2019 Exhibition Videos

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Stanley Robotics

Robotic parking service anyone? Stanley Robotics has developed the world’s first robotic parking service, which enables passengers to simply drop off their cars in a central area and continue with their journeys to the terminals. Robots then park the cars autonomously. The service increases parking capacity on the same footprint at airports by 50% while revolutionizing the user experience. Stéphane Evanno, co-founder and COO, explains more and updates us on the pilot scheme at Lyon Airport in France.


Dutch architecture and consultancy firm NACO is at the forefront of applying the latest digital technologies at airports across the globe. At Passenger Terminal EXPO 2019, the company signed an agreement with Malaysian Airports to develop the future vision and masterplan for Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Uri Ullmann, project manager at NACO, is joined by Mohd Shukri Ku Shaari from Malaysia Airports Holdings to tell us more.

NEC Display Systems Europe

The very latest LED display technologies were showcased on the NEC Display Solutions Europe booth at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2019. The displays aim to transform the passenger experience and drive new revenue opportunities in airports. Richard Wilkes, business development manager at the company, explains more and introduces a new biometric solution for passenger wayfinding and flight boarding.

Onyx Solar

Sustainability was a hot topic at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2019. Onyx Solar, the world’s leading manufacturer of transparent photovoltaic (PV) glass used as a building material and energy-generating device, showcased its solar PV product, which can be installed in place of conventional glass on building facades and customized in shape, color, size, thickness and degree of semi-transparency. Alvaro Beltran, founder and CEO of the company, explains more.

Panasonic Corporation

Panasonic Corporation showcased for the very first time its vision of the One ID solution at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2019. The solution enables passengers to check-in, pass through immigration, receive directions to the boarding gate from a robot assistant, check personalized flight details using digital signage, and self-board at the gate, using nothing more than facial recognition. Sean Taylor, business development manager at the company, tells us more and introduces an innovative automated personal mobility unit.


As a world leader in airport security, Thales delivers smart, innovative solutions to ensure optimum protection for passengers, staff and facilities. Reducing waiting times while ensuring the best-possible safety conditions, the company’s systems improve passenger experience and increase infrastructure performance and profitability. Marco Petri, sales and marketing director – airports, explains more.


Trusted by more than 80 airports worldwide, Vision-Box develops user-centric touchpoints and collaborative software to provide passengers with a premium, convenient and efficient experience at border control. Jeff Lennon, vice president - sales and marketing, introduces the all-new VBoT, a fully autonomous biometric device that can replace outdated manual verification procedures. He also explains how Orchestra is at the heart of the seamless passenger journey.

Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics

On the huge Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics booth at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2019, the company presented its broad portfolio of hardware and software for airports and airlines. Michael Reichle, CEO of the company, describes how the company is seamlessly connecting the physical with the digital with live data analytics and predictive maintenance for its solutions.

Zaha Hadid Architects

Over 400 personnel working in offices in London, New York, Dubai, Hong Kong and Beijing make up the Zaha Hadid Architects global architecture practice. Their expertise includes airport masterplanning, architecture, interiors and product design. Cristiano Ceccato, associate director at ZHA, discusses one of the company’s latest projects, the Beijing Daxing International Airport, a masterpiece of modern airport design.


Custom showcased its full range of printers for boarding passes and bag tags and launched two new products at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2019, including its TK306 professional high-definition 3in color LED printer, which can print boarding passes onto standard paper in full color in a matter of seconds, as well as a handheld passport reader for border security. Gabriele Ruggieri, strategic development at Custom, explains more.

Daifuku Airport Technologies

Daifuku Airport Technologies, a global provider of innovative end-to-end solutions in baggage handling, software, operational support and equipment for airports, exhibited its latest tilt tray sorter and mobile inspection table at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2019. Ron Osborne, managing director of the company, tells us more.

L3 Security and Detection Systems

Taking pride of place on the L3 Security and Detection Systems booth was the company’s ClearScan checkpoint CT cabin baggage screener, which has allowed airports to achieve a dramatic improvement in their threat detection while increasing passenger throughput. Eric Zanin, VP business development at the company, tells us more.


Dyson experts were on hand at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2019 to give visitors a demonstration of the company’s Airblade Wash+Dry, which combines a tap and hand dryer in a single touchless unit that dries hands in just 14 seconds, saves space in airport washrooms and eliminates waste. Nick Burrows, commercial executive at Dyson, talks us through the unit.

ICM Airport Technics

Richard Dinkelmann, CEO at ICM Airport Technics, talks us through some of the technologies on the company’s booth, including a next-generation passenger check-in and bag-drop solution launched at the show, consisting of a single-token biometric pass for enrolment right up to boarding, as well as two auto bag-drop models – the Series 3 and Series 7.

Samsung Electronics

Taking pride of place on the Samsung Electronics booth at this year’s Passenger Terminal EXPO were two new products: the all-new LED130 display, a 130in screen fitted with a touchscreen overlay for passenger wayfinding; and the Samsung Flip, a portable screen that is a perfect solution for gate personnel to post important last-minute information. Kevin McGlasson, business development manager at Samsung Electronics, explains more.


Selfcair UK launched an all-new bag drop-off concept at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2019. The Selfcair Autonomy System aims to solve the cabin bag saturation crisis by enabling passengers to pass through security with their hold bags, then place them inside specially designed containers corresponding to their destination. Upon arrival, the same containers are transferred to the arrival terminal and passengers retrieve their bags. Andy Dowe, chief operating officer, tells us more.

British Aviation Group

Mike Forster, chair of the British Aviation Group, was on hand to discuss the organization, which is the leading representative body for British companies involved in aviation and airport development and operations. It provides world-class expertise to meet the challenges of global airports and is a first port of call for global clients to connect to the full spectrum of British aviation expertise.

TAV Technologies

One of the world’s leading technology brands specializing in airport IT solutions, TAV Technologies showcased its services at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2019, drawing considerable interest from visitors. Talha Koç, product manager, tells us more about the company, which operates in 11 countries and at 35 airports.