Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE & EXPO 2012

Read what people had to say about the conference, the exhibition and whole the event in 2012!

Sunil Harman, Director of Aviation, Tallahassee Regional Airport, USA
“Passenger Terminal EXPO is Europe’s preeminent aviation conference, which consistently brings together an extraordinary line-up of airports from around the world to share their expertise and experience. I find the event to be extremely relevant in terms of lessons learned and at the leading edge of airport design, development and operations. Having had the opportunity to participate as speaker and attendee, I always look forward to the next event knowing that the newest and best technologies will be displayed at the expo, and best practices will be presented in the conference streams”

Trevor Clark, Senior Business Analyst, WestJet, Canada
“The exhibitor hall was once again spectacular, thanks for another good conference”

Martin de Groof, Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer, Schiphol Group - Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, The Netherlands
“For me this is an inspiring environment. I like to share and learn from colleagues, from the presentations. It might confirm some of things you are doing well. Sometimes you find something and say ‘Hey, that’s interesting!’ that might help in the future. I don’t often go to conferences or speak at conferences. I select one or two a year, and this is one of them because of the quality of the people and the quality of the subjects, well organised!”

John Ackerman, Chief Commercial Officer, Denver International Airport, USA
“Conferences like this are a wonderful opportunity to showcase what is going on in Denver, but I also benefit by listening to European airlines and airports as well as experts from around the world. I can take those ideas and bring them back to Denver and work with my colleagues to implement best practice. This conference in particular really has a depth and breadth of attendees and presenters that is really wonderful!”

Gaëtan Gagné, Chief Executive Officer, Aéroport de Québec, Canada
“I have visited the conference for many years, and I would say that this is one of the best that I have seen. When we talk about passengers we find they always have the same needs – in Incheon, in London and in Quebec – and Passenger Terminal Conference helps us to realise many things”

Michael Eggenschwiler, Chief Executive Officer, Hamburg Airport, Germany
“You get to see and hear a lot here, which you take home and implement in your own organisation, see how you can catch up or where you are ahead. It’s been a very interesting and broad overview of the main issues of airport management. You can’t see everything, but I think it is a good mixture of issues and a good opportunity to get a glimpse of the various aspects of the airports and the issues that we are concerned with at the moment, plus we are meeting a lot of people at the same time. ”

Thomas Penner, Vice President Terminal Passenger Services, Munich Airport and Chairman World Airport VIP Forum, Germany
“The conference is growing and growing and it is the best conference I have seen – it’s really excellently organised and the networking, you cannot overestimate it! The value is tremendous. You would never, ever have the opportunity to meet all these people otherwise, and to speak with them unofficially to exchange information, compare prices, compare technical solutions, procedures, things like that. It is the first time, for instance, that I have seen the German Federal Police Authority here because we told them that this is the conference where you get all the information”

Mohammed Suhaima Abul Mubin, General Manager, Malaysia Airports (Sepang), Malaysia
“The exhibition is excellent. I can see it is getting better and better. There are a lot of new things and new technologies exhibited here now”

Mazhar Butt, Head of Service Development, Dubai Airports, UAE
“A fantastic event covering pretty much all key products and services related to airports. The presentations covered a wide range of topics – there was certainly something for everyone! And the conference speaker line-up was impressive, with many industry big names. It was encouraging and uplifting to see a range of innovative suppliers and a good mixture of established as well as smaller vendors. All in all, anyone with an interest in improving their airport should have attended the conference – an opportunity to meet industry leaders, hear about best practice and leading technology as well as get to see all the key industry vendors!”

Zenola Campbell, Vice President Concessions, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, USA
"I have been very impressed by the people that are here. There are so many people from all over the world who we can collaborate with on best practices, and this is just one more opportunity for me to learn and to share those best practices"

Nicolás Betancur, Projects Engineer, LAN Airlines, Chile
“I would like to congratulate you for the Passenger Terminal Conference 2012, which in my opinion was a complete success”

Yves Duguay, Senior Vice President Operations and Customer Experience, Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA), Canada
“The conference was very informative with an inspiring theme to improve the passenger experience. I have a particular interest in collaboration for an end-to-end passenger process and this was well addressed during the conference”

Andrew Harrison, Chief Executive Officer, Male International Airport, Maldives
“We learn as an industry together. Unfortunately we are an industry that tends to learn the hard way, so if there are opportunities like Passenger Terminal Conference, where we can share what we have learned, can share and understand what others are doing, then it’s a great opportunity for the industry to collaborate. There are many lessons that are learned right across the globe, and irrespective of the fact that they are in different locations, some of them are the very same lessons. I can tell you that today I have had two discussions that have helped me solve a particular challenge that I didn’t think I could solve by the time I came here today. The organisation, the facilities have been fantastic and the arrangements that had been made for everybody, absolutely superb!”

Antoine Rostworowski, Director, Industry Relations, Aéroports De Montréal, Canada
“I greatly appreciated my experience at PTE Conference this year. I think this was the best one, so congratulations. I found the speakers and presentations to be very good, and the presentations really matched the titles and expectations. It’s a great occasion to discover new tools and meet the right people to give you the opportunity to deploy within your organisation. It’s the place to share experience, the place to discover. Thank you again for all, and I hope to be able to participate as a speaker next year”

Alejandro Rivera Gil, Airport Development Project Manager, Iberia Airlines, Spain
“For me PTX is a forum not to be missed. When the day-to-day requires from you more than you can give or you would like, this event enables you to make the best use of your time in just three days to keep up to date and get a global vision of what’s going on at other airports. Furthermore, it provides you with an invaluable opportunity to share experiences with your peers, learn from the others, interact with suppliers, having access to solutions you would normally miss out on, and catch up with colleagues all over the world. These are the main reasons why I would recommend this event. Looking forward to next year’s event”

Tony Smith, Senior Director, Olympic Games 2012, UK Border Agency, UK
“I just wanted to commend you for hosting such an impressive conference. It was a real pleasure to participate in panel discussions with so many experts from around the world”

Rick Feltner, Corporate Director - Airport Services, Delta Airlines, USA
“I really enjoy getting to talk to people in different parts of our industry and getting their perspective on things, because we all have the same customers and we all have the same desire to provide great customer service, to run a great operation, to be profitable, and unless we talk together it is hard to realise that goal. I enjoy this conference every year”

Carlos Nunes Madeira, Vice President, Aeroportos De Portugal (ANA), Portugal
“Passenger Terminal is, to me, probably the best event taking place in this industry. I like very much the scope and comprehensiveness of the conference agenda as well as the variety of topics and experiences that different executives bring from different parts of the airport world. I also find the duration appropriate – three days is perfect. More would be too long, less too short - I found the organisation faultless”

Chih-Wen Fang, Secretary General, CAA, MOTC, Taiwan
“The meeting has been very successful and my colleagues and I have been inspired by the presentations”

Michael Jarvis, Design & Development Manager, Melbourne Airport, Australia
"I attended the PAX Terminal Conference and EXPO for the first time last week. I found it very interesting and a rewarding experience. I personally found great value in the exposure to the North American and European airport contexts and experiences. Thank you for putting on such an interesting event and I look forward to next year”

Hiroshi Matsuzawa, Director, Narita International Airport Corporation (NAA), Japan
“First of all, I would like to express our sincere appreciation to you and your team for the assistance extended to us during the Passenger Terminal EXPO 2012 Conference. We did enjoy the conference, it is beneficial to attend the sessions as well as have the opportunity to be able to talk to the participants face to face. Thank you once again for the excellent arrangements by yourself and your team”

Ferran Balcells, Head of the Division of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, AENA Aeropuertos, Spain
“The presentations and panel discussions went very well and all presentations benefitted from a nearly perfect organisation”

Douglas Waters, Best Practice Manager, Gatwick Airport, UK
"We had lots of questions from the floor. I only attended the Environment & Sustainability part of the conference which gave an understanding of what other airports were trying to do and the challenges they were encountering. Michael Eggenschwiler from Hamburg Airport, who presented really well, was very interesting as was Emmanuel Fleuti, well informed and well delivered"

Peter Mayerhofer, Head of Operational Readiness Skylink, Vienna International Airport, Austria
“It is THE conference for terminal management in all respects. The quality improves very year”

Jean-Luc Portier, Head of Airport Steering, Genève Aéroport, Switzerland
“Back from Passenger Terminal EXPO, I wanted to thank you for the excellent organisation of PTE Conference in Vienna. Looking forward to seeing you in Geneva next year”

Maxine Montgomery, Manager Customer & Terminal Services, Saskatoon Airport Authority, Canada
“Passenger Terminal Conference is excellent and the EXPO has been great. I find the panel discussions are the best, and especially enjoyed the discussion on customer service at the Olympic Games. While the exhibition is too technical for me, it is great to see developments in the industry and pass this on to my colleagues back home; we find Passenger Terminal EXPO provides us with some useful business leads for the future. We have just begun a 30-month expansion project at Saskatoon Airport and the show is useful for finding the latest and greatest technologies for inclusion in the finished project”

Seoh Zhi Wen, Manager, Passenger Transportation Systems, Changi Airport Group, Singapore
“The conference allowed me to learn more about the latest airport developments and to hear new concepts and ideas from the industry. Most importantly, it provided an excellent platform for airports, airlines, regulators, vendors, suppliers, etc. from different parts of the world to interact and share their knowledge and experience”

Pamela Griffiths-Jones, Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer, Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA), Canada
“What I have learned listening today is that we are all in the same boat. There is a major shift going in this industry and so our strategies aren’t that different. The proof is truly in the ability to execute, and as I sat listening to other peoples’ presentations today I thought: ‘You know, I shouldn’t be here, because I know what we need to do now, I need to be back home implementing!’ because that’s really where the difference is going to play out. I had the benefit of hearing what others do. I think there is incredible support within the industry to help each other. As much as we are a competitive marketplace, there’s as much that we can gain from each other as we can from stealing each other’s ideas – and I think this is a great forum to do that. This morning there were a couple of presentations where I thought: ‘Oh, I wish my entire team could hear this,’ because it would help them clarify some of the things we are thinking of”

Dan Larsson, Security Manager, Swedavia AB, Göteborg Landvetter Airport, Sweden
“The conference was well organised and a great opportunity to network with people in the same business”

Armando Brunini, Managing Director, Aeroporto Marconi Bologna, Italy
“I really enjoyed the presentations and found the speakers and content of a high standard (I took notes to bring back home and implement). The conference was well organised and it was clear that there was a very professional organisation behind the event”

Annegret Reinhardt-lehmann, Senior Vice President, Fraport, Germany
“My conference session was very good. The participation and discussion were inspiring”

Matthew Hall, CEO – Commercial Department, London City Airport, UK
“It’s nice to be able to share what we are doing, but the most important thing for me is to hear what other people are doing across the industry. Learning what others are doing across the customer service, commercial and operational side is hugely valuable”

Beverley Lewis, Airport Station Manager (ATL & MCO) Alaska Airlines, USA
“I love coming here because you get to connect with other individuals from around the world in this industry, and just to hear the similarities in the responses that people gave and the questions asked. I really tuned in to the big push this year with customer service and the passenger experience, which was happiness and putting passengers first. Just to hear that being echoed from around the world was interesting”

Anna Berglund, Head of Digital Services, Swedavia, Sweden
“I am here to see the different seminars – it has been a very good spread of different subjects that interested me a lot. I saw a very good presentation from Schipol yesterday, which was very inspiring”

Gerard Berthoux, E-Services Manager, Air France, France
“We are looking to launch our new self-service kiosk next year, and everything here is under one roof, so it is a day for us to make contacts and it is very well organised as well”

Carmen Caetano, Manager, TAP Airlines, Portugal
“This is my first visit to the Expo and it has been very helpful. I have learned a lot of new things so far”

Simon Fell, Chief Technology Officer, BAA Heathrow Airport, UK
“I am particularly interested in the conference to look at new developments in people flow and measurement, that sort of thing, and all the self-bag drop machines, which seem to be creating a lot of interest. It’s a good opportunity to see all of the companies that are here and have a good look around. It’s a good exhibition and a good standard of conference presentations”

Antoine Rostworowski, Director Industry Relations, Aéroports de Montréal, Canada
“The whole thing is about sharing, which is what we see in the Passenger Terminal Conference logo. I think by sharing this experience there’s a lot to bring, but also a lot to receive. That’s why every year we are always here – a group from our airport, because we feel there is a lot to gain from the conferences but also from the technologies that are shared here. One spot, a lot of information to share! I am trying to bring back as much as possible and then dispatch the information to different partners and colleagues of mine”

Peter Mayerhofer, Head of Operational Readiness Skylink, Vienna International Airport, Austria
“Passenger Terminal EXPO has been great. I have been trying to convince the organisers to come to Vienna and I am happy they finally decided to do so. We are using Passenger Terminal EXPO to promote our new facilities and the opening day of our Skylink Terminal, and as our catchment area goes quite a bit to the east of Vienna – Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic – it is good to be present here at the show and get in touch with people from these countries. Many thanks for bringing the PTE 2012 to Vienna”

Anna Arfors, Product Manager, Swedavia AB, Sweden
“Thank you for three interesting and valuable days!”

Dale Rooney, Chief Information Officer, Toronto Pearson International Airport, Canada
“The conference was very comprehensive and the networking it provided was invaluable”

Mazhar Butt, Head of Service Development, Dubai Airports, UAE
“I have to say the PTE in Vienna last week was by far the best airport-related event I have been to. I was expecting a lot, given all the marketing material on the exhibitors and vendors showcasing their products – and was still pleasantly surprised at the quality of both. Excellent arrangements, all went to plan and overall a great three days – you will no doubt know how tight budgets tend to be these days but this trip was most definitely worthwhile. In a nutshell, the best forum to attend for anyone with even a remote interest in passenger aviation. I can’t think of a better collection of speakers, covering such a diverse and relevant range of topics, coupled with products covering all key aspects of airports/airlines. I would certainly recommend to my colleagues to attend the next event in Geneva – and have already placed a holder in my diary!!”

Pallavi Navin, Manager - Planning and Development, Mumbai International Airport Pvt Ltd
“I would like to congratulate you on a very well-organised and informative conference. It was a truly enriching experience”

Jenny Chln-ling Pi, Deputy Manager, Taoyuan International Airport Corporation, Taiwan
“I have to say congratulations to you for such a great event. It must be very complicated for the conference and exhibition with so many delegates. I enjoyed this and learned a lot from the presentations, I only wish I could have more me to join each session”

James McDonald, Technical Manager, Checkpoint of the Future, International Air Transport Association (IATA), Switzerland
“Excellent conference!”

Doug Godard, Senior Manager, Design and Strategy, WestJet, Canada
“A great conference for those seeking to hear what’s going on in the aviation industry, see the latest products and network with a great group of international attendees. Thanks for putting on another great PTE, I found the trade show of particular value this year”

Deanna Zachrisson, Manager Concessions Business, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Port of Seattle), USA
“A wonderful and rare opportunity to view the industry in an international perspective, it was a very well-organised conference”

Neville Hay, Detective Sergeant, Sussex Police, UK
“This is a world stage where ideas, initiative experiences and equipment can be viewed and shared. What more can one ask for? Brilliant organisation!”

Ivone Lopes, Airport Quality, Aeroportos De Portugal (ANA), Portugal
"Thank you for everything, the conference was very good”

John Cable, Information Systems Manager, Melbourne International Airport, USA
“I can’t express how positive the EXPO is in terms of the tremendous opportunity to network with colleagues worldwide and the sharing of knowledge. You and your staff did an outstanding job and I was very pleased with the conference sessions I was able to attend. The timing of the sessions and breaks was designed so that I was able to visit the vendors in the exhibition area and still attend the sessions I had chosen. Again, congratulations and commendations on a job well done!”

Hiosvany Muina, North America Area Manager, Copa Airlines, USA
“Another GREAT conference - the best conference ever!!! Great topics, best speakers, great organisation!! PTE 2012 was a great success!! Your dedication and professionalism make the difference between similar conferences. THANK YOU!!!!”

Brian Engle, Station Manager, Southwest Airlines, USA
“There is nowhere else that you can bring so many experts together from different organisations: TSA, the European Union, ICAO, airport authority representatives, airlines, which I represent – bring them all together in one place to discuss the issues. We have had panel discussions, which is very good thing, having all the agencies talking about the checkpoint of the future, liquids here in Europe and how that is going to play out. Plus here in the expo you see a lot of the technology we are talking about. It’s here or being developed or in place already in the airports of the world”

Anders Nielsen, VP Project & Development, Billund Airport, Denmark
“I will certainly be back to the conference”

Fergus Boyd, Head of E-Business (Acting), Virgin Atlantic Airways, UK
“I have come here to understand what the bigger boys are doing. What I can learn from them, what can I steal (!), what can I pillage from the competitors out there (!)? But really to share as well, to get feedback: ‘You do that? Well, we do this!’ Plus of course the networking. I’m an airline guy so I meet airline people here, I meet airport people here and we understand each other’s positions. There are lots of useful vendors who can teach us the future as well. I am only here for a day, zip in and zip out, talk to a few people, have a few conversations, absorb and ‘sponge-in’ the atmosphere”

Elijah Motshedi, Director, Airport Operations, Directorate of Airport Operations, Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana, Africa
“For me it is all about the learning, it’s been a very interesting trip. It was a very informative conference and I will definitely recommend it to my colleagues”

Kiran Merchant, Manager Aviation Planning Division, Port Authority of NY&NJ, USA
“I wanted to congratulate you and your team on organising one heck of a conference. I found this year’s sessions very engaging and informative. I am extremely impressed with Passenger Terminal EXPO, because this is one of the premium conferences attended widely by our peers. This is a great opportunity to learn from each other, to be able to share ideas. When coming to this conference you start to understand the global need and the commonality of some of the issues we all deal with. Whether in New York, in LAX or Mumbai, there is so much common ground. The exhibits were great for an insight on what is coming down the pike in our industry and of course as always the networking is an added bonus at your conference. Many audience members met me immediately after my sessions and throughout the conference and told me how much they enjoyed my presentations. This invaluable feedback is what all we professionals strive for in validating our work and continuing to improve. This conference helps people come together, to share ideas and to connect and communicate. That is why I think this is a great opportunity to be able to do that”

Elisabeth Landrichter, Managing Director, City Air Terminal Betriebsgesellschaft Mb, Austria
“I found the conference very interesting – especially the mixture of topics. As a speaker I was very well informed before the conference what was expected from me and during my session. The platform for networking is excellent – for airports as well as for air-rail links”

Brian Engle, Station Manager, Southwest Airlines, USA
“PTX 2012 was absolutely fantastic! This is my fifth year in participating at the EXPO as either a speaker or conference chair. Without a doubt this was the best ever! Outstanding! Bravo Janine and staff!!”

Oeystein Hosteland Sundby, Director of Commercial Development, Avinor, Norway
“I am very satisfied. A very high share of the speakers had high quality and interesting topics”

Claire Morgan, Airport Planner, Perth Airport, Australia
“Good conference”

Sophie Koehl, Project Manager, Nice Airport, France
“I attended the conference on 19 April and I selected Technology and Processing: the topic ‘Airport of the future’ was really interesting”

Andrew Jones, Advisor Business Development and Marketing, Erbil International Airport, Iraq
“Passenger Terminal EXPO has a good reputation of attracting good speakers, a range of exhibitors and for showcasing a range of products, so it ticks all the boxes for us”

Jennifer Sisson, Ground Transport Manager, Perth Airport Pty Ltd, Australia
“A quality multi-stream conference with a wide-ranging programme”

Miguel Angel Oleaga, Director of Madrid Barajas Airport, Aena, Spain
“Very useful conference about commercial retail, F&B issues, all of the presentations were really interesting”

Mattias Handley, Manager, Swedavia, Sweden
“Good speakers and interesting topics. The conference could have been a day longer in my opinion”

Carol Benzie, Operations Director, Aberdeen Airport, UK
“Share experiences and to hear what other airports are implementing. To see what is new in the technology market and just to get some new ideas. There are so many people attending, there are so many exhibitors, there are so many people from different backgrounds, different cultures, different sized airports that you can learn lots from”

Else Marie Danielsen, Advisory Engineer IT Systems, Oslo Airport, Norway
“I am here to look at FIDS and digital signage systems. We think this is the largest event for us in the year – we actually visit here every year”

Patricia Da Silva, Architect, Infraearo Brazillian Airports, Brazil
“With major sporting events coming up in Brazil we need to prepare to meet the expected increased demands at our airports. There are many organisations and enterprises with a lot of experience and know-how here at the conference, building bigger airports than those in Brazil, so it is important for us to learn about their past problems so that we can avoid the same issues”

Goran Jandreoski, Technical Manager, TAV Macedonia, Macedonia
“Passenger Terminal EXPO is the place where I can meet with all my colleagues – the airport industry is quite small, we all know each other – and from my perspective, this is the place to be!”

Jette Girgin, Passenger Coordinator, Copenhagen Airport, Denmark
“It was a good conference with many interesting paperse”

Atle Skretting, Security Manager, Avinor Stavanger Airport, Norway
“Good aviation security conference in general”

Karin Ancker, Head of HR Service Center, Swedavia, Sweden
“Well-arranged, interesting topics”

Alexey Gurerich, Chief Information Officer, Vnukovo Airport, Russia

“This is the fourth time we have attended Passenger Terminal EXPO and we think it is a good way to communicate with our partner companies who are exhibiting here at the show. We use the show as a way of getting a better understanding of the products we are interested in using, and we will definitely be back next year”

Nuno Moreira, Retail Strategy & Planning Manager, ANA Aeroportos de Portugal SA, Portugal
“It was a good conference. I believe PTE ‘reads’ the industry and their main concerns well, providing the subjects and presenters that really have a say on the matter. I enjoyed particularly Commercial and Customer Experience subjects that were also present in the Technology Forum. Lots of excellent presenters with an added-value message to pass on”

Lebohang Motasi, Manager: Terminal Services, Airports Company South Africa, South Africa
“This is the foremost conference for aviation senior managers. The event was very well organised in an environment conducive to sharing and learning. The number of topics was wide-ranging and relevant, with the quality of presentations very high. The panel discussions were key in obtaining insight far beyond a prepared presentation – awesome!”

Johanna Metsälä, Customer Experience Manager, Helsinki Airport/Finavia Corporation, Finland
“Versatile programme streams and experiences from all around the world”

Gunn Era, System Manager, Avinor, Norway
“Good conference”

David Tisdale, Group Strategic CAPEX Manager, Ports of Jersey, UK
“I was extremely impressed by the range and quality of presentation topics delivered; I took away some excellent ideas to consider implementing at our ports”

Eva Hoefer, Senior Master Planner, Flughafen Muenchen GmbH (MUC Airport), Germany
“The conference organisation was good and presentations were very interesting and well presented. Sometimes it was difficult to choose among interesting presentations that were given in parallel”

Kristina Cesnaite, Environmental Specialist, SE Kaunas Airport, Lithuania
“It was useful and interesting at the conference”

Uwe Kaschdailewitsch, Head of Department Conveying and Machine Technology, Stuttgart Airport, Germany
“Once again a good opportunity to meet and talk with colleagues in the airport industry at a well-organised high-class conference, with a very short way to the global exhibition”

Rick Miller, Regional Manager, WestJet, Canada
“Very good airline-related topics and issues”

Emmanuel Lefevre, Operations Manager, Aéroports de Paris, France
“I focused on Technology & Processing lectures on Wednesday, which were very interesting. Anyway it has been a rewarding day as usual. We’ve learned much and made good contacts. A lot of topics were of interest with some captivating speakers”

Simone Franke, Manager Architectural Services, Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA), Canada
“The conference was a great learning experience”

Pirjo Lahteela, Head of Passengers & Airlines, Finavia Corporation, Finland
“The conference was well put together and interesting. Passenger experience was strongly included in almost all streams”

Andrew Deplitch, Product Solutions Manager, Manchester Airport, UK
“The event was a fantastic opportunity to gain insight across all sectors within the aviation sector”

Svetlana Bezborodova, Chief Architect, Aero Project, Russia
“The conference was very good including the calibre and mix of speakers and topics on offer”

Vince Scanlon, EGM Airport Operations & Infrastructure, Adelaide Airport Limited, Australia
“The conference provided something for everyone, with multiple streams allowing flexibility and detailed discussions in one event”

Abdulaziz Aboharbah, Director at Civil Aviation Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia
“That was my first time to attend the PAX Terminal EXPO. It was really great and unique”

Gerry Vanderhoek, Manager Commercial Services and Passenger Experience, London International Airport, Canada
“One of the best conferences I have attended. If it’s happening in airports, this is the place to be”

Gianpaolo Pirani, Head of Planning & Design Department, SEA SpA, Italy
“Very good opinion of the conference, as usual, what I expected. It was very interesting with a large variety of items”

Léa Bodossian, Secretary General, Airport Regions Conference, Belgium
“Impressive organisation”

John Ackerman, Chief Commercial Officer, Denver International Airport, USA
“The conference was well organised with an excellent breadth of topics and speakers. The conference organiser communicated early and often with speakers and was incredibly well organised”

Cathy Healy, President, Air-RailLink, Metrolinx, Canada
“I have been inspired with the companies and organisations from all over the world. My team are connecting with 86 journalists from around the world [on the air-rail link project] and so I am always on the phone speaking with my colleagues from around the world…so getting a chance to meet them here in person and have conversations over coffee has just been fabulous”

Michael Healy, Vice President Infrastructure and Commercial Development, Halifax Stanfield International Airport, Canada
“This is my seventh visit to Passenger Terminal EXPO. I haven’t missed the conference since 2005 as I think it is a great opportunity to see the leading-edge developments in the airport design industry. I am responsible for terminal design and I have been looking at new trends and speaking to our vendors in order to build and maintain our business relationships”

Gerald Schinagl, ICT Architect, Vienna International Airport, Austria
“I experienced a very good conference”

Giulio Leucci, Head of Corporate Strategy and Corporate Development, SAGAT Turin Airport (presented independently), Italy
“This year’s conference was extremely interesting for the variety of topics discussed and the quality of speakers, great content”

Marcel Plaum, Senior Executive Manager, Fraport, Germany
“The best meeting point in the world for aviation. Excellent! The conference was very good as usual and covered the same topics that we are discussing in our company so it was very good for us”

Sérgio Miranda, Lisbon Airport Baggage Handling System Manager, Aeroportos De Portugal (ANA), Portugal
“I always see these PTE events as a learning experience and this in particular was very important because I was searching for answers that I think I have got. A very good conference, very important for the business industry”

Paul Behan, Head of Passenger Experience, IATA, Switzerland
“I thought the event was a great success. There was a positive feeling throughout the conference sessions and around the exhibition hall. It was a high quality conference, well balanced, wide-ranging and covered all of the relevant topics for me. More of the same plus any new hot topics in 2013”

Marty Messerschmidt, Programme Manager - Innovation Border Management, Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, Netherlands
“The conference content was very interesting with a wide variety of topics”

Peter Spurway, Vice President Airport Experience, Halifax International Airport Authority (HIAA), Canada
“Wonderful, strong and relevant conference”

Kenichi Fukaya, Senior Vice President, Narita International Airport Corporation, Japan
“It is useful to learn the practice and ideas at other airports. It is a very good conference with a wide range of subjects”

Wayne Harvey, Director Facility Management, San Diego International Airport, USA
“The conference tracks were outstanding. It was unfortunate from one respect since there were so many I could not go to all of the ones that I would have liked, I was forced to choose! I have no regrests!”

Byeong-nam You, Senior Manager, Incheon International Airport Corporation (IIAC), Korea
“It [the conference] was really a good chance of making a human network in the world, especially for my job - BHS in the airport. I was surprised that in every airport, so many staff are studying to have more efficient and better BHS to respond to heightened customer expectation. I’m hoping to join next year’s conference”

Mohammed Abed, New King Abdulaziz International Airport Executive Supervisor, General Authority Civil Aviation, Saudi Arabia
“It’s very good. We exhibited in Copenhagen and London and this is one of the best shows so far – the venue, the conference, the exhibitors and the organisation are very good”

Humaid Saber Al Hameli, Director Aviation Facilitation and Standards, Department of Transport, UAE
“I come to the conference and exhibition every year and think it is a great way to see lots of airports, new technologies and facilities under one roof. I have enjoyed the conference greatly, especially the Development and Operations Conference. Passenger Terminal EXPO is a great way to find and develop new business contacts and I will definitely be attending next year’s show in Geneva”

Dr Mary Coveney, Head of Health & Safety Security and Compliance, Dublin Airport Authority (DAA), Ireland
"Very helpful in general"

Mario de Mello Santos, Engineer, Aeroservice, Brazil
“I would like to use this opportunity to thank you and all the members of your staff for the high quality of the themes and subjects presented at the conference”

Johann Weinzettl, CEO Central Europe, SSP Central Europe, Switzerland
“Highly valuable presentations and insights at the conference and the ideal place to meet CEOs in a relaxed atmosphere. A great overall programme”

Al Lyons, Principal, Arup, USA
“The BEST airport conference - great presentations and exhibits. The conference is very well run, it was a lot of fun, everything was great”

Alan Lamond, Aviation Director, Pascall+Watson Architects, UK
“Another hugely successful event offering the chance to catch up with some great industry figures. Excellent conference. Please continue as you are – you have a strong setup”

Alaistair Deacon, Chief Aviation Technologist, Amor Group, UK
“Another excellently organised PTE making it the must-attend event of the year. Insightful and relevant speakers and fantastic sharing of ideas across the complete spectrum of airports. We have already booked for Geneva 2013”

Steven Morris, Senior Vice President Aviation + Transportation, HOK International, USA
“A fantastic well organised, informative and diverse conference. I believe this conference has been and still is the foremost conduit to provide the latest innovative, sustainable and creative planning and design thinking for terminals each year in the world. A must for any airport to attend that is preparing for any kind of new terminal or redevelopment programme. This is where you find the latest and greatest information and thinking in our industry. Bravo to the management organisation, staff and support. Exhibit hall stands were the best I have ever seen at a conference, in one hall and incredible stands developed for the event”

Klaus Baumgartner, Head of Airport Department, Obermeyer Planen + Beraten GmbH, Germany
“Perfect as usual, especially the organisation”

James Berry, Principal - Director of Public, Institutional and Transportation, Woods Bagot, UK
“Would also like to express my personal thanks for a great conference this year. Fantastic organisation, helpful staff and great venue. Looking forward to next year - well done!”

Matthew Finn, Managing Director, Augmentiq, UK
“Sincere thanks for the opportunity to take part in a fantastically well-organised PTE 2012. It was a pleasure to be a part of this year’s conference and I trust our contribution was well received by your delegates. And I trust the rest of the show went equally well for you and that feedback from exhibitors, speakers, delegates, visitors and journalists alike was immensely positive. Very much looking forward to PTE 2013 and to lending our support to another successful event next year”

John Trupiano, Vice President, Corgan Associates Inc, USA
“I feel privileged to have been able to participate in such a fantastic event! You had excellent and relevant topics presented by expert speakers. Congratulations to you and your team for all the hard work required to pull off such a world-class event! I am looking forward to Geneva in 2013”

Tarun Thakkar, Senior Product Manager, Hewlett-Packard, Switzerland
“Thank you for the organisation of the PTE 2012 in VIE”

Domenico Santini, Architect, One Works, Italy
“It was an interesting occasion to know how airports all over the world are developing and managing their existing facilities and new expansions/projects. It was also important to discuss with other airport designers and planners”

David Holm, Director/Architect, Cox Architecture, Australia
“The conference is one of the most complete gatherings of people, ideas and technology in the world of transport”

Peter Pott, Business Development Manager, Nucsafe Inc, USA
“Good conference, worth attending”

Steven Perliss, Principal, Lea+Elliott, USA
“In the ever-evolving airport industry it is invaluable to have this opportunity to meet with all the players (airport owners, other professionals, suppliers, teaming partners), and exchange ideas both about the state of the industry and about specific projects. It is events such as this that lead to the development of new concepts, theories, understanding and relationships to employ in the service of the airport passenger”

Carl Dainter, Director Head of Aviation, Davis Langdon LLP, UK
“Once again an excellent event and a real opportunity to see the latest developments in the end market under one roof”

Richard Lazarick, Chief Scientist - Identity, CSC Identity Labs, USA
“A well-organised conference, the tracks were well planned with appropriate overlap -– helpful, clear and concise information”

Roddy Boggus, Senior Vice President, Parsons Brinckerhoff, USA
“The conference sessions were fantastic, especially on Day 1. The sessions covered all of the most important issues facing the industry today, both in terms of new technologies and terminal projects being undertaken around the world. The whole event was spot on! The quality of the exhibition stands this year is higher than any event I have been to. I continue to attend Passenger Terminal EXPO because my clients and future clients are here. It is the place to be seen”

Dr Detlef Houdeau, Senior Director Business Development, Infineon Technologies AG, Germany
“A very good assembly of various stakeholders’ views (EU Commission, industry, ground handler, etc.), with a very intensive Q&A phase. I have learnt a lot of news. Congratulations for this session to you”

Art Kosatka, CEO, TranSecure Inc, USA
“There are dozens of airport-related conferences worldwide to choose from every year. This one is by far the best in terms of networking opportunities, information sharing and with vendor participation”

Graham Bolton, Director of Aviation, Arup, UK
“Congratulations to you and the team on a great event. It was fantastic to be part of it”

Stephen Jones, Systems Engineering Manager, General Dynamics UK Ltd, UK
“Well-organised and informative conference…speakers were very good”

Alan Gluck, Associate Director, AirProjects, USA
“I had a very good time and learned a lot of useful information – the speakers were very interesting and the staff and venue first rate”

Eujin Tay, Airport Planner, Airbiz, Australia
“It was great that the PT conference was run concurrently with the RT conference. This demonstrates how closely linked the air and rail transport sectors are becoming and how important the integration of both sectors will be in the future. The double conference has made it easier for people to connect about the issue of connectivity”

Talel Jaouad, Airport Environment Engineer, ADPi, France
“Really well organised conference”

Steve Wolff, President, Wolff Consulting Services, USA
“Excellent conference, event, excellent venue.”

Michael O’Callaghan, Director of Aviation, Morgan Sindall, UK
“I really enjoyed the conference, excellent speakers and content with some experts in their fields who spoke very knowledgably indeed. The conference was very well organised, the conference staff were excellent, a great job was done by all. Easy to travel to and excellent advance information. We were very pleased to present our paper and were delighted with the response received from the delegates and the moderators. We look forward to Geneva in 2013. Please continue in the same exciting way”

Wayne McCutcheon, Partner, Entro, G+A, Canada
“Good range of speakers, an excellent Passenger Terminal EXPO!”

Armin Weigand, Sales Director, NeuroPie, Switzerland
“It was worth the investment. A good event”

Dr Jean Salomon, Principal, JSCP, France
“Thanks again for this nice opportunity to be at PTE and enjoy the event”

Chris Chalk, Divisional Director, Mott MacDonald House, UK
“A really successful EXPO. The first time that we have exhibited, I was so busy that I did not manage to attend any of the presentations myself. Looking forward to Geneva”

Chris Beling, Director, Zafire, UK
“Passenger Terminal EXPO provides us with some good business leads and we are seeing different kinds of customers come to our stand because of the different products we have been developing. As our company gets bigger, the amount of interest we receive at shows like Passenger Terminal EXPO continues to grow. We think Passenger Terminal EXPO has worked really well this year and we will definitely be coming to Geneva next year. There is a high level of customer at Passenger Terminal EXPO and we feel we have done some real business here rather than just talking”

Romi Singh, President, Aviation Research Corporation, USA

“Passenger Terminal EXPO is a well-recognised world forum for reviewing what is in the marketplace for hardware, software and wetware (business procedures). We produce both software and wetware and so the show is very useful for us to get a good cross-section of the competition. We usually get some good business out of the show. We will definitely be coming back next year – we have already booked our stand”

Martin Gieselbach, QuinTech, Netherlands

“Passenger Terminal EXPO has been very busy and we’ve had a lot of interest from prospective customers. We think Passenger Terminal EXPO provides us with a good opportunity to make new connections and showcase our new product. We will be coming to Geneva next year as we think Passenger Terminal EXPO has provided us with a useful way to promote our business to new and existing customers at airports and airlines around the world”

Helmut an de Meulen, CEO, Materna, Germany
“We have had a very crowded stand with quality customers. It’s the quality not the quantity that counts, and we have had a lot of interest in our systems. We have been invited to participate in a couple of tenders in Switzerland and Poland, and there are many promising leads that we will chase after Passenger Terminal EXPO”

Edward Plaisted, CEO, Skytrax
“The collaboration with Passenger Terminal EXPO enables Skytrax to host the World Airport Awards at a venue that offers very clear synergies between the two events. It provides the platform to publicly honour the winning airports, while at the same time delivering an awards ceremony that is not influenced by any third party – this concept is of paramount importance to us”

Peter Knaack, International Account Manager, IFM Electronic, Germany
“Passenger Terminal EXPO is a very impressive show providing a good overview of the different companies in the industry. I am specifically interested in baggage handling and entry systems, and there are plenty of companies showcasing this at the show, which is great. I will be returning next year”

Peter Elmvang, Marketing Manager, Crisplant, Denmark
“This year’s event has been great. Our stand has been very busy and we have managed to speak to a lot of potential new clients. We have learned about new projects that are taking place around the world, and will be taking a lot of positive things away from the event. The fact that the event has been so busy throughout the three days shows that the market is moving in a very positive direction!”

Richard Wilson, Design Manager, Gate Technologies, UK
“Passenger Terminal EXPO is a good place to meet customers face to face rather than just communicating via email. As a designer I find the show a useful way to see what other people are doing in one place and to meet people I wouldnʼt normally meet. The show is a convenient way to get to know clients and a lot of business takes place here. I will definitely be attending next year’s show in Geneva”

Stephen Alexander, Divisional Manager, Essex Industries Ltd, Libya
“This is our first time to the show, and while it is smaller than some of the others we have been to we think this is still a useful show to attend to see the different developing technologies in the airport industry. We have made some good business connections here and we have greatly enjoyed visiting Vienna – it is a lovely city”

Nick Gates, Portfolio Director, SITA, UK
“It’s been another great year for SITA. We always enjoy being here. It’s a great opportunity for us to see our own customers and also a great opportunity to see what the other companies are doing, so yes it’s been a very good show for us”

Tony Chapman, Senior Director Integrated Travel Solutions, ARINC, UK
“What’s important about a show like this is that you get to speak to the right people and they give feedback directly to your developers on the stand. The show has gone very well for us. Our stand has been constantly busy and we have had a lot of interest in our products. The event provides the ideal opportunity to get face-to-face feedback on our systems, enabling us to develop them going forward. It provides our clients and potential clients with the chance to actually see the products. We’ve already booked our stand for next year and we are very much looking forward to it!”

Andy Dowe, Business Development Manager, Herbert Systems, UK
“It has been very busy this morning, which has shocked us really! Very interesting discussions and I am surprised about the level of people from the Middle East”

Peter Schmid, Managing Director, EAS Envimet, Germany
“We have had a series of very good meetings here. We have seen people from airports, we have seen regulators, also people from baggage handling system manufacturers – it’s been a very good week for us”

Sophie Nyberg, Managing Director, Lifts All, Sweden
“We had a great response last year, and once again we are very happy with the organisation this year. It’s a great turnout and it’s a great time to meet new and old customers”

Jörg Pohl, Marketing Manager, Napcabs, Germany
“Passenger Terminal EXPO has been a great show and we have made a lot of new contacts. We have been continuously busy and have been giving live demonstrations throughout the show, which have proved really popular. Feedback from customers has been good, with lots of interesting comments about using our Napcabs in the airport environment. We came to Passenger Terminal EXPO after it was recommended by other companies and colleagues. Depending on how much business we generate from this year’s show, we hope to be back in Geneva next year. We think Passenger Terminal EXPO is a good way to meet customers and build up our business”

Tyler Craig, Vice President and General Manager, NCR Travel, UK
“This is a great event. It’s a great venue for connecting both with customers and partners. It’s been great!”

Richard Wilkes, Business Development Manager - Airports, NEC Display Solutions, UK
“Passenger Terminal EXPO is the show for the year. It brings many of the airports, not only from Europe but from around the world, and it’s the best place we have found to showcase our products. You have airports as well as system integrators here, so having both customer bases under the same roof enables you to really maximise the potential of the show”

André Safir, Chairman and CEO, SBS, France
“Passenger Terminal EXPO is a key place to show new technologies to airports, and it is the best place to show them”

Paul Williams, Chief Executive Officer, Zoeftig & Co, UK
“For us, Passenger Terminal EXPO is becoming the showcase exhibition for the world. We are seeing more and more visitors every year from different parts of the world. If we weren’t here we would probably miss out on an awful lot of opportunities, so it’s important to be here”

Christophe Arnaud, VP Marketing and Business Development, IER, France
“It’s been a busy week for us – a lot of interesting people. We have already met 50 different airlines, distributors and airports”

Ayman Nakshabandi, Manager Facilities, Saudi Ground Services Co (SGS) Saudi Arabia
“It’s a great opportunity to see all of these exhibitors. The variety of exhibitors is large, and it’s a great opportunity to see all of the seminars”

Michael Hardy, Senior Associate Groupe IBI-CHBA, Canada
“We come here because our clients attend along with many of our suppliers, so we come to see their new products and services”

Musan Turan, Managing Director, MA Engineering, Turkey
“This is a very good opportunity to visit many companies and to find opportunities with companies who can work with us in Turkey”

Henrik Rothe, Managing Director, Leit-werk (Architects), UK
“It’s a great place to meet people, to get inspiration for new projects and new concepts and get in touch with people, clients and potential clients. I am amazed at the number of high-profile people here this year. I have been attending the expo since 2001 and it is one of the best events, I have to say!”



Still the biggest and most important aviation event in the world (from an airport perspective). The quality and depth of the presentations is still high
David Costa, Product Development Manager, ANA - Aeroportos de Portugal, PORTUGAL




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