroportul Iasi, ROMANIA
“Very interesting event, with many digital solutions presented”

Florian Raff, Head of Planning and Development, Zurich Airport, SWITZERLAND
“The event is excellent, as it is every year. It’s a great place to meet new people”

Vince Granato, Chief Operating Officer, Port of Portland, USA
“Excellent experience at Passenger Terminal EXPO”

Donghyun Kim, Manager, Incheon International Airport, KOREA
“Perfect event with excellent content in the conference”

Sonia Rüegsegger, Engineer, Japan Airport Terminal, JAPAN
“I liked it. Great networking and to gain a better understanding of the industry”

Frank Smith, Chair, ENLETS Mobile - EU Working Group on Law Enforcement Mobiles, UK
“Excellent conference – high standard and really good coverage”

Nikolaos Papagiannopoulos, Senior Project Manager, Athens International Airport, GREECE
“Very good venue, very good expo and great speakers. Plenty of variety, which made it hard to follow all these interesting presentations! Very good”

Marianne Van Scherpenzeel, Senior Manager, Strategic Development Consumer, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, AMSTERDAM
“It is a very useful event – it is good to freshen up my knowledge and get new inspiration”

Remi Lasserre, Technical Director, Marseille Provence Airport, FRANCE
“This is my first time at the expo and my first time as a conference speaker too. I’ve found it all very interesting”

Vince Scanlon, Executive General Manager Planning & Infrastructure, Adelaide Airport Limited, AUSTRALIA
“The diverse range of topics and depth of information means that there is something for everyone all of the time. Very good range of current issues and discussion”

Tim Norwood, Corporate Affairs Planning and Sustainability Director, Gatwick Airport, UK
“An enjoyable event and an important opportunity to find out and understand what else is happening across our industry. The conference was wide ranging with some interesting subject matter”

Susanna Ravantti, Service Manager, Finavia Oyj, FINLAND
“Versatile and rich setting with lots of interesting companies and stands”

Laurianne Lapierre, Communication Advisor, Aéroport de Québec, CANADA
“Great diversity and quality. I had something on my schedule all the time. Loved it”

Karen Barker, IT Programme Executive, Stansted Airport Ltd, UK
“Very good conference, I really enjoyed it”

Jesper Petersen, IT Business Partner, Copenhagen Airports, DENMARK
“Valuable insight from sessions and from relevant exhibitors”

Claudia Uhe, Senior Vice President Corporate Development, Environment and Sustainability, Fraport AG, GERMANY
“This was a high-quality conference”

Caroline Ouellette, Project Manager, Aeroports de Montreal, CANADA
“It was my first conference and I highly appreciated it”

Jolanta Rokosz, Terminal Manager, Krakow Airport, POLAND
“The conference was well organised”

Sireetorn Arunrukthavon, Foreign Affairs Officer, Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited (AOT), THAILAND
“We are looking forward to the PTE 2019 and many more to come”

Adrian Leung, Change Consultant, London City Airport, UK
“Great conference this year in Stockholm; looking forward to next year's!”

Thomas Sondey, Manager Information Technology, Star Alliance Services GmbH, GERMANY
“Very positive…my first PTE. The conference was very good”

Nektarios Psycharis, Team Leader IT&T Business Analysis & Project Management, Athens International Airport, GREECE
“I found the conference very good with many interesting topics”

Neil Moran, Head of Terminals - Asset Care, Dublin Airport, IRELAND
“Invaluable learning and networking opportunity with great diversity. Excellent event”

Dimitri Coll, Associate Director ASQ, ACI World, CANADA
“The conference had very interesting topics – it covered all important topics. This conference is great for networking too”

Lakshminarayanan Sankaran, Vice President (Engineering & Maintenance), Bangalore International Airport, INDIA
“The event was well organised and a good platform to understand the latest developments, hear case studies of success stories and lessons learned, and a great networking platform”

Andreas Stock, Head Planning/Construction, Dusseldorf Airport, GERMANY
“The conference was well organised and the location was excellent”

Rui Cabrita, Airport Duty Manager, ANA - Aeroportos de Portugal, PORTUGAL
“It was my first experience and my overall opinion is that the conference was excellent”

Richard Dunn, Senior Asset Engineer - Civils and Structures, Heathrow Airport, UK
“A very professionally put-together conference. It was a pleasure to take part. Varied and interesting content”

Philipp Kriegbaum, Senior Security Expert, Fraport AG, GERMANY
“Good-quality conference. Sometimes it was difficult to make the decision which section to attend. Appropriate content”

Céline Canu, Head Aviation Facilitation, International Air Transport Association (IATA), CANADA
“It was very interesting and lots of good presentations”

Panos Samaras, Fire Safety Officer, Athens International Airport, GREECE
“Very well-organised conference”

James Caulfield, Commercial Project Manager, daa International, IRELAND
“Informative and very enjoyable conference. The event was excellent”

Alexandra Cahn, Head of Traffic & Terminal Operations, Cologne Bonn Airport, GERMANY
“It was very interesting at the conference”

Alessandro Mariani, Project Manager Airport Services, SkyTeam, NETHERLANDS
“Across the board, a very good conference”

James Golding, Project Manager, Heathrow Airport Ltd, UK
“Always a good opportunity to find out what airports around the globe are up to”

Kenneth Pyatt, Deputy Aviation Director, Miami-Dade Aviation Department/MIA, USA
“Excellent conference, very good exhibition”

Darron Freegard, Acting General Manager Corporate Risk, Perth Airport Pty Ltd, AUSTRALIA
“Fantastic opportunity to network and learn so much from a range of expert presenters”

Nicolas Schenk, Senior Masterplanner, Zurich Airport, SWITZERLAND
“The event was well organised and there were good conference rooms”

Helena Wiberg Klint, Director Operational Development, Swedavia, SWEDEN
“The conference was very interesting”

Inkyoung Kim, Project Manager, Daegu Metropolitan City, KOREA
“Very comprehensive conference content”

Barry Rempel, President & Chief Executive Officer, Winnipeg Airports Authority, CANADA
“Good conference and exhibition”

Palmina Whelan, Managing Director, American Airlines, USA
“All round, a very good conference”

Emily Yang, Environmental Advisor, Swedavia, SWEDEN
“Good and inspiring conference. Relevant content for my point of view”

Manop Nawakorawit, Head of Infrastructure Development, AirAsia, MALAYSIA
"The networking party after the conference each day is a very good idea”

Sascha Mayer, Product and Strategic Planning, Flughafen Dusseldorf GmbH, GERMANY
“The conference and speakers were very good quality”

Alexandros Ziomas, Manager IT&T Business Transformation & Support Services, Athens International Airport, GREECE
“Excellent and well-organised conference, well done!!!”

Sumihiro Harada, Consultant, Japan Airport Consultants Inc. JAPAN
“A good conference where I learned a lot”

Harriet Chester, Strategic Project Analyst, Manchester Airport Group, UK
“Very good all round”

Michele Miedico, Head of Planning and Compliance, Naples International Airport, ITALY

Jean-Pierre Devos, First Commissioner, Federal Police Belgium, BELGIUM
“Good conference, well organised”

Vaiva Kirvelaite, Head of Unit, SJSC Riga International Airport, LATVIA
“Well done”

Ida Björnskjöld, Project Manager, Swedavia, SWEDEN
“I like the show”

Catherine Mayer, VP, SITA, USA
“With over 7,000 participants it is easy to understand why PTE is the best opportunity to meet with colleagues from around the world, hear about the latest trends and visit with other industry partners; an exhausting yet exhilarating three days. Best ever”

Jerry Angrave, Managing Director, Empathyce Customer Experience, UK
“Very impressive conference in its scale, quality and generosity of people who shared their insights, stories, challenges and successes. Airports would struggle to find so much thought-provoking material under one roof anywhere else. Events of that scale and quality don’t organise themselves, so the huge effort was evident and appreciated”

Chirantan Mukhopadhyay, Aviation Principal, Jacobs, USA
“This has become the best airport conference – the exhibition hall provided the latest technology development from all over the world. In addition, it provided the forum to interact with our worldwide aviation colleagues. Different tracks provided varied content – something for everyone, with a very good display of the most up-to-date technology”

Melvin Broekaart, Managing Director, Aircommerce, NETHERLANDS
“A unique kind of conference with an overwhelmingly rare kind of openness in the speakers’ sharing of data and experiences. Truly a must-attend event”

Neville Hay, Director of Training, Interportpolice, UK
“PTE is a must-attend expo for the serious exhibitors and provides excellent conferencing facilities with a variety of diverse speakers who cover topics that are current, from the strategic arena to the operational and practical environment. The show’s standards are very good”

Henrik Rothe, Senior Lecturer, Cranfield University, UK
“Thanks once again for another great event – it is the most important and enjoyable airport conference! I was so pleased to have once again a full house during my presentation and I received an overwhelmingly positive response from many attendees”

Al Lyons, SVP Firmwide Director of IT & Electronic Systems, HOK, USA
“The conference was great!!! Very informative and fun. It was good to see different perspectives on the future of airports and aviation. It was great to see airlines and airports speaking together. Collaboration is key to improving the industry. I wish I had more time to see and discuss all of the great and innovative products/solutions”

Graham Lovely, Associate, MCW Consultants Ltd, CANADA
“This was one of the best conferences I have ever attended. The sessions were very informative, and the presenters were engaged and generally had interesting topics. The networking was very good and allowed my firm to expand our base of contacts and learn”

Adrian Richards, Global Aviation Business Development, ARUP, UKK
“Thank you as always for organising a fantastic conference. Feedback from my team was very positive! Very engaging. Thank you again for allocating our speaker slots – they generated a lot of good discussion, both in the conference suite and follow-up on the stand. Looking forward to London already”

Gelare Danaie, Architect Designer, Stantec, CANADA
“This is the best airport conference. I have learned a lot in the two years attending and met a lot of inspiring leaders in the aviation sector. I will be attending next year to share our updates from the airports we are designing and learn from other industries”

Brent Kelley, Principal, Corgan, USA
“PTE 2018 was a great event to stay abreast of the current trends in the aviation industry both in lessons learned from the speakers, as well as the opportunity to touch the latest technology”

Jim Harding, Director of Environmental Graphic Design, Gresham Smith and Partners, USA
“As a first-time speaker and attendee, PTE exceeded my expectations. Excellent speakers, incredible exhibit hall. I had to make choices on what NOT to see or hear!”

Eric Girard-Reydet, Secretary General, ACNUSA, FRANCE
“A really interesting event. Many useful presentations related to the topics we are dealing with, and a great occasion for networking as well. Excellent”

Francis Barich, Principal Consultant, Barich Inc, USA
“I found the conferences and the floor well-coordinated. Very relevant information given during the sessions that was quite easy to follow up on with those represented on the floor! Great set of vendors – I would have loved to have the time to go to them all”

David Tomber, Aviation Principal, Jacobs, USA
“The conference was an outstanding opportunity to hear a wide range of global perspectives on airport terminal development issues! Excellent presentations, and a great exhibition hall, which was very large and close to the session rooms”

Jonathan Branker, Industry SME, USA
“This was a well-organised conference with a wide variety of topics and sessions content for all attendees. Timely topics, and material covered represented issues being faced today. Real-world solutions and lessons learned coupled with some live vendor presentations made for a positive overall experience. Great job done by all organisers and supporting staff”

Carl Dainter, Head of Aviation (Consultancy), Mace Limited, UK
“Excellent event once again, with the opportunity to understand the latest industry ‘hot topics’ and network with clients’ suppliers and fellow consultants – a major selling point for attendance at this event”

Roland Gagel, VP Field Services Transportation, SGS SA, GERMANY
“The conference gave a great overview of the airport business and good insights into it. It was very interesting to listen to the decision makers”

Martijn van Boxtel, Senior Consultant, Marctica, FINLAND
“A great opportunity to meet a lot of relevant people in the industry! The programme was very diverse – and almost too much to choose from!”

Alaistair Deacon, Airport Operational Systems Consultant, Toasty Solutions Limited, UK
“Another successful Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE tackling today’s issues within the airport industry”

Adriano Denni, Senior Associate, Hassell, AUSTRALIA
“It was great being part of Passenger Terminal EXPO 2018, sharing a few days with the very best experts from the aviation industry, listening to informed speakers and visiting the exhibition spaces”

Rosemarie Rawson, Master Professional, Transystems, USA
“My experience at Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE was very informative in seeing the many diverse approaches to typical airport challenges and how each airport approaches them. The challenges are universal but the solutions are unique to each airport – very on-point topics”

Alan Gluck, Senior Manager, ICF, USA
“Yet again PTE excelled in providing an outstanding experience for aviation professionals in a wide variety of areas”

Tine Haas, Senior Consultant, Dornier Consulting International GmbH, GERMANY
“Big thank you for organising another great conference! I really enjoyed exchanging ideas and meeting people”

Jonathan Wiles, Customer Service Director, Strata Tiles Limited, UK
“The perfect place to meet and network with the key decision makers in the airport industry. Having never attended before I did not know what to expect. The planning, layout and content of the show are second to none”

Robert Chicas, Senior Vice President / Firmwide Director, Aviation + Transportation, HOK, USA
“Congratulations on another very successful PTX event”

Dr Jaime Bartolome, Director, GilBartolome Architects, SPAIN
“I would like to congratulate you and your team for the incredible organisation of the event. As a first timer I was really impressed and am looking forward to next year's conference”

Antoinette Erickson, Architect, Foster + Partners, UK
“It's really become the event where everyone in the industry is present. Great to catch up, make new contacts, and I developed old contacts”

Doug Cooley, President, Michaud Cooley Erickson, USA
“Fantastic exhibitors, well-informed speakers and a fun group of airport management and staff”

Simone Mendonca, Landside Manager, Riogaleao, BRAZIL
“The conference was a great opportunity to hear and meet colleagues from other airports and to exchange experience”

Bharat Panchal, Head of EMEA Bids & Proposals, Rockwell Collins, UK
“The conference was brilliant, well worth every penny”

Kent DeRusha, Project Director PMP DBIA, Austin Commercial, USA
“Excellent vendor mix showcasing the best and brightest in new aviation technology”

David Victor, Country Manager, Connecthings, ITALY
“Perfectly organised conference, and as a first participation I was very impressed”

Clotilde Fray, Business Developer, NAVBLUE, FRANCE
“Very well-organised conference tracks. Interesting topics on many aspects of airport life”

Velissarios (Velis) Eleftheriou, Managing Director, TOTALCDM, GREECE
“Another really well-organised Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE event providing an excellent opportunity to learn and network. A big variety of interesting topics”

mark Friesen, Managing Partner & Founder, Quinta Consulting, GERMANY
“High-level participants, good topics and the exhibition was good”

Pieter Van Der Horst, Managing Director, AIREA, NETHERLANDS
“As always, the conference was very well organised with interesting speakers and topics”

Michael Ross Payton, Principal, Corgan, USA
“A large range of topics and opportunities to learn from others. I thought the booths were exceptional this year. The conference content was relative and appropriate for what we are experiencing in the aviation industry. Excellent all-round experience”

Rob Adamson, Principal, Dialog, CANADA
“Exceptional conference, appropriate and interesting content. Excellent exhibition”

Robert Galea, Senior Planning Officer, Airport Regions Conference, BELGIUM
“This was my first attendance at Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE and I was impressed by the scale and variety of subject areas covered. It was good to see all airport-related goods and services under one roof”

Peter Vorage, Airport Engineer, NACO, NETHERLANDS
“Got to meet many existing and new contacts in the airport industry, which was good. The conference offered a fresh perspective on so many topics and is the basis for new and exciting ideas”

Philip Tarrant, Director Aviation, Atkins, UK
“I thought the conference was excellent and a great opportunity to network and share knowledge and experience with fellow industry leaders”

William Sandover, Independent Aviation and Travel Risk Advisor, Independent, UK
“Really enjoying the conference and exhibition. The organisation is.... formidable!”

Henrik Rothe, Senior Lecturer, Cranfield University, UK
“It was again a great offer of excellent presentations linked to the exhibition and latest technologies. Most presentations I saw were really inspiring”

Andrew Priestley, Managing Director, Agile Borders, UK
“The event was really enjoyable, and I made many new business contacts. A really worthwhile trip”

Leesa Coller, Architect, HOK, USA
“Presentations were informative, some thought-provoking, and the exhibits were appropriate”

Rogier Doffegnies, Director, 2ndSense AirportCreators, NETHERLANDS
“I enjoyed speaking at PTE. Next year our company will be exhibiting again, and I hope we will be invited to speak again”

Jerry Angrave, Managing Director, Empathyce Customer Experience, UK
“Many thanks for having me as a speaker, it was a hugely impressive event. Hope to see you in London next year!”

Pierre Cuquemelle, Chief Executive Officer, Airport AI (Airbot Technology Limited), UK
“Congratulations on the organisation – everything was very well prepared”

Max Connop, Global Design Principal, Aedas, HONG KONG
“Congratulations on the successful running of this year’s Passenger Terminal EXPO and CONFERENCE”

Konstantinos Vasileiadis, Chief Railway Inspector, Euclidis, GREECE
”As a newcomer to the industry, it’s been a great way to learn more about the industry and to familiarise myself with the latest technologies”

Melvin Broekaart, Managing Director, Aircommerce, NETHERLANDS
“Thank you for the excellently organised PTE Stockholm 2018. Great show and great to be on stage for such a sharp and enthusiastic audience”

Jonathan Song, Business Development Director, Plaza Premium Group, HONG KONG
“Congratulations on yet another successful Passenger Terminal EXPO event. I am currently attending the PTE 2018 event in Stockholm”

William Sandover, Independent Aviation and Travel Risk Advisor, Independent, UK
“Really valuable for both content and meeting real movers in the industry. Excellent conference”

Jean-Luc Rauline, Vice President Airports and Airlines Activity, IER, FRANCE
“Very good conference, excellent content and a very good exhibition”

Jozef Grajek, Senir Airport Engineer, EJG Aviation, CANADA
“Congratulations Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE is great!”

Johan Berhin, Designer, Green Furniture Concept, SWEDEN
“Very well-organised and well-performed conference with a relevant and interested audience! I am very happy!”

Jess Wong, Senior Public Relations Manager, Aedas, HONG KONG
“Congratulations on the successful running of this year’s Passenger Terminal EXPO and CONFERENCE”

Wayne Miller, Practice Director, Wipro Limited, INDIA
“Overall a good conference with a wide range of topics, speakers and exhibitors”

Per Engelbrechtsen, Business Development Director, Beumer Group, DENMARK
“I was hoping for and expecting a lot of visitors and interest in our new products and so far the interest has overwhelmed me. The people who have visited our stand today have been of a very high quality. We have had people who can buy our equipment and people who will use our equipment visit our booth, so there is a very nice mix of visitors from all areas of the airport world. The exhibition is a great place to showcase our latest products and ideas. The conference is excellent as it attracts some of the leading names in the aviation sector. It’s an extremely worthwhile event for us”

Elizabeth Krimmel, Manager - Technology, Deloitte Consulting LLP, USA
“The expo was outstanding, and I appreciated the opportunity to connect with colleagues from around the globe”

Christina Dörge, Architect, Koch+Partner, Architekten Stadtplaner, GERMANY
“Great atmosphere, interesting people, very broad range of interesting delegates and exhibitors”

Wilson Rayfield, Executive Vice President, Gresham Smith, USA
“The conference had excellent content with great speakers”

André Lopes de Castro, Design Manager, Almadesign Lda, PORTUGAL
“Excellent conference with excellent and varied content. Great speakers, fantastic environment”

Holger Frenzel, Corporate Vice President, Siemens Postal Parcel & Airport Logistics, GERMANY
“A very well-organised conference and exhibition to meet industry experts”

Greg Fordham, Managing Director, Airbiz, AUSTRALIA
“Extremely well run. Very impressive for such a large programme”

David Holm, Director, Cox Architecture, AUSTRALIA
“Very good conference, very strong content”

Michelle Wirth, Aviation Global Marketing Director, Jacobs, USA
“Passenger is excellent”

Marcus Carleson, Manager, EY, SWEDEN
“Very good! Excellent conference”

Josef Schmitz, VP Travel Solution Consulting, T-Systems, GERMANY
“It was a very interesting conference; the content was good”

Tomas Stokke, Director, Haptic Architects, UK
“Very good conference and exhibition”

Thomas Jaeger, Head of Cost Planning, Chapman Taylor Architects and Masterplanners, GERMANY
“Very inspiring conference”

Ahmet Selcuk, Business Development Middle East & Asia, TAV Construction, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
“The conference was excellent with a very good exhibition”

Catherine Kokar, Marketing Manager, IER, FRANCE
“Very good conference. Good exhibition”

Mathilde Jeanvoine, Airport Solutions Manager, NAVBLUE, FRANCE
“Very diverse conference subjects and speakers, which was very good”

Chirantan Mukhopadhyay, Aviation Principal, Jacobs, USA
“Excellent conference and exhibition of new technologies. Both excellent”

Thomas Schnetzer, Vice President, Kimley-Horn, USA
“Great conference with the latest technologies. Solid topics”

Max Connop, Global Design Principal, Aedas, HONG KONG
“A fantastic opportunity to exchange thought leadership ideas across the entire sector. The conference and exhibition were excellent”

Aya Kubota, Consultant, 7Skies Inc, JAPAN
“Very exciting conference. To be able to pass by some exhibition booths while going from one conference session to another was quite exciting as well. Great breakfast energy bars on the first day!”

Agata Rzepka, Department Manager, ACS Ltd, POLAND
“The conference was professionally organised and carried out”

David Tomber, Aviation Principal, Jacobs, USA
“I very much enjoyed being part of PTE this year”

Khym Hauxwell, Transition Director North America, Vanderlande, USA
“It was a useful event to attend. Good exhibition”

Rosemarie Rawson, Master Professional, TranSystems, USA
“Thanks, it was a great show!”

Siang Yean Foo, Deputy Superintendent, Certis Cisco Security Pte Ltd, SINGAPORE
“Very well organised”

Leila Gaines, Senior Territory Manager, SITA, USA
“All-round good event”

Dr Wang Weidong, Vice President of Nuctech Company Beijing, CHINA
“This is an excellent event to attend”

Kennedy Correia, Associate Director Aviation, Atkins, UK
“Very good networking opportunity”

Rian Burger, Associate Principal - Aviation, Arup, CANADA
“Great event and venue”

Prof David Holm, Architect Director, Cox Architecture, AUSTRALIA
“Great conference”

Marco Plarre, Technical Director - Airport Planning, Jacobs, UK
“Very good exhibition”

Jens-Dietrich Behne, Global Industry Leader Airports, T-Systems International, GERMANY
“Great event”