2017 Conference Videos

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Copenhagen Airports

Kristian Durhuus, COO of Copenhagen Airports, Denmark, discusses his presentation titled The Smart Airport, which looked at how CPH has introduced digitalised planning tools all across the travel value chain, through which it optimises processes and capacity utilisation allowing for greater forecasting, automisation and nudging to improve passenger experience as well as the operation of business partners in the airport.

Greater Toronto Airports Authority + Arup

Janine Gervais, Director, Passenger Services at Greater Toronto Airports Authority, and Rian Burger, ‎Associate Principal, Aviation at Arup, Canada, discuss their presentation titled Sound: the next frontier of passenger experience, which looked at how airports can use sound to shape and improve the passenger experience, and improve non-aeronautical revenues.


Tara Rogers, Ground Operation System Specialist at easyJet in the UK, discusses her presentation titled Airport of the Future, which looked at easyJet’s vision to invest in technology to enable customers to self-manage while allowing ground crew to focus their attention on those that need help the most. This is all part of the company’s desire to achieve an automated and seamless travel experience for passengers from home to destination.

Changi Airport Group

Steve Lee, Chief Information Officer at Changi Airport Group, Singapore, talks about his presentation titled A-CDM in a smart airport, which looked at how Changi is undertaking a raft of projects to further improve terminal operations and efficiency, and enhance the customer experience.


Mats Berglind, Innovation Manager at Swedavia in Sweden, discusses his presentation titled Creating a new IT superpower, which looked at how Swedavia is trying to adapt to the new digital reality in the world – a world where things happen quickly, new technology keeps emerging and the competitive landscape is ever changing.

Sea-Tac International Airport

Lance Lyttle, Managing Director, Sea-Tac International Airport, Port of Seattle, USA, comments on his presentation titled Delivering a seamless customer experience, which explored the use of technology, procedures, processes, collaboration and basic people skills to deliver a seamless customer experience at the airport.

Orlando International Airport + IOS Partners

Carolyn Fennell, Senior Director of Public Affairs and Community Relations at Orlando International Airport, USA, and Dr Patricia Ryan, Director of Aviation, IOS Partners, USA, discuss their presentation titled Characteristics that put an airport in a class of its own, which looked at how, through researching factors that put an airport in a class of its own, it has become apparent that there are some common areas that can be benchmarked.

Airports Authority of India

Nandita Bhatt, Deputy General Manager – Architecture/Course Developer – IAP at Airports Authority of India, discusses her presentation titled Airports as transport hubs: the importance of multimodal connectivity for tourists, which looked at how a global tourist’s travel experience invariably starts and ends with transportation to and from an airport, how today’s airports provide transit passengers with a pleasurable experience during the course of their airport stay, and how this needs to be complemented by an equally pleasurable experience when reaching or leaving the airport.

Sydney Airport

Anna Fantoni, Development Planning Manager at Sydney Airport, Australia, discusses her presentation titled E2E passenger journey pilot at Terminal 1, Sydney Airport, which looked at how even though the technology to fully automate passenger processing exists today, implementations are often fragmented and only address certain segments of the passenger journey. Sydney Airport, in partnership with airlines, Australian Government agencies and selected vendors, is launching a pilot to overcome these barriers by allowing passengers to travel seamlessly from kerb to gate and back.

SEA Aeroporti Milano

Luigi Battuello, Commercial Director Non-Aviation at SEA Aeroporti Milano, Italy, discusses his presentation titled Malpensa T1: a retail landscape catering to LCC and luxury travellers, which looked at how in an industry where low-cost airlines are rapidly gaining market share versus the global legacy carriers, Malpensa Terminal 1, after three years of revamping work, stands out as a great example of a retail and F&B proposition that aspires to meet the new and changing needs of long-haul and affluent as well as price-sensitive travellers.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines + Delft University of Technology

Sander Stomph, Director Operational Excellence at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Dr Christine De Lille, Assistant Professor at the Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, discuss their presentation titled Change is the new normal: the X-way of working, which looked at how there is quite a difference between what you promise as an airline and what passengers actually experience, and how that gap can be bridged.

Australia Pacific Airports (Melbourne)

Michael Jarvis, Executive Planning, Australia Pacific Airports (Melbourne), Australia, discusses his presentation titled Melbourne Airport Terminal 4 – a hybrid low-cost terminal, which reflected on the successes and challenges faced at Australia’s first all self-service terminal, which resulted in a low-cost facility that helps keep airfares low and has allowed low-cost airlines to continue their expansion, while improving the passenger experience.

Experience The Skies

Larry Leung, Director at Experience The Skies, Canada, discusses his presentation, made in partnership Anthony Loui, Community Planner, United States Department of Transportation, USA, titled Air-rail corridors in North America, which highlighted current investment activities in several air-rail corridors identified in North America, and plans for future growth of these corridors to promote the economic vitality and growth of the regions they serve.