2018 Exhibition Videos

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Huawei Enterprise Business Group

Huawei’s innovative solutions are used in more than 170 countries. Technologies being displayed on the company’s stand included an airport solution based on innovative ICT technologies, which uses cameras, sensors and mobile terminals to form an airport sensing layer. Also on view was a complete CCTV shared storage solution with cutting-edge performance, which has recently been installed at Hamad International Airport. Frédéric Comtet, Director Transportation, Huawei Enterprise Business Group, tells us more.

Airport Authority Hong Kong

Hong Kong International Airport is one of the leading and busiest airports in the world, handling almost 73 million passengers and five million tonnes of air cargo and mail with over 420,000 flight movements each year. HKIA actively adopts and develops new technologies to enhance operational efficiencies to ensure passenger satisfaction. Chi-kee Ng, Executive Director, airport operations at Airport Authority Hong Kong, gives us more information.


Working closely with the world’s leading airports, airlines and business partners, and developing unique, innovative, tailor-made solutions, Scarabee is transforming the airport experience for passengers by providing breakthrough space-saving technology solutions for baggage check-in and security screening areas. Its products make the overall experience easier, more efficient and more comfortable for staff and passengers. Alexandra van Rijn, Brand Manager at Scarabee Aviation Group, explains more.


Two hundred and twenty airports worldwide have opted for Kusch+Co benches, seat islands and lounge seating products, and with the all-new 8600 Lupino range available in very striking colours and styles, those numbers look set to increase. Ingmar Krupp, Head of Transport Division at the company, talks about the all-new lounge seating range and the simplicity of the stretcher bar system utilised in the 8300/8500 V-Travel seating system.

Vanderlande Industries

A stunning double-decker stand welcomed visitors to Vanderlande Industries, where the company was showcasing its latest advanced passenger checkpoint solutions, which combine an automated screen lane with remote baggage screening. Tim Matthews, a member of the APC Team at Vanderlande, tells us more about this and also highlights FLEET, a baggage logistics solution based on automated guidance vehicle technology.

LG Electronics

Topping the bill on the stunning LG Electronics stand was the all-new Transparent OLED Signage displays, which were being presented to the public for only the second time. They were set up in a control tower environment, and Bram Haans, Marketing Manager, for LG Electronics, was on hand to tell us more about these and other technologies on display.


Take an x-ray-compatible trolley, add an intelligent integrated wayfinding tablet and then completely turn your pax security screening on its head. That’s what the Exruptive Trolley Security Scanner does in a never-been-seen-before manner. The company says the new product will increase security throughput by 450+ passengers/hour, and CEO Morten Pankoke was on hand to tell us more.

Amadeus IT Group

Amadeus fulfils the airport and ground services needs of 121 airports, 34 airlines and 113 ground handlers right across the globe with systems such as Altéa and ACUS. John Jarrell, Head of Airport IT at the company, updates us on the company's latest innovations on display at the show.


Launched this year at PTE, Veovo is a predictive collaboration platform that enables airports to plan, predict and perfect every interaction. Bringing Gentrack’s Airport 20/20 together with BlipTrack and Concessionaire Analyzer+, Veovo unlocks transformational insights across the airport ecosystem. Chris Warrington, General Manager at Veovo, tells us more.

Smiths Detection

Smiths Detection showcased two highlights on its stand this year. Visitors were given the opportunity to see first-hand the HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX, a groundbreaking checkpoint scanner featuring CT technology. The company also revealed its Touch Screen Checkpoint Configurator Tool, which enables airports to transport themselves into a virtual environment to experiment with everything from passenger preparation to scanning, image analysis, software support and recheck. Cameron Mann, Global Market Director – Aviation at the company, gives us more details.


Materna took the opportunity to showcase its Biometrics on the Move technology, which uses facial recognition imaging to match passengers to their trusted documents upon check-in. Further passenger checks are then carried out using imaging only, without the need for passengers to re-submit documents to prove identity before boarding the aircraft. Dr Georg Oschmann, Executive Vice President at the company, explains more.


BBHS is very much driving change and reducing operating costs in the bulk baggage handling arena, and the company took the opportunity to use PTE as the launch pad for its Intelligent Bulk Baggage Handling system. Erik Andersen, Director, Sales, was on hand with more details.

Gunnebo Entrance Control

Gunnebo Entrance Control’s pre-security gates, immigration gates, boarding gates and anti-return gates help to ensure that travellers spend less time queuing at airports and more time in the commercial areas. Simplifying passenger travel, reducing operating costs and freeing up staff is the goal. Raphael Roy, Business Development Director, tells us more.


Want to increase your baggage screening capability by up to 15 times more than current screening methods? ICTS Europe showcased its new InnerEye technology at the show, a revolutionary EEG interface designed to facilitate real-time threat analysis of visual data. Ashley Bancroft, Managing Director of ICTS UK, was hand to explain more.

Rapiscan Systems

Another brand-new technology launched at PTE this year was the Rapiscan 920CT from Rapiscan Systems. Designed to revolutionise security checkpoints and keep pace with rapidly increasing numbers of global travellers, its intuitive, simple-to-use touchscreen is paired with a 360-degree image view to make inspection faster and easier. Kenn Mann, Senior Director Product Management at the company, tells us more.

WSP Global

With over 75 years’ aviation experience, WSP Global has successfully designed, developed, planned and managed projects at over 1,000 airports worldwide. Through advising, planning, design, construction and programme management, WSP Global provides extensive services that keep pace with the momentum of the aviation industry. Jason Brooks, Director - International/Aviation at the company, tells us more.

Rockwell Collins

With ever-increasing numbers of air travellers each year, moving them and their bags through the check-in process quickly and efficiently is more crucial than ever. Rockwell Collins showcased the ARINC SelfDrop solution, which provides crucial services for airports and can be integrated with full biometric validation and enrolment for enhanced security, thereby improving the passenger experience and streamlining airport operations while decreasing costs. Tony Chapman, Director Marketing and Strategy at the company, gives us more details.