2016 Conference Videos

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Speaker interview with Vernice Walkine, President & Chief Executive Officer, Nassau Airport Development Company, Bahamas, who discusses her role in the Panel Discussion titled ‘US pre-clearance on the world stage’. As CEO of an international airport that has pre-clearance, together with US CBP (Customs and Border Protection) and consultants who have designed pre-clearance operations, she provided a balanced perspective of the benefits and challenges involved in implementing pre-clearance at an airport.
Speaker interview with Brian Ryks, CEO, Gerald R. Ford International Airport Authority, USA, who discusses his presentation titled ‘An innovative funding approach to terminal development’, which provided an overview of an innovative funding approach through corporate sponsorship and philanthropic funding to finance a 40,000ft2 terminal expansion project needed to consolidate and streamline passenger screening and enhance overall experience for airport customers.
Abhi Chacko, Head of IT Commercial, Gatwick Airport, discusses his presentation titled ‘Airport Community app – be in tune with the airport’, which looked at the benefits of the recently launched Airport Community app developed to deliver up-to-date information to the entire workforce at Gatwick Airport, regardless of which company they work for, including airline personnel, ground handlers, retailers and hotel staff.
Speaker interview with Andrew Price, Head of Airport Operations Management, IATA, Switzerland comments on his presentation titled: Baggage: Looking to the future; which examined the total baggage management picture, and how all the different baggage systems can work together to give a better overall view of the baggage operation. New technologies such as the electronic baggage tag were considered, as were concepts that will someday replace it.
Speaker interview with Gunnhildur Vilbergsdóttir, Commercial Manager, Keflavik Airport, Iceland, who discusses her presentation titled ‘Redesigning wayfinding and advertising for improved passenger experience and revenues’, which looked at the careful balance required to help manage passenger flow efficiently and to improve the passenger experience, while maintaining high revenues generated by advertising in key areas where both wayfinding and advertising often compete.
Speaker interview with Heidrun Holin, Project Manager Product Management and Kerstin Meraner, Customer Experience, Deutsche Lufthansa, Germany, who discuss their presentation titled ‘What’s the best way of boarding?’, which looked at a boarding improvement project undertaken by Deutsche Lufthansa over the last year, and identified that there is no one ‘perfect’ way of boarding; rather, the boarding experience can be influenced by a number of measures.
Speaker interview with Graeme Ferguson, Business Development Director, Manchester Airport Group, UK, who comments on his presentation titled ‘Owning and operating airport lounges – the MAG story’, in which he outlined the opportunity for airports to provide their own lounge service, the competitive position of these lounges, and how MAG, which has successfully secured two contracts to operate airport lounges in US airports, including Minneapolis and Oakland, is providing a differentiated service much needed in the travel market.
Speaker interview with Jim Parashos, Director Operations & Customer Experience, Darwin International Airport, Australia, who comments on his presentation titled ‘How to get everyone on the customer experience train’, which looked at how attention turned to ensuring that customer experience was maximised following the completion of the 2014 terminal expansion programme, how to get the recipe right for outstanding customer experience, and what the key ingredients are.
Speaker interview with Antoine Thebault, General Project Manager, Aéroports de Paris, France, who comments on his presentation titled ‘A new airport transfer lounge and hotel in Paris CDG’, which looked at the importance of improving the transfer experience at Paris CDG; standing up to the competition with a new offer dedicated to transfer passengers; the promise of the new lounge and the range of related experience.
Conference interview with Brian Engle, Director of Customer Service, Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, USA, regular at the conference, discusses his role as moderator in the Aviation & Border Security, Control & Facilitation and Customer Service & Passenger Experience conference streams and tells how both Security and Customer Service are intrinsically linked.
Conference interview with Mark Matthews, Director Customer Experience Management. American Airlines, USA, a delegate at the event, who discusses his visit to the conference and the benefit of his attendance in the Technology: Baggage Processing stream.
Speaker interview with Hoi-see Song, Founder & CEO, Plaza Premium Group, Hong Kong, whose presentation titled: Roles of third-party lounge in enhancing passengers’ airport experience; highlighted the challenges and opportunities that many airlines or airport operators may not be aware of and discussed the roles of the third-party lounge operators, its various modi operandi, evolving trends and how it can be effectively engaged in delivering a customer-centric airport experience for travellers, world-class airports and leading airlines.