Registration FAQs

1. What are the registration opening hours?
Registration will be open one hour before the show opens, and from 12 - 5pm the day before the show. If travel arrangements allow, we recommend that exhibitors collect/change their badges before 5pm the day before the show.

2. Can one person collect all or some of the badges for the company?
Exhibitors may collect badges on behalf of their colleagues. However, everyone will need a badge in order to enter the exhibition.

3. What should I bring with me when I pick up my badge?
Bring your unique FastTrack entry code in order to print your badge. This entry barcode can also be scanned directly from your smartphone. If you don’t have your FastTrack code but have pre-registered, a member of our registration team will be able to look up your details.

4. I have pre-registered but have not received my FastTrack entry code or my badge?
Please speak to a member of our registration team on arrival at the event.

5. Can I re-print my badge if I have lost it?
Badges can be printed or reprinted free of charge at registration.

6. Can you register during the event?
You can register during the event on the show website, via the exhibitor badge system in the online manual, or on-site at registration.

7. Can I enter the show without a badge?
All attendees must have a badge to enter the show. If you have not already pre-registered, you will be able to register on-site at the show and print out your badge.

8. What if my badge has been collected by a colleague who is already in the exhibition hall?
If you are unable to contact your colleague, you can reprint your badge free of charge at registration.

9. Do I need to pick up my badge for the build-up days?
Badges are only required when the exhibition and conference are officially open.

10. Will I receive my badge in the mail or digitally?
Badges are posted in advance and an additional FastTrack entry code is emailed a few days before the opening day. If you have not received either your badge or FastTrack entry code, please see a member of our registration staff upon arrival.

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