What the delegates and speakers said about Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE & EXPO 2013

In no particular order...

Mohamed Yousif Al-Binfalah, CEO, Bahrain Airport Company, Bahrain
“We have a number of objectives we want to achieve by attending the Conference, including networking and touching base with our peers in the industry to help us learn from their experiences. We also believe the Conference will help us remain on top of technological and sustainability developments, because it offers a great opportunity to learn from industry leaders. There are a lot of products and services in the exhibition that any airport is in need of in order to keep pace with developments. There isn’t any better opportunity than Passenger Terminal EXPO, where they are all under one roof”

Maureen Riley, Executive Director, Salt Lake City Department of Airports, USA
"I attended this year for the first time and thought it was excellent"

Dr Waleed Youseff, Chief Strategy Officer, TAV Airports Holding, Turkey
“This is one of the Conferences that I love to come to, because all my colleagues are here and I can just sit back and listen to what’s happening all around the world. People are quite open to share their experience because ultimately we care about our industry. Even if we are maybe competitors, a passenger who is leaving from a competitor’s airport will potentially end up at my airport, so we have common interests. It’s helpful that we can also have interaction with suppliers and service providers here, so we can come to one place for two or three days and meet with everyone”

Jim Parasos, Director Airport and Airline Services, Darwin International Airport, Australia
“It’s the premier event for this aspect of terminal development. It captures retail, it captures customer experience, it captures operation security. As far as I am aware, there is not a similar Conference globally that delivers all that. In the scheme of things, the long journey is a small price to pay”

Mazhar Butt, Head of Service Development, Dubai Airports, UAE
“Many, many thanks for yet another memorable Conference – it just gets better and better! Barcelona in March 2014 is already in my diary!!”

Candace McGraw, Chief Executive Officer, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, USA
“We’re a global industry and we need to learn from each other, share ideas, look to what the future holds, and that’s why I came here to this Conference. There are a lot of great exhibits in the exhibitors’ hall, what the next technologies are to help us operate more efficiently and effectively. I’m like a kid in a candy store – there is a lot of great technology that I am anxious to learn more about”

Claudia Ramsden, Group Manager: Customer Care, Airports Company of South Africa (ACSA), South Africa
“Fantastic, this new concept that they spoke about this morning. Catherine from Sita presented it at the Conference, and it’s about the Google Glasses of the future. They spoke about people wearing these glasses at the airport, where your boarding gate will appear in your glasses, your brand that you want will appear in the glasses. It’s incredible, so there’s a lot of what’s happening today. These are forecast for five years, but there’s also the 2015 forecast, and for us it’s incredible as airport employees to take that back and start investigating and see how we can align our brand with that, and at the end of the day, ensure a better experience for our flight passengers”

Curtis Grad, Chief Executive Officer, Greater Victoria Harbour Authority, Canada
“It’s been my third year. All thanks go to you as fab moderators and organisers! My first presentation was back in 2010 from the airport side, so I’ve always known that this is a very good place to get the people together, to share ideas, but also to be able to network and find ways to get across your ideas. Previously it was across continents, now it’s across sectors. The technologies here are the key. The technology is making it so much easier for things to happen more seamlessly. But as I said earlier, I really feel that we haven’t used the technology, and people from the sectors need to start talking together in a room and letting the technology bridge. There’s investment in infrastructure, which is physical bricks and mortar, but then there’s that investment in the intellectual capital and ultimately in the IT world to connect it all together. It’s all out there – we just need to network it and connect it and we’ll all be better off”

Ed Baklor, Vice President, West Jet Airlines, Canada
“Oh it’s been terrific. I have enjoyed my time in the Conference sessions about the future, the evolution of the ageing population, what 2015 and beyond looks like. I’ve just come from a great presentation that Stefan from IATA was talking about, how we’re going to continue to expedite that guest experience while providing the great service. I’ve heard from people with airport authorities, people with industry experts, as well as other airlines talking about this; it’s pretty consistent messaging. It’s my first time here at the event, having the opportunity to walk around the trade show and see all of the great things that lie ahead and how we can take advantage of those that make sense for us at West Jet. It’s terrific to have everybody here right in one place”

Jean-François La Manna, Expert Project Director, French Authority for Secure Documents, France
“I could not agree more [found value in the exchanges between speakers and the audience] and indeed we had a very interesting session. Thank you to all of you and special thanks also to the organisers for such an event, the logistics and the wonderful gala dinner”

Giovanni Russo, Head of Planning and Engineering Operations, Zurich Airport, Switzerland
“It’s a great place to meet people and exchange views. Personally, I think it’s one of the occasions to meet airport people, not only within Europe, but all around the world. It’s also great to have the exhibition hall alongside the Conference. During the networking at lunch, for example, you will pass by the stands and see the latest innovations available on the market”

Steve Sisneros, Director Airport Affairs, Southwest Airlines Co, USA
“I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for all the work you and your team did to put on a great PTE 2013. It was a wonderful Conference. We hope to be back next year”

Jacqueline Yaft, Deputy Executive Director, Los Angeles World Airport, USA
“It’s been wonderful. It’s my first time and I love the variety of the Conference sessions and the exhibitors. It’s definitely been worthwhile. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to meet other people from different airports and network with all the exhibitors”

Mike Brown, Senior Planner, Vancouver Airport Authority, Canada
“Great Conference and remarkably well organised. Congratulations!”

Eric Barnier, Head of IS Strategy, Aeroports de Paris, France
“The Conference has been great and I have particularly enjoyed the presentations on NFC at 9.50am on Wednesday 10 April and the afternoon session on new technology, systems integration, IT and communications. Of course there were many other great sessions I wanted to attend, but there just isn’t enough time! The Conference is a great way of gaining other people’s points of view on topics affecting our industry, and a way of sharing our experiences. The Expo is also a good way to learn from all the companies present and look at all the new technology coming into the marketplace”

Maarten de Groof, Executive Vice President, Schiphol Group, Netherlands
“I think it’s a great event, it’s a big event, it’s a very international event. You meet a lot of people. You can bring something to it, you can share, you can also take a lot of ideas and contacts from it”

Kathryn Leahy, Terminal 3, Operations Director, Heathrow Airport, United Kingdom
“It’s been fascinating. The main sessions I’ve been in today have been around security and aviation facilitation, through security and border control. The range of subjects and panellists and exhibitors themselves just shows that aviation and airports never stand still. It’s a constant feast”

Robert Deillon, Chief Executive Officer, Geneva International Airport, Switzerland
“It’s a very interesting Conference, because there are a lot of different subjects that are very active, so I like it very much the way it is and the way you can pick up different subjects that are important for an airport”

Simon Robertson, Chief Financial Officer, Auckland International Airport, New Zealand
“It’s been a wonderful experience for us coming to the Conference and meeting our peers. There’s been lots to learn and lots to share, so fantastic”

Yudhaprana Sugarda, Head of Planning & MIS, Angkasa Pura Airport, Indonesia
“I would like to say thank you for the opportunity as a speaker at your event – it was a great experience”

Jeroen Casatelli, Resources Planning Manager CPS, Brussels Airport Company, Belgium
“Passenger Terminal EXPO is interesting because you have all the suppliers and all the contacts together, so it’s a very efficient use of time to get information and to get an idea what’s going on in the industry, not only in my field, but also in the field of my colleagues”

Sebastian Burgemeister, Manager Ground Product Development, Swiss International Air Lines Ltd, Switzerland
“I find your professional work and motivating spirit as the Conference Director impressive”

Havard Breivik, Head of Security, Avinor Bodo Airport, Norway
“I’m here to check out a little bit of everything. My main focus is LETS equipment, to check out how it’s working and the technology behind it. It has been interesting and I’ve learned a lot about that and many other things I didn’t know about”

Léa Bodossian, Secretary General, Airport Regions Conference, Belgium
“We have learned a lot, and it was an excellent experience to share experiences from all around the world. Sometimes challenging our own views, but always constructive and interesting”

Francois Miboulana Bassega, Chef De Division Etudes & P, Aeroports du Cameroun SA, Cameroon
“The organisation is very good, but I come here to learn and discover new technology. I learn a lot of things which I can then take and implement in my own country”

Pawel Kolatorski, Planning & Engineering, Senior Project Leader, Flughafen Zürich AG, Switzerland
“The PTE was great again and I took a lot of new brain food from the presentations with me. I hope I will have the opportunity to join the Conference next year in Barcelona too”

Meenakshi Singh, Panning Manager, Cleveland Airport System, USA
“Congratulations on the success of the 2013 International Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE in Geneva, Switzerland. The details and sessions were very organised and your team was so professional, helpful and informed. This is an excellent platform for global aviation issues”

Elena Tarshis, Manager Non-Aviation, Domodedovo Airport, Russia
“With gratitude for perfectly organised PTE 2013”

Amy Weaver, Airport Affairs, Southwest Airlines Co, USA
“Being part of a discussion that could help our operation going forward is critical. Joining in with airports and consultants who also are facing the same issues and trying to find a solution, it is just a real dynamic opportunity and it’s a wonderful venue to have these discussions”

Anders Nielsen, VP Project & Development, Billund Airport, Denmark
“I find the Conference very useful to listen to other presentations about breakthrough technology, about new services, about retail experience and everything, so it’s a good opportunity to listen to what other airports and airlines are doing. At the exhibition, we are looking at, as an airport, new products, and we have a number of arrangements with some of the suppliers that we are using, to meet them, to talk about new features”

Anna Harrison, Researcher, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
“Congratulations again on a fantastic Conference. I have heard a lot of positive feedback in the last three days and enjoyed the high calibre of presentations. I look forward to next year”

Kiran Merchant, General Manager - Aviation Planning Division, Port Authority of NY&NJ, USA
“It was a great Conference once again, and I am looking forward to participating again in Barcelona”

Jung June Ahn, Executive Director, Incheon International Airport Corporation, Korea
“This kind of Conference and exhibition is a very nice chance to exchange information and to help each other in the same industry. I think this is a very nice chance for a good relationship, so if I have a good relationship with our colleagues in the aviation field, it gives me a good chance to make something in the future”

Jose Manuel Fernandez Bosch, Director of Commercial Services and Property Management, Airport Corporation, Aena Aeropuertos, Spain
“There are amazing people here with a lot of experience, sometimes with more experience than we have. We have people from the retailers, from the airports, so we can exchange ideas and we can get a lot of information on how to do it. We have to find the tenders, we have to define the offers, we have been looking for other airport operators, we have been looking for concessionaires for retailers to tell us how to find this. So this is an important opportunity for one or two days to get all these inputs”

Séverine Kretzschmar, Head of Research and Projects, Aéroport Marseille Provence, France
“I was in Geneva last week and I attended very interesting Conferences”

Kerstin Bitterer, Manager, Innovation Management and Knowledge Management, Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide, Germany
“It’s fascinating to get to know other people who work on the same problems, who have the same customers or who have a completely different point of view, and especially being in the position between technology and development of the population. Here I can meet people focussing on the one and focussing on the other issue, which to me is very attractive. The exhibition hall is fascinating for me, especially as it’s my line of work in innovation management, so here I can see all the new things that are coming up or are already implemented, and I can then decide if it fits in with the project I am doing”

Luis E. Eleta, Planning & Strategic Development Manager, Panama Tocumen Airport, Panama
“The exhibition is always very complete. I have been coming for the last few years. Usually you get all the big suppliers; the most important suppliers of the industry are here, so we come here in order to meet all of them and to see the new stand-outs and the new trends on the market, to keep up with the market, the new technologies and to know the new trends that are coming to the airports, and always keep airports to the best international standards”

Peter Moore, Head of Development, Terminals and Support Facilities Company, Dubai Airports Company, UAE
“It’s good to meet other captains of the industry, to hear their problems and to see if we’re all experiencing the same issues, and obviously learn from other people’s experiences and gain from other people’s experiences as well. It’s great to meet up with old colleagues from all around the world. Fundamentally, the detail that we’re going into and all the presentations and the conversations we’re having are excellent, and also the exhibitors in the main hall showing the breakthrough technologies available for the industry, so it’s excellent”

Simon Robertson, Chief Financial Officer, Auckland International Airport, New Zealand
“It’s a great learning experience for us to come to the Conference and share ideas with your peers, because that’s how you learn. It’s very arrogant for someone to think they’ve got the best ideas, so coming along and hearing others puts your own ideas and thoughts into perspective, which is always very healthy. And by standing up in front of others it really provides your own clarity of where you are as a business. I think it’s been a wonderful experience. I think there’s been lots to learn, lots to share and a good way to interact with our peers, so fantastic. It’s also very interesting to see in the exhibition hall – the changes in technology, the companies starting to embrace that and offering a lot more choice on how to improve service quality for our customers”

Sergi Alegre Calero, Vice Mayor El Prat de Llobregat, Municipality of El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona), Spain
“The Conference is very interesting and it’s impressive how many people and how many debates are going on at the same time, and how you can share that with a lot of people at once. Barcelona is the right place to have the event next year, and I hope to be there with you”

Sidharath Kapur, President and CFO (Airports), GMR Group, India
“Absolutely, I took some time out in the morning and I went around the exhibition hall area and I was really impressed with some of the new trends, the new technology that is bringing about a greater change, customer focus, process improvements, efficiency in airports. I think there’s lots to do, lots to see”

Antoine Rostworowski, Director, Industry Relations, Aeroports de Montreal, Canada
“Here there is something for every choice. No airport or airline has to offer it all. As a passenger, you want a choice of menu and as suppliers, airports and airlines, this is what we’re looking for. There are all types of people here, different suppliers, and we can pick and choose and share and see what’s the best for our side”

Mattias Handley, Manager Customer Service, Swedavia AB, Sweden
“Thanks for a great PTE2013!”

Kasper Dybkjaer Hounsgaard, Head of Department, Planning, Analysis and Projects, Copenhagen Airports, Denmark
“The Conference was three days full of networking and inspiration – great work”

Guomundur Daoi Runarsson, Manager Terminal Operations, Keflavik International Airport, Isavia, Iceland
“It was an outstanding Conference and all five of the delegates from Isavia were delighted with the outcome”

Gary Warren, Vice President, Planning, Development & Environment, Metropolitan Airports Commission, USA
“I wanted to express how much I enjoyed the Conference and the opportunity to speak at such a well-respected international event. You run an excellent programme!”

Nermin Voloder, Airport Manager, Copa Airlines, USA
“It was such a large event with excellent presenters and taking into consideration the size of the event, the organization was on top level…great job!”

Antoine Rostworowski, Director Industry Relations, Aeroports de Montreal, Canada
“Once again the yearly place to be to be able to stay informed, meet colleagues and help make projects become reality. The Conference, as always, was very diversified”

Olle Sundin, Airport Director Bromma Stockholm Airport, Swedavia, SWEDEN
“This was probably the best Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE I ever attended”

Brian Bracher, Gatwick Airport Commander, Sussex Police, UK
“My attendance was focussed on the aviation security Conference and it was an informative event that has given me some ideas to bring back to my daily place of work”

Daniel Demisch, Head Of Corporate Development, Munich Airport, GERMANY
“The Passenger Terminal EXPO is a great opportunity to gain fresh ideas and exchange experiences with your partners and competitors”

Stephen Sisneros, Director Airport Affairs, Southwest Airlines Co, USA
“Excellent Conference, well attended and great contacts made”

Kasper Dybkjaer Hounsgaard, Head of Planning and Analysis, Copenhagen Airports, DENMARK
“Passenger Terminal EXPO delivers a diverse and highly relevant mix of suppliers, service providers and airport staff, making it the networking Conference of the year”

Stuart Ralls, Senior Manager, Chang Airport Group, SINGAPORE
“The Conference was very helpful in keeping in touch with the latest developments in the industry”

Meenakshi Singh, Planning Manager, Department Of Port Control Cleveland, USA
“Very well-organized Conference – kudos on the good job!! The Conference was a good mix of all airport-related business and emerging challenges and topics”

Dave Powell, Deputy Airport Director - Facility Development, Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority, USA
“Once again an outstanding programme. There is just not enough time to cover all of the presentations of interest. Great depth and breadth on subjects for the airport community”

Neville Hay, Detective Sergeant, Sussex Police, UK
“A must for anyone involved in the aviation industry. It provides the opportunity to learn from others’ experiences and to see what the industry has to offer”

Giovanni Russo, Head Planning & Engineering, Zurich Airport AG, SWITZERLAND
“A world-class Conference addressing all landside aspects of airport operators”

Deanna Zachrisson, Head Of Concessions Business, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, USA
“This Conference provides me inspiration like no other. I only participated in one track – commercial management – and it is stellar”

Eric Macdonald, Vice President / Deputy Development Officer, Abu Dhabi Airports Company, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
“Another highly successful, highly informative Conference. Excellent programme, interesting themes, interesting speakers”

Anna Harrison, PhD Candidate, Queensland University Of Technology, AUSTRALIA
“Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE is the rock star of aviation Conferences. The success of the event stems from the disciplined strategy of the Conference organizer to keep the content insightful. The Conference content was fantastic and I found the general calibre of the speakers to be excellent”

Paolo Sgroppo, Operations Director, Bologna Airport, ITALY
“A good opportunity to exchange experiences and to develop new relationships, but also to talk about new projects”

Jung Mi (Cristina) Lim, Manager, Incheon International Airport Corporation, KOREA
“A must-attend Conference for those who are part of the aviation industry! It was good to see all related co-workers and friends from all over the world. Love the Conference content. Hope to see you soon at the next Conference”

Henrik Munksgaard, Head of Passenger Services, Billund Airport, DENMARK
“I think it was an ambitious and interesting programme. Well organised as well”

Michel Lacoste, Telecom Architect, Air France, FRANCE
“Very wide-ranging content at the Conference and very well organised and run. Almost all topics of airport processes were covered. Appropriate content”

Nektarios Psycharis, IT&T Architect, Athens International Airport, GREECE
“The Conference was very well done. Good organisation”

Dominique Antonini, Avsec Officer, Geneva Airport, SWITZERLAND
“Great and well organised as usual! Interesting and complete”

Lea Bodossian, Secretary General, Airport Regions Conference, BELGIUM
“Splendidly organised”

Amy Weaver, Airport Affairs, Southwest Airlines Co, USA
“The Conference was very well run, with excellent use of technology. The check-in kiosks were great”

Wayne Smith, Head Of Information Services, Birmingham Airport Limited, UK
“It is the most useful event of the year. What more can I say?”

Angela Newland, Assistant Director of Aviation, Broward County Aviation Department, USA
“This was an excellent Conference. I found the sessions on sustainability and airport terminal design particularly beneficial”

Jean Francois Benon, Managing Director, CEEVO, FRANCE
“A very interesting event with both Expo and Conference for state-of-the-art information on the airport future”

Thomas Romig, Head Airport Steering, Geneva, SWITZERLAND
“Excellent! Very well organised Conference with interesting topics and presentations”

Peter Spurway, VP Corporate Communications & Airport Experience, Halifax International Airport Authority, CANADA
“The sessions are very well done and there’s ample time to network and seek out innovators in our industry”

George Delikouras, Head Information Security, Athens International Airport, GREECE
“The Conference organisation was excellent, with some very important people speaking, making for valuable contacts and networking”

Candace McGraw, CEO, CVG Airport, USA
“The Conference was very well organised and the presentations were very topical. The content was diverse and interesting”

Mehmet Necdet Buyukbay, Technical Manager, TAV Izmir, TURKEY
“It is really very informative, an excellent networking platform and perfectly organised”

David Ioan Ciceo, Managing Director, Cluj-Napoca International Airport, ROMANIA
“Very well organised”

Mattias Handley, Manager, Swedavia, SWEDEN
“Great Conference”

Gianpaolo Pirani, Head of Infrastructures Planning And Design Department, Sea Milan Airports, ITALY
“The Conference was very interesting. In particular I think that PTC is a unique experience for young designers and planners to learn about airports: a very effective form of training”

Jean-Claude Suquet, Senior Manager Laboratory, Aeroports De Paris, FRANCE
“A great opportunity to meet the actors of the airport activity”

Bernard Lavelle, Sales Director, London City Airport, UK
“Excellent event with a high number of good-quality attendees. It’s becoming a must-attend event for those involved with airports”

Ana Luis, Marketing Services, Ana SA, PORTUGAL
“I believe that it was a great Conference! Very well organised and with great speakers. Most of the sessions I saw were on the customer service and passenger experience, and those were great!”

Ernst Schlecht, Head Safety And Security, Zurich Airport AG, SWITZERLAND
“Well organized Conference about airports and their facilities”

Rhonda Hamm-Niebruegge, Airport Director, St. Louis Lambert International Airport, USA
“The Conference content and topics were good; the exposition hall and gala dinner were fabulous

Gaurav Jindal, BHS Specialist, Oman Airports Management Company, OMAN
“Brilliant Conference”

Rui Alves, Deputy Airport Manager, Ana, PORTUGAL
“Excellent organisation and extremely good Conference”

Mazhar Butt, Head of Service Development, Dubai Airports, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
“PTE 2013 provided an excellent opportunity for anyone involved in the global aviation industry to see the latest trends, products and developments within the industry. Added to this was the opportunity to meet those who are driving the industry forward. Very relevant to everything we do – something for everyone (as long as you’re in aviation!)”

Peter Moore, Head of Terminal Development, Dubai Airports, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
“As a first-time visitor and presenter at PTC 2013 I was really impressed with the scale and quality of the presentations and exhibits on show. A great networking event – well done”

Peter Bayer, VP Services and Parking, Munich Airport, GERMANY
“Remarkable number of contacts possible to be made, and an overwhelmingly wide range of interesting topics on the Conference agenda”

Nuno Moreira, Acessibilities and Advertising Manager, Ana Aeroportos De Portugal, PORTUGAL
“PTW is a landmark for all airport-related Conferences. It covers all the important issues and gives opportunity for airlines, airports, suppliers and others to share experience and knowledge”

Kiyoshi Goto, Executive Officer, The New Kansai International Company Ltd, JAPAN
“I attended the Conference for the first time and it was really an intriguing and stimulating experience. It was also a precious opportunity for us to make a presentation about our LCCT. The content was very good, covering all aspects of airport terminal management”

Udo Bradersen, Environmental Manager, Hamburg Airport, GERMANY
“A very good, extremely well-organised Conference. Good presentations with new knowledge provided and a good atmosphere created”

Roman Vanek, Chief Division Identity Documents & Special Tasks, Federal Office of Police, SWITZERLAND
“I participated as a speaker in the aviation security border control and facilitation panel. It provided good and well-balanced content covering many different areas of interest. We had some good discussion with the audience, and the exhibits were excellent. Good and interesting displays”

Jacques Odier, General Delegate For Ground Operations Security, Air France, FRANCE
“A very good level of topics”

David Tomber, Aviation Planning Program Manager, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, USA
“Outstanding. The Conference is the best in the industry for content and diversity of terminal and design topics. It is an excellent opportunity to hear perspectives and learn about exciting developments from colleagues around the world who work for airports”

James Golding, Project Manager, Heathrow Airport Limited, UK
“An excellent opportunity to hear from a great number of speakers from around the world on a variety of airport-related topics”

Samuel Ghosh, Senior Project Manager, Fraport AG, GERMANY
“Nice overview on airports and their current matters worldwide”

Renate Skrenek, Manager, Flughafen Wien AG, AUSTRIA
“Great conference”

Lars Forssell, Business Developer Terminal, Swedavia AB, SWEDEN
“My best Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE so far! The best speeches are those that cover lessons learned or findings”

Pawel A. Kolatorski, Senior Project Leader Terminal Engineering, Zurich Airport, SWITZERLAND
“With every year the Passenger Terminal EXPO is getting bigger and better! Most of time I stayed in the passenger experience sessions and I hope this section will be ensured for the future”

William Colo, Chef D, CCIMP, FRANCE
“Very interesting and complete conference”

Laurentiu Bude, Counsellor, CNAB, ROMANIA
“The conference was very interesting and useful for sharing ideas and experiences. Everything has been well organised and reached expectations”

Daniel Foo, Manager, Singaore Changi Airport, SINGAPORE
“The conference was conducted in a very professional manner”

Jose Silva, Passenger Service Manager, ANA - Aeroporto Do Porto, PORTUGAL
“Excellent! Very interesting topics and excellent quality of the presentations”

Mohammed Al Shemeili, Head Airport Logistic Department, Dubai Airports, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
“An eye-opener to the future of aviation”

Shawnna Chua, Senior Manager Corporate Strategy, Changi Airport Group, SINGAPORE
“It was good, with some interesting insights gleaned from the presentations”

Maxim Movchan, Process Engineer, Domodedovo Airport, RUSSIA
“Well organised and good speakers, good location”

Chito Geerman, Head Terminal Services, Aruba Airport Authority, ARUBA
“It was a great conference. I attended mainly the customer experience and passenger experience track, self-service check-in and baggage processing track and the passenger processing, strategy and self-service track. A thumbs-up for the speakers and their presentation”

Barbara Brown, Business Unit Manager Terminal, Aruba Airport Authority NV, ARUBA
“Very insightful with regard to various aspects of the ever-changing airport industry dynamics”

Uwe Kaschdailewitsch, Head Of Department Conveying and Machine Technology, Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH, GERMANY
“Three days of high-class information and global networking just span away”

Einar Hansen, IT-Architect, Swedavia, SWEDEN
“Great mix of conference and exhibition”

Kristian Durhuus, COO, Copenhagen Airports, DENMARK
“Very good conference, many interesting presentations of high quality. The Gala Dinner was very good”

Doug Godard, Senior Manager Airport Planning, WestJet, CANADA
“I have been going to this conference for many years and have always enjoyed it. The exhibition was strong again this year and I found it to be well attended, which gave me further opportunities to network while walking around. There was more participation from North American airports, and topics around self-service and guest experience are always interesting to me, as is regulatory acceptance of these evolving areas”

Piotr Gruszecki, Analysis Specialist, Polish Airports, POLAND
“This was my first Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE and I was positively surprised by the very high level of presentations and topics discussed”

Neville Hay, Detective Sergeant, Sussex Police, UK
“As always, fab organisation. It’s a credit to you and your team. Great show and it provided me with other areas of interest to listen to”

Catherine Bellard, Assistante du Département Terminaux, Aeroprts De La Cote D’Azur, France
“Mrs Baumelle, she thanks you very much. She really enjoyed the Conference”

Anders Eggen, Civil Engineer, Norconsult AS, NORWAY
“Many good speakers and interesting topics”

Paola Piacentini, Senoir Marketing Manager, SITA, SWITZERLAND
“JAL (Japan Airlines) - NFC - incredible how quickly they can process and board their passengers with this technology. It really was a glimpse of the future of travel”

Joerg Schiemann, Vice President Logistics IT, Siemens AG, GERMANY
“Great insights and interesting discussions. Inspiring conference due to insights as well as motivated speakers”

Alexander Von Behr, Project Manager, AIRSYS, GERMANY
“Quite a few people in my organisation should hear what I have heard at this conference”

Ruth Wilson, Director, Architectus, AUSTRALIA
“I found the conference very worthwhile”

Martin Quinn, Director, Able 2 Fly, UK
“Very useful to get such a group of people together”

Amber Harrison, Director CSR, SITA, UK
“I enjoyed the environment and sustainability speakers from Swedavia, St Louis and the Chilean Airports (environmental planning /reaction to disasters)”

Francis Barich, President, Barich Inc, USA
“This was the first time for me and I found the conference to be very good. The information and networking opportunities were excellent”

Heinrich Hauser, Program Manager, Amadeus Airport IT GmbH, GERMANY
“Very good opportunity to get a refresher on what is happening in the industry”

Hans Zirwes, MD, Smiths Heimann, GERMANY
“Excellent organisation! Hope it will be the same quality next year!”

Jhan Schmitz, Senior Vice President, CH2M HILL, USA
“Excellent conference – ever more international in focus”

Richard Duerden, Client Director, Diadem, AUSTRALIA
“As first-time visitors to PTE we found the event to be very worthwhile. We have formed many new contact points with both airports and supply chain partners. The overall event is very well organised and provides many opportunities for learning, insights and connections”

James Russell, Operations Analyst, Ball Aerospace, USA
“I thought the conference was very informative and well-run. The speakers were interesting and the topics timely”

Simone Schneider, Architect Project Management, Dornier Consulting, GERMANY
“Very interesting conference, lots of contacts”

Emanuel Rettig, Manager Aviation, HOCHTIEF AirPort GmbH, GERMANY
“It was truly an ideal event to meet and discuss what concerns our industry and make new connections”

Richard Jarsaillon, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Siemens SAS, FRANCE
“Good event – as per expectations”

Jason Wei, Business Development Manager, NCS, SINGAPORE
“Three days of informative seminars, meaningful discussion panels and a good mix of exhibits”

Alan Lamond, Director, Pascall + Watson, UK
“Another very useful and enjoyable gathering of some of the industry’s leading experts”

Chirantan Mukhopadhyay, Vice President, AECOM, USA
“You and your staff did an outstanding job in Geneva – you attended to every need”

Mario Luiz de Mello Santos, President Director, Aeroservice Engineering Consultancy Ltd, Brazil
“Congratulations for your management capability during the Conference it Geneva. It was one of the best I have been involved with. I hope to see you next time”

Steve Riano, Aviation Practice Leader, Bechtel Corporation, USA
“Great Conference again this year. You and your team did a fantastic job pulling together an amazing programme”

Uta Kohse, Managing Partner, Airport Research Center GmbH, Germany
“I really enjoyed being at the Conference again. Let’s meet next year in Barcelona”

Professor Carlos Müller, ITA, Brazil
“I attended PTE2013 and had the opportunity to enjoy some very interesting presentations as well as the exhibition”

Bart Houlleberghs, Commercial Director, Type22, Netherlands
“My compliments for the organisation of the Conference! Very interesting and very inspiring three days. Also during the Conference session there was a lot of interaction by the audience, which makes it more fun and rewarding for the speaker – hope to see you next year”

Damien Breier, Vice President, BNP Associates, USA
“Thanks for organising a great Conference this year. I did a lot of networking and heard a lot of interesting talks”

Juan-Jesus Garcia, Senior Advisor, Industry Affairs, Amadeus IT Group SA, Spain
“I enjoyed very much the debate around intermodality, and learned a lot from the presentations from other colleagues. I was impressed by the high standards of the preparation and execution of the event. Congratulations! You make it easy for the attendees to enjoy the event”

Jean Salomon, Principal, JSCP, France
“Thanks for a great get-together”

Professor Stefan Luppold, Director, DHBW Ravensburg, Germany
“Thank you Janine for the perfect support”

Joseph Romano, Architect, RS&H, USA
“The Conference is very good this year, but I wish I were more than one person, as there are so many topics being covered it would be good to take in all of them. Primarily the show offers an excellent networking opportunity”

Niren Choudhury, Global Director, Airports and Ports, Alcatel-Lucent, USA
“It was really one of the best-attended PTX. I am sure this year you had even more international (outside Europe) visitors than ever – and there are always a lot!”

Karl Smith, Senior Project Manager, Beumer Group, UK
“This is my first visit to Passenger Terminal EXPO. I have just started work on a new project for the Beumer Group, so this is all very new to me. There’s loads to see here and my first impressions are very good. The exhibition provides a great networking opportunity and I am learning lots about the industry”

Kirill Nedelko, Head of GSE Department, CSK Group, Russia
“This is my first time here and I have come along following the recommendation of my clients, who said it is a great place to come and do business, and I’d have to agree. So far I have had several good meetings and have found the Expo to be a great place to make contacts. I am also keen to see the new technologies being launched, in particular the variety of self-service offerings that have been most interesting. I will definitely be returning to the event in 2014”

Azlan Morad, Airport/Aviation Consultant, Criss Cross International, Germany
“I have been following Passenger Terminal EXPO for the last few years and enjoy the familiarity of the show. It is a great place for networking and also to find new work. As a consultant, it is important for me to see and understand what is new in the industry, and PTE helps me to do this. I am also able to gain some new contacts and see the latest technologies being launched. The diversity of exhibitors and visitors is great, and I don’t think the show could be done any better”

Alan (Avi) Kirschenbaum, Chairman, Kirschenbaum Consulting, Israel
“The Conference was really organised well, and I actually enjoyed meeting people I would not normally have contact with”

Patrik Anderson, Director Business Development, Transportation, Axis Communications, France
“Passenger Terminal EXPO is a fantastic show to meet clients and network with other companies in the industry. We attend every year and it just keeps getting better and better. The Conference has also been great, with the presentations on security and operations of most value to me”

Delphine Delebarre, Marketing Programme Manager, Airline IT, Portfolio Marketing Programmes, Amadeus IT Group SA, France
“Congratulations again for this year’s event. The Conferences were inspiring and the organisation impressive! Well done!”

Derek Moore, Associate, Skidmore Owings & Merrill LLP, USA

Patricia Simillon, Head Of Airline Operations Strategy, Amadeus SAS, FRANCE
“Interesting Conferences, easy-to-reach venue and very nice gala dinner!”

Chirantan Mukhopadhyay, Vice President, Aecom, USA
“This was a great Conference – the discussions regarding the future were thought provoking; it was a good theme to look at the future of airports. I was able to catch up with some old friends too”

Paul Behnke, Senior Associate, Aviation Strategies International, CANADA
“One of the best networking events in terms of the excellent international representation. The schedule afforded numerous opportunities to meet old colleagues and make new contacts. All the Conference sessions I attended were informative and professional”

Mark Wolfe, Principal / Architect, Hassell, AUSTRALIA
“Really enjoyable Conference – good variety of subject matter”

Art Kosatka, CEO, Transecure Inc, USA
“Excellent Conference! There are literally dozens of Conferences every year seeking our time, attention and money. PTC is always at the very top of the list. Don't miss it”

Austin Smith, Associate Director, Arup, UK
“The Conference very good. It was well organised with a good range of topics and speakers. All key areas covered”

Bob Longworth, Director, Bob Longworth Consulting, UK
“Good event to meet new contacts across the aviation business. Conference themes cover most aspects of passenger terminal work and customer experience. Very well organised and efficiently run Conference ”

David Holm, Director / Architect, Cox Architecture, AUSTRALIA
“It was excellent, perhaps the best in many years. Very good, especially the airports city section”

Philip Weake, Managing Director, Compass International Media, UK
“A good range of topics were covered”

Al Lyons, Principal, Arup, USA
“Better than ever – the Conference sessions and exhibits were both terrific!!”

Alan Gluck, Director of Business Development, Airmall USA Inc, USA
“The Conference was outstanding. Sessions ran well, with a number of interesting speakers and outstanding moderators!”

Catherine Mayer, VP, SITA, USA
“Excellent as always, very good programme – especially like the carry-over from one track to the other i.e., IT in various; customer service in all”

What the exhibitors said at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2013

Helmut an de Meulen, CEO, Materna IPS, Germany
This is our fifth or sixth time here. It’s the most important exhibition for our industry for sure. The quality of the visitors is really excellent. You can meet everyone from airports, ground handlers and airlines. We appreciate it”

Richard Wilkes, Aviation Business Development Manager, NEC Displays, Germany
“PTE 2013 is great, as all the right people attend – anyone who is interested in building a new terminal. We do a lot of exhibitions and sometimes you don’t get the right people coming, but this show is always fantastic for us. Our stuff is very visual, so you need exhibitions to be able to show it properly. PTE enables us to do that”

Paul Williams, CEO, Zoeftig, United Kingdom
“PTE provides an excellent platform for us to reach new and existing clients. The show is becoming more and more international every year, with more visitors from the USA and Asia attending. It is the biggest and best show for us, and the place where we showcase our latest developments and prototypes. The show allows us to communicate the latest developments within Zoeftig’s product range, but also share our knowledge of high-quality products and suitable long-term investments”

Gabor Jozsa, ARH, Hungary
“The show is really focussed. We’ve met only high-quality visitors and I’ve already registered for next year’s show”

David Kershaw, Director, Global Airport Solutions, ARINC, United Kingdom
“This show is one of the very few where you get people from all over the world. You get customers, you get vendors, you get partners, and we end up talking to 40/50 companies in a three-day period. It is an invaluable show to us”

Jan Poulsen, Lyngsoe Systems, Denmark
“It’s very important to be here because this year it’s the most important event worldwide in the industry. Here you have all the vendors, all the customers, everyone is represented here. It’s a very high quality of event and always a good experience to be here”

Frank Mikkelsen, Sales Manager, DSG Systems AS, Norway
“It’s been excellent. It would’ve been a disaster for us not to have been here. It has been a very, very positive exhibition for us, and we are looking forward to Barcelona next year”

Raphael Roy, Business Development Director, Gunnebo Entrance Control Ltd, United Kingdom
“It has been extremely busy. This is the second day and yesterday was very busy, today again is very busy. We’ve made very good contacts. We attend every year because it’s so specialised. The people that walk on our stand have a certain interest that we can interact with. So it’s very interesting for us”

Ute Nellen, KABA, Germany
“We meet our customer group here, we know the quality is high. We had good leads yesterday, good meetings, and I think it is good not only to be in Geneva only but also at Passenger Terminal EXPO”

Michael Seidler, Senior Sales Manager, PrehKeyTec GmbH, Germany
“From my point of view, Passenger Terminal EXPO is the most important exhibition for the airport industries, and that is why we are here every year and will come back again to Barcelona next year too. The week was brilliant. We’ve had a lot of good discussions with decision makers from airlines and IT companies, so it was great”

Michael Bodzioch, PHP REAL Airport Seating, Poland
“We have met many people from all over the world. We are really satisfied with the show”

Bart Houlleberhs, Commercial Director, Type22, The Netherlands
“We had a great Conference speech with Brussels Airlines; it’s great to bring up new ideas and push for the next improvements, to keep improving the process for airports and airlines, but most importantly, happy passengers. We’ve had a very busy week – yesterday and Tuesday were very busy. An incredibly good exhibition. Thanks for the organisation – really, it’s incredible”

Nick Gates, Portfolio Director, Airport Solution Line, SITA, United Kingdom
“I say this every year: this is for us the biggest show that we are present at. It’s always very good. We always get great attendance. We have a lot of our customers come to see us, old and new, and it’s always a very, very good experience for us”

Harald Jentsch, Director Product Line Sales CXS & EDS, Smiths Detection, Germany
“It’s a very important exhibition for us here to meet future customers, like the airports, and to have educated talks about the products, updates about the features, but also getting their input and their demands for the future”

Pascal Berberat, Head of Airport Division, Vitra International, Switzerland
“It has been a very good week. We are happy to be here and obviously we will be back in Barcelona again”

Lon G. von Hurwitz, CEO, World Health Networks, USA
This has been phenomenal for us. This is our coming out party, if you will. We’ve just announced our relationship with the World Heart Federation, had a major press event here yesterday, and the reaction has been fantastic; from Moscow to Istanbul, Singapore to Frankfurt, Munich to Heathrow, we’ve had people who are at executive levels for all these airports at this terrific show”

Romi Singh, President, Aviation Research Corporation, USA
“The audience at Passenger Terminal EXPO is internationally sophisticated. They are aware that this is a commercial organisation. They are here because they value the commercial aspect of the event and are genuinely interested in a business-to-business exchange. That is what I appreciate the most”

Pieter Havenaar, Managing Director, Baggage Handling Systems, Vanderlande Industries, The Netherlands
“Passenger Terminal EXPO is a great networking exhibition that allows us to communicate with our customers on a face-to-face basis. This year we have been sharing information with our clients on our VIBES solutions, which has been very beneficial. The show in Geneva is lively, active and busy, and lots of new contacts have been made, as well as with existing clients. Some of my colleagues have attended the Conference and all of the feedback has been good. The show has been extremely well attended. For us, Passenger Terminal EXPO is like coming home”

Jana Eull, Marketing Manager, Materna Integrated Passenger Services, Germany
“This year we have been demonstrating our self-bag drop and self-boarding gate to visitors, who have shown a real interest in both solutions. We have also launched a new app for check-in, which offers a real mobile application for passengers. There has been a lot of good feedback and everyone is very positive about our solutions. Passenger Terminal EXPO is the most important event in Europe. For us it is a great way to meet our home market – we are a German company and so coming to this event to communicate with our European customers is great. The event provides a wonderful networking experience and we will definitely be back in Barcelona in 2014”

Petra Ollhoff, Manager Marketing Communications, Conrac, Germany
“Passenger Terminal EXPO is so important as it is the only show dedicated to the airport industry. Therefore, we know when we come here we are going to see the right kinds of customers. The show also enables us to catch up with our existing clients, which is an important part of maintaining our relationship with them. This year we have been showcasing our new display screens, and the feedback has been very positive. We will most definitely be returning in 2014”

Pablo Reich, Executive Vice President, Arconas, Canada
“This year we have launched our Compass tower system, which is a collaboration between Arconas and Entro. The feedback from visitors has been great, and the whole event has been very well attended. The variety of exhibitors and visitors is very diverse, and we are very pleased with this year’s event”



Perfect event with excellent content in the conference
Donghyun Kim, Manager, Incheon International Airport, KOREA




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