2017 Exhibition Videos

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LG Electronics

Bramm Hanns, marketing manager HE B2B Europe, LG Electronics, a first-time exhibitor at the show, introduces a host of advertising and FIDS solutions including the company’s centrepiece OLED displays, and a video wall solution with a bezel-to-bezel width of 1.8mm. He also discusses the company’s all-new Transparent LED Film, which at just 0.8mm in thickness can be installed on any existing glass surface such as storefront windows or airport terminal walls, without obstructing the view or blocking light from coming into the space.


Robin Van Scheers, managing director of DS Tags Group, launches Bagtag, an electronic display device with built-in low-energy Bluetooth power. This allows the device to receive and display bag tag information from a Bluetooth-enabled mobile device, meaning that passengers never have to print off and attach a bag tag to their luggage ever again.

Analogic Corporation

Mark Laustra, vice president global of Analogic Corporation, launches the company’s latest technology, the ConneCT checkpoint security system, which features a new modular imaging system based on advanced medical imaging technology and an interoperable network architecture designed to maximise reliability and achieve the lowest total cost of ownership. Its threat-detection software is engineered to allow passengers to keep liquids and electronics in their carry-on baggage, increase staff productivity and reduce false alarms.


Dennis Mica, business development at 2getthere, talks about the company’s automated people mover systems, shared autonomous vehicles and automated transit networks, which benefit from setup costs that are 50-75% less than other systems, making them suitable for large and small airports alike.


Fredrik Lindblom, sales director at Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions, discusses the company’s solutions, which provide a smarter approach to remote air traffic control by digitising and integrating airport functions. This includes the Saab r-TWR solution, a package of subsystems covering everything from image capture in the controlled and protected environment of the camera housing at the top of the sensor mast at the airfield, to the integrated controller working position in the RTC, via a data network.

Stage Gate 11

Gunther van Adrichem, CEO at Stage Gate 11, launches the Delta R Shoe Scanner, a totally new concept to screen passenger footwear for explosives without the need for shoe removal at security screening. The scanner is easy to install, requires no additional staff and is highly accurate, resulting in faster throughput of passengers at screening areas.

Vision Box

Jean-François Lennon, vice president global, Vision Box, introduces the company’s Seamless Gateway, which provides an on-the-move, contactless, streamlined passenger journey. It eliminates stops at airport control points and represents the next evolutionary step in the way passengers interact with the airport and in stakeholder collaboration.

ICM Airport Technics

Richard Dinkelmann, CEO at ICM Airport Technics, talks about the company’s proven technology for single and common-use airports, including Auto Bag Drop Series 1 & 3, which feature simple, intuitive graphical user interfaces that are easily configurable for specific airline requirements and branding. Baggage is automatically checked by determining the bag weight, dimensions, volume, shape, conveyability and RFID or barcode bag tag.

Poltrona Frau

Alberto Gullini, contract division director at Poltrona Frau, presents the company’s latest product, Aetos. Designed by Eoos architects, Aetos is a seating system that is ergonomic and comfortable and inspired by volume and the shape of the eagle, symbolising strength, power and freedom. Designers Martin Bergmann and Gernot Bohmann from Eoos explain more.


Perfecto M Solis, senior vice president at Parsons, talks about the full-service company, which has been involved in more than 450 airports in 40 countries, totalling more than US$175bn in construction value. He also comments on the programme management services the company is providing for the New International Airport in Mexico City.

Mexia Interactive

Glenn Tinley, president and founder of Mexia Interactive, talks about how his company allows airports to have a granular understanding of PAX flows and, most importantly, where revenue opportunities are hiding in airports. He also introduces PAM, an online airport concierge service that provides all passengers with up-to-the-minute information about flight times, gates, delays and more. PAM was developed by Mexia to also integrate queue wait times, marketing offers and continued engagement even when passengers leave the airport.

Beumer Group

Peter Elmvang, director marketing and communications, Beumer Group, discusses the company’s latest developments including the oversized Autover independent carrier system. He also discusses upgrades to the company’s software, including remote encoding and 3D visualisation.

Rockwell Collins

Paul Hickox, head of global airport sales and account management, Rockwell Collins, comments on a host of technologies being showcased on the company’s stand from a growing portfolio of end-to-end solutions for airports worldwide. This includes a complete line of self-service bag-drop solutions following Rockwell Collins’ recent acquisition of Pulse.Aero, which are already being implemented at several new airports.


Peter Smallridge, business development transportation, 3M, introduces the company’s latest development: the Live Face Identification System (LVIS). This video-based recognition system is able to automatically recognise faces in a crowd – even in dynamic, uncontrolled environments – and quickly take action with near real-time alerts. The system can be integrated into a wide range of video equipment.