What the conference delegates, speakers, exhibition visitors and exhibitors said about Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE & EXPO 2014

Robert Deillon, CEO, Geneva Airport, Switzerland
“It is important to be here to see what is happening in aviation, in the airports, and it’s one of the major Expos in Europe for airports, so yes, it’s important to be here and a lot of people from Geneva are here and they are quite happy”

Indana Prabhakara Rao, CEO, Delhi International Airport, India
“Will come back to this one!”

Johan Vanneste, Chief Executive Officer, Luxemburg Airport, Luxemburg
“It’s my first time here and I’m discovering a lot of useful things for my airport. I came to especially find ways to speed up our security screening process as well as automatic bag drop solutions, automatic gate access and crowd control technology. I’m really impressed by some of the presentations that I’ve seen, including how to speed up the whole security process and shorten wait times. It’s been an extremely positive experience. I’m actually very new to Luxemburg Airport, I’ve only been two months in the job, so for me the Expo is about discovery. Although I’ve worked in the aviation sector for over 40 years, I’m still discovering the latest technology, which I can find here”

Jim Parasos, Director Airport and Airline Services, Darwin International Airport, Australia
“It’s the premier event for this aspect of terminal development. It captures retail, it captures customer experience, it captures operation security. As far as I am aware, there is not a similar Conference globally that delivers all that. In the scheme of things, the long journey is a small price to pay”

Serge Petit, Chief Executive Officer, Airports of Mauritius Co, Mauritius
“It’s a great event to gain good exposure. You can see the changes taking place in the aviation industry and keep up to date with all the latest trends. In Mauritius we have just completed a new passenger terminal in September 2013, but we realised we are already lagging behind based on what we’ve seen at the Expo – we are very impressed by the technologies and solutions on show here”

Kristian Durhuus, VP Chief Operating Officer, Copenhagen Airports AS, Denmark
“I think it’s a very good Conference. Especially the Conference Programme is very, very good. If you pick your choice of subject that will interest you, it is a high quality this year”

Abdulhameed Abalary, Managing Director, KAIA Jeddah Airport, Saudi Arabia
"It was a real pleasant time we spent with you at the Conference and I enjoyed the successful discussions and informative sessions – it's a great event"

Bryan Thompson, General Manager Strategy Planning and Development, Melbourne Airport, Australia
“I’ve attended the PTE in various forms, in various organisations, since its inception; missed a year or two along the way, but if there is one Conference I will have to choose around the world this is it, because you get it all in one place”

Felipe Lizana Mejias, Infrastructure Manager, LatAm Airlines, Chile
“Every year we select a little group from different divisions within our airline to attend the Expo and, specifically, the Conferences. We attend the presentations to find out more about the passenger experience and gain more insight into improvements in airports including services and passenger improvements. We’re taking on board a lot of useful and very relevant information”

Emanuel Fleuti, Head of Environment, Flughafen Zurich AG, Switzerland
“It is important because this is the one place we feel we can share that experience, to learn from what other airports have been doing in the past, or plan to do in the future. This is the one platform to exchange that knowledge. Luckily I was moderator yesterday, so today I am happy to sit and listen to other presentations. It is quite broad Conference, which is a good thing because it’s not too constrained to be here. There are lots of opportunities and it’s also a good place to be and also a good place to exchange the ideas I may have in my own core business and also things that influence our airport business”

Marc Ellam, Head of Passenger & Digital Communications, Heathrow Airport Ltd, UK
“I came here with a number of key programmes that are already in motion, if you like, and a couple of guys I am working with here. We were able to work up more solutions with them and indeed some ideas I had gestating in my mind. I’ve literally come out of a room now with a couple of guys who were able to take some of those ideas forward. It's real value, it’s finding time to take all the ideas that are here. It’s fantastic”

Mattias Handley, Customer Communications Director, Swedavia AB, Sweden
“It’s a great networking opportunity. It’s a great way to learn things you didn’t know you wanted to learn as well! I sat in a presentation when it discussed how to use Bluetooth to measure passenger flow. Thank you for a great PTE2014. Superb networking and interesting speakers at the Conference"

Satyan Abraham, Principal Architect, Emirates Airlines, UAE
“There are a lot of people together in one place and there is lots of information to take in – the exhibition provides a single shop where you can interact with service providers and find more about the different products on offer. I’m part of an airline that always aims to be at the forefront of technologies, so the Expo is a good place to find the leading edge of technologies and find out what’s best in the market. The exhibition is one of the best places for airlines and airports”

Richard Meredith, Chief Development Officer, Istanbul New Airport Project, Turkey
“It is important to attend on several levels. For us to learn new things, to make new contacts and also to get our name out into the industry, to say the new airport is coming to Istanbul and is going to be a successful airport, we hope”

Rob Brancheau, Senior Director - Planning, Engineering and Construction, Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, USA
“As always, the Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE has been outstanding. I have attended loads of different presentations and have found every one to be extremely relevant. The sessions I have spent most of my time in have covered topics such as planning and design; facilitation; the airport city model; and commercial and retail. And they have all been extremely informative. In Orlando we’re in the middle of doing some very major projects, including a lot of inter-model developments and some of the presentations and exhibitions are really relevant to this. I’m personally trying to encourage having one or two people from Orlando here every year. In three days, you can really see what’s going on around the world and where you stand relative to what others are doing”

Antoine Rostworowski, Director, Industry Relations, Aéroports de Montreal, Canada
“The Conference is always a very good Conference. Everyone is here, all the airlines, airports, vendors, lots of people, so you can meet a lot of people. It’s difficult to walk without having an interesting conversation or seeing an interesting product. Actually I believe this year there have been more people. The Conferences have always been great. It seems there has been even more of a dynamic atmosphere. Even more new products that people want to carry out and deploy, so I thought personally, this year, discussions were even more productive”

Andrew John Walsh, Chief Officer Service Delivery, Oman Air, Oman
“This is actually my first time, even though I’ve been involved with airports for a long time. I think it’s a very valuable Conference. I think the exhibition, in terms of the companies here and what they’re actually showing in terms of their products and services that they have, has been very beneficial and I think the Conferences themselves have been very useful. Very useful to speak to like-minded people, so to meet like-minded people, to meet my peers, there are a lot of people you know. One thing is, the industry is relatively small, but then to be able to see them, to talk to them about how they are doing and what problems they’re facing and how they’re tackling them is also beneficial. So networking has been great, the information from the Conference itself has been great and I think the exhibition, in terms of the presentation of products and services, is also excellent, so very good, very worthwhile, and I think I’ll definitely be back here in the future”

Barbara Jensen-Vorster, Senior Executive Manager: Communication & Marketing, Gautrain, South Africa
“Just a word of congratulations from my side again on a well-arranged Conference. I attend and speak at many Conferences around the world and I am always amazed by how well you do it”

Douglas Stolls, Manager Guest Relations & Central Baggage, Virgin America, USA
"Can't thank you enough for the opportunity once again. Really enjoyed the show. Hoping to be back next year!"

Ken Greene, Deputy Manager for Airport Operations, Denver International Airport, USA
“Well I think it’s a gathering of companies that do exactly what it is that we need in the industry, so it’s a great forum to exchange a lot of information and to actually touch the technology. A lot of the time you get information via videos and pamphlets; here you can walk around and you can talk to the experts who know their technology very well. You can actually touch and experience the technology; I’ve had the opportunity to do so and also make the kinds of contacts when you are back in your airport environment and you start to really plan what it is you have to do, you now have contacts with various vendors who might have applications you might be looking for”

Kalan AlShueili, General Manager - Readiness, Oman Airports Management Company, Oman
“It is a very attractive event, first of all, because there is such a wealth of knowledge. I have been two times before; this time I brought a larger group and we had people who were coming to look at IT, people in terminal operations, people who are looking at equipment and machinery. Myself, I have come here to talk to companies in terms of procurement and a lot of equipment and furniture, and I think there is a lot of interest shown by many of these companies”

Ronald H Augustin, Security Director & Deputy Senior Vice President, KLM Security Services SPL/AV, Netherlands
“Looking forward to the next occasion of Passenger Terminal”

Mary Kerins, Head of Health and Safety, Security and Environment, DAA plc, Ireland
"I look forward to next year!"

Steve Wareham, Vice President, Trillion Aviation, USA
“It's been a great Conference. See you in Paris!”

Brian Engle, Station Leader, Southwest Airlines MCO, USA
“A fabulous Conference once again!!”

Sandra Casey-Buford, Director of Strategic Research/Diversity, Massachusetts Port Authority, USA
“I definitely loved the Conference, and I’ve been talking it up to other people in the industry”

Andrew John Walsh, Chief Officer Service Delivery, Oman Air, Oman
“This is actually my first time, even though I’ve been involved with airports for a long time. I think it’s a very valuable Conference. I think the exhibition, in terms of the companies here and what they’re actually showing in terms of their products and services that they have, has been very beneficial and I think the Conferences themselves have been very useful. Very useful to speak to like-minded people, so to meet like-minded people, to meet my peers, there are a lot of people you know. One thing is, the industry is relatively small, but then to be able to see them, to talk to them about how they are doing and what problems they’re facing and how they’re tackling them is also beneficial. So networking has been great, the information from the Conference itself has been great and I think the exhibition, in terms of the presentation of products and services, is also excellent, so very good, very worthwhile, and I think I’ll definitely be back here in the future”

Bernard Thiboutot, Director - Marketing, Aéroport de Quebec Inc, Canada
“We always come here to look at new technologies and basically to see what is new in this market. We will refurbish our airport in a few years from now and we would like to see to invest in new technology processes for passengers. Each year you have to come because this is The Show in our industry”

Putit Chaipeth, Computer System Analyst, Airports of Thailand PLC, Thailand
“I’ve been to Passenger Terminal EXPO in previous years and this year is excellent. Everything is here – products, services, systems – it’s all in one place. We specifically came to see self-service bag-drops because we are looking for a solution that is right for our airport, and have been very impressed by the technology available. We have been seeking a solution suitable for our airport, our airlines and passengers, and we go to Passenger Terminal EXPO for this because it is the biggest and best event”

Allen Lainez, Airports Training Director, Copa Airlines, Panama
“The event is great. We have been to other events, but Passenger Terminal EXPO is the biggest. We came to see self-service solutions and the strategies other airports are putting in place as we are seeking to put a long-term strategy in place to improve the passenger experience, and have managed to do that”

Majed Al Harbi, Managing Engineer, King Khalid International Airport, Saudi Arabia
“We come to Passenger Terminal EXPO to look for solutions to any problems we have in our airport. We make many of our decisions based on the companies and solutions that we see at the Expo. If we have a project, such as a new terminal building, then we need to see the latest technology and it’s great to have all the companies in one place. This year, we specifically came to see terminal technology including self-service solutions, which we know we’ll find at the Expo. Sometimes we hear about a company but never meet them because they are not in our country and there is nothing like this in Saudi Arabia; therefore we gather our information here”

Henning Larsen, IT Manager, Billund Airport, Denmark
“This Expo is the only one with a broad range of terminal equipment, which for me as an IT manager is really important, and many of my suppliers are here”

Tracy Nihei, Manager Airport Terminal Project, Vancouver Airport Authority, Canada
“I like to visit Passenger Terminal EXPO to see what’s new in the industry and, since we’re a medium-sized airport, to see where the larger airports are going and what sorts of trends we’re seeing. Also we’re in Canada, and as Europe seems to have the bigger hub airports, we try to learn from these and the lessons they have to offer. The event gives us more exposure to what’s out there. As I represent the airport owner, there’s a bit of everything here that you can kind of get a taste for and it’s nice to have everything under one roof”

Stéphane Mazenq, Project Manager, Toulouse Blagnac Airport, France
“I have attended this Expo for a few years now and continue to come back to see the evolution of technology, as well as new and current exhibitors and projects. For example, when I attended my first Expo in Paris it was only the beginning of automatic bag-drops and self-service boarding, which has now very much evolved. Therefore I come to see which technology is new, including handling of baggage, self-boarding, automatic gates, etc. In one day you can meet a whole array of exhibitors since you have everything in one place”

Marie Jail, Project Manager, Aéroports de Paris, France
“It’s a great place to see new technologies in the market and make contact with people in the industry”

Eng. Adil A Al Yafaei, Senior Maintenance Manager, Oman Airports Management Company, Oman
“The show is very well organised. The technology on display is good every year; it’s great to see the latest equipment on display. Being a maintenance manager, I find the Conferences on services most useful – the Conference on Dubai this year was particularly interesting and useful to me”

Daniel Conrardy, Head of Airport Security, Luxembourg Airport, Luxemburg
“It’s been a great Conference and exhibition. As head of security, I came to find security solutions, specifically to lower queuing times in terminals. I saw a range of different solutions and have found what I was looking for. Since every airport has more or less the same problems, I also came to see how other airports are dealing with their problems, to meet other people in the industry and to share our airport with others so that we can visit each other in future. I have managed to get the information I needed”

Lars Peter Larsen, System Specialist, Baggage Terminal, Copenhagen Airports, Denmark
“We are looking for some baggage reconciliation systems and baggage handling companies, including what’s new in the market. Quite a few systems have impressed us so far. It’s good to see who can provide these kinds of systems and get some contacts and possibly achieve some contracts”

Khaled M Berbash, Chief of Advisors, Libyan Airports Authority, Libya
“I came to find out more about planning in airports, and I’ve gained some very good ideas here. There are a lot of promising ideas, especially involving advanced technology. We were actually thinking about organising our own event in Libya, based on what we’ve seen at the Expo here”

Dennis Mastrogiacomo, Head of Operations Division, Geneva Airport, Switzerland
“I came for the Conferences; the sessions on passenger experience were very useful and relevant to me. I generally came to learn new things and expand my views, and have achieved this”

Kiran Merchant, Manager Aviation Planning Division, Port Authority of NY&NJ, USA
"Congratulations on a very well-coordinated Conference – looking forward to seeing you next year"

Velissarios Eleftheriou, Aeronautical Strategy Manager, Dubai Airports, United Arab Emirates
"Following a very successful Conference both on a general and personal level (due to the positive feedback after my presentation), I would like to sincerely thank you and your team. I already look forward to seeing you in Paris"

Ashwini Thorat, General Manager, MIAL (GVK), India
"Congratulations to you and your team on completion of another Passenger Terminal EXPO event. It was great and organised very well"

Nancy Stern, In-House Architect, Vancouver Airport Authority, Canada
"Thank you for a terrific Conference"

Dvir Rubinshtein, Aviation Security Operation Center Manager, ASOC/State of Israel, Israel
"Thank you all for everything. I hope to meet again in Paris"

Graeme Davids, Retired Detective Constable, Special Branch, Formerly, Leicestershire Constabulary, UK
"It was a good experience"

Léa Bodossian, Secretary General, Airport Regions Conference, Belgium
“We admire the excellent work you did for the Conference”

Art Kosatka, CEO, TranSecure Inc, USA
“An excellent and stimulating series of presentations and panels in Barcelona. Hope to see you again next year in Paris”

Jean Salomon, Principal, JSCP, France
“A big thank you for your efficient and insightful presentations”

Nigel Brownlow, Senior Vice President, Revenue Management and Information Services, InterVISTAS Consulting, USA
“Big thank you for all your thorough and competent support before and during the Conference”

J Lee Glenn, Director of Aviation Design, HKS Inc, USA
“The Conference was terrific and your staff did an incredible job”

Donald Zoufal, Safety and Security Executive, SDI (System Development Integration LLC), USA
“I have to say the presentations I have seen here have been of high quality”

Hunter Fulghum, Senior Consultant, Arts & Engineering PLLC, USA
“First off, let me congratulate you on the 2014 PTE. It was one of the best shows I’ve participated in”

Jerry Angrave, Managing Director, Empathyce Customer Experience, UK
“You and your team laid on a great event”

Chirantan Mukhopadhyay, Vice President, Aecom, USA
“The Conference this year was wonderful”

Roddy Boggus, Senior Vice President / Aviation Director, Global Market Leader, Parsons Brinckerhoff, USA
“I look forward to seeing you next year”

Abbas Khodaverdi, Chief Technical Officer, Matiran, Iran
“It was a true pleasure to be with you and enjoy a very fruitful Conference – it was a very prestigious Conference and I learned a lot”

Benjamin Moreno Palacios, CEO, Airport Gurus, Spain
“As we are Spanish, the Expo this year has been great as it is in Barcelona, so very close by and has been incredibly useful. For us, this Expo is the main event of the year and the best for the airport environment”

Dzhamal Karzimbegov, Business Development Manager, PrimeTouch, Russian Federation
“We came to see what’s currently available on the market and to find possible new partners. It’s been going very well. This Expo is the biggest one and the most suitable for communications and our needs”

Yves Duguay, President, HCiWorld, Canada
“The Conference was truly a pleasure. Let’s keep in touch”

Darija K Scott, Principal, Scott Associates, Canada
“One of the main benefits of this Conference is that it has a very good mix of exhibits and content. Although there are other shows available in the industry, they may offer very good Conferences but not so good exhibits and vice versa, so I think it’s very important that PTE combines the two. It’s the combination of exhibits and Conferences that makes the Expo successful”

Graham Lovely, Project Manager, MCW Consultants, Canada
“The people who are presenting at the Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE really know their stuff and they’re high up enough in their organisations that they’ve got decent, usable data. There have also been a lot of discussions that spur further discussions. As I’m a consultant to Vancouver Airport, we can talk about these things, so there’s a lot of cross-collaboration”

Peter Ball, Business Development Manager, Zafire Aviation Software Ltd, UK
“It’s been a very good week at the show; particularly yesterday was our best day. We’ve had some quality conversations and quality enquiries from people who are looking to deploy innovative solutions”

Peter Duffield, Head of Sales, Zafire Aviation Software Ltd, UK
“We have found this year’s Passenger Terminal EXPO excellent. We have a very diverse product range, so we have appealed to a lot of visitors. The event has enabled us to have some great conversations with a diverse set of clients”

Daniel Grant, Director, Admotum, UK
“Quite simply it’s the best place to get all the top decision makers and all the movers and shakers in the industry all in the one building. For us to independently approach manufacturers and also to then talk to the end users, airport authorities, airlines and various stakeholders, that would be a monumental task picking one at a time and also allowing them to come to us how we would like to present. So in a nutshell, everyone is where you want them to be and the response has been fantastic. We’ve got in front of all the right people today”

Christian Roth, CEO, Beontra AG, Germany
“It’s been amazing. It’s just day two but the first day was absolutely stunning. We’ve known Passenger Terminal EXPO for quite some years and I have spoken at some exhibitions in the past, but exhibiting was definitely the right decision for us. We had a huge crowd on the stand on the first day and we are looking forward to the next days and we will definitely be around next year as well”

Frank Mikkelsen, Sales Manager, DSG Systems AS, Norway
“All the leads we get at this Expo are very valuable to us, so this is by far the best Expo we can participate in. I look tired so I have been extremely busy the past two days!”

Leonard Beckmann, Product Manager, Epson Europe, Germany
“It’s been amazing, it’s really great. We’ve made some very interesting deals during the show, so we are really happy and we have booked for the next year”

Martin Bowman, Sector Director, Lockheed Martin, UK
“We’re here now, because in our view this is the premier airport show in the world. I think the quality of conversations and visitors and delegates has just been exceptional, and it has definitely validated our decision to exhibit here and validated our decision to be here again next year”

Helmut An De Meulen, CEO, Materna Information & Communications, Germany
“First of all, we are going to meet all our potential customers; not only from Europe – we’ve had a lot of visitors coming from the Middle East, from Asia, from The Americas, this is important. People want to see what they get, they want to have a feel, an impression, what it looks like, how it works. This is really a meeting point for our industry, that’s why we really enjoy coming here once again and of course we will attend next year’s PTE in Paris as well”

Richard Wilks, Business Development, NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH, Germany
“We have done a lot of events over the last three years and really Passenger Terminal EXPO still is the number-one event for us globally now, where we can really showcase our new technologies. People are very interested to find out what the trends are in our displays market, but also how we are helping them really to develop their passenger experience process in the terminals themselves”

Bart Houlleberghs, Commercial Director, Type22, Netherlands
“Coming to PTE for the third year in a row, we are returning exhibitors. Really, having that fixed moment in the year to continue the dialogue from previous year is really great to see the steps we’ve taken, the steps they’ve taken and also the steps that our competitors and partners have taken. It’s really a good moment every year to benchmark again and keep progressing”

Boris Weber, Vice President Sales, Siemens AG, Germany
“Well, there are so many fairs around the world and this is the fair where all the industries are and where we find all our customers, not only from Europe but also from the USA, from Asia. This Conference in my view is really the best we have in our community, so we have all the people here. I can see that if I look at the last years, the exhibition part of the PTE is growing every year, which is a good sign. So we have to be here to see all our customers. We like it.”

Roland van den Bergh, Managing Director International, Vanderlande Industries, Netherlands
“Like I said, it’s a meet and greet kind of show for us. A lot of our customers have been here, a lot of potential new customers have been here. I think we are well respected in the industry; we get that as feedback from basically customers and not yet customers, so to speak. It makes us very happy because that is what we are trying to do and that is what we are targeting, so if we are successful in that, then we are happy doing that, yes. It has a lot of senior people walking around here, and those people are really key to us to understand what are their needs, what are their business models, what are their challenges for us to focus on for further future innovations”

Paul Williams, CEO, Zoeftig Ltd, UK
“This really has become The Show in the world. We only have to look back on the last few days of being here and we know from the people that have been on the stand, we’ve had them from all parts of the world. As a company we have representation all over the world; we have offices in USA, in Europe, Middle East and we’ll have offices in Asia very soon; we do business in all those parts of the world. They’re coming here to see what’s on offer, not just in seating of course; there are many other products they want to buy. That’s why we have to be here; this is where they come to see the latest innovations”

Christoph Oftring, International Sales Manager, Crisplant, Denmark
“We have been very positively surprised about the amount of people that showed up on the first day, but it has been very busy right from the start. I have been attending Passenger Terminal EXPO for many years and I have seen it growing every time. This event provides a great opportunity to get feedback from the market and to discuss future trends, and to meet with existing and potential future customers”

Sandra Baltissen, International Marketing & PR Executive, Boon Edam International BV, Netherlands
“We exhibit every year and always find that we make a lot of great contacts with airports and airlines at the show. We choose to participate because we want to put our brand out there, make people more familiar with us and to meet new airports and know what’s going on in the airport industry – something we are really achieving at this year’s event”

Beesem Bikhazi, Founder and CEO, Gooey Global, UK
“I’ve been involved with Passenger Terminal EXPO for some years and it’s always a great event. The Expo provides a place to expand our footprint as we want to get our message across and become more global as quickly as possible”

Elke Oberg, Marketing Manager, Cognitec, Germany
“What I really appreciate about this show is that it changes locations every year. We have a lot of shows now in London and every new event seems to be in London, which makes it very tough to attract people from the continent to come over to an expensive city. Therefore, I really like the Passenger Terminal EXPO concept and the fact that you’re always choosing different locations. I think it’s great because it does bring different people to the event”

Petr Otoupal, Managing Director, Simpleway, Czech Republic
“We started to target airport markets in 2006 and so we want to build our image as a player in this industry, which the Expo has definitely helped us to achieve. This is the single most important event in our industry (passenger services and the general systems associated with it)”

Lorena André, Sales and Marketing, RESA Airport Data Systems, France
“Passenger Terminal EXPO is the only show we exhibit at and we exhibit every year – we have to be here, it’s a very important event for us, especially to find new customers and showcase our product range”

Nuno Nunes Alexandre, Export Manager, Cominfo
“The event is a great place to promote our company. We want to expand in the airport market and gain more experience in the industry, to be stronger and develop even more technologies and solutions. The Expo provides a great place to do this”

Ana Luis, Marketing Services, Ana SA, PORTUGAL
“I believe that it was a great Conference! Very well organised and with great speakers. Most of the sessions I saw were on the customer service and passenger experience, and those were great!”

Caroline Rose, Integrated Marketing Partner, Travel, NCR Corporation, USA
“When might the presentations from PTE be available? Some great content!”

Even MORE testimonials will be added over the coming weeks!



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