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What the conference delegates, speakers, exhibition visitors and exhibitors said about Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE & EXPO 2015

Chris Poinsatte, CFO, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, USA
"Very good. Learning about new innovations was great. This was one of the best airport conferences I have attended"

Phillip Lindsey, MD Airport Customer Service, Delta Air Lines, USA
"Very informative and a great way to learn about all the new products available to enhance the traveller’s experience"

Candace McGraw, CEO, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, USA
"Well-run conference that provides educational opportunities for all disciplines"

Vincent Harrison, Managing Director, Dublin Airport, Ireland
"Excellent event"

Dominique Chavanne, Airport Planning Director, Aéroports De Paris, France
"Interesting and complete conference"

Marcelo Mota, Director of Operations and COO, Aeroportos Brasil Viracopos SA, Brazil
"Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE and EXPO was a great opportunity to share experience, network with peers, meet with good friends around the world, follow the industry’s latest developments and learn a lot in the process. Highly recommended! A lot of business and technical depth and width concentrated in 2.5 days. Very good choice of tracks, subjects and information"

Richard Davis, Managing Director-Global Security, United Airlines, USA
"I thought that our audience was subjected to a superb collection of expert speakers. Very expansive and there was something for everyone. Good options for the attendees"

Richard Rinkens, Coordinator Biometrics, European Commission, Belgium
"Good conference"

Mike Kilburn, Senior Manager – Environment, Airport Authority Hong Kong, Hong Kong
"The great value of coming here is that some of the people who have been doing my job for decades are also here and basically I come to suck their brains dry and get the best possible experience and the best knowledge that I can from meeting them here. Obviously the best is to go and visit them at their airports, but the substitute is to come where everybody gathers from around the world in a single place, where we can benefit from an exchange that you have over two or three days; the chance to sit down and talk things through, learn from each other from the presentations, more so from the dialogue that follows the presentations"

Mark Fisher, Deputy Executive Director, SW Florida International Airport, USA
"Great conference! Worldwide expertise all in one place"

Neil Banks, Head of Airport Customer Services, MAG Stansted Airport, UK
"Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE never fails to reinvent the airport scene"

Pieter Charles Van Der Horst, Senior Real Estate and Airport City Developer, Schiphol Real Estate, Netherlands
"Well organised, good speakers and very interesting topics ranging from security and ICT to terminal expansion and airport city development"

Paul Behan, Director, Passenger (Ex), IATA, Switzerland
"PTE is the biggest conference by far and it’s where all our customers, all our potential clients, are. Our airlines are here, our airport members are here, so it makes sense for us to come where they are and really be able to deliver them a full message across the whole day, as opposed to bits and pieces throughout the conference"

Beau Vanderford, Airport Manager, Copa Airlines, USA
"It was very good"

Peter Moore, Development Director, Dubai Airports, UAE
"PTE is the go-to conference for all involved with aviation development, enabling a superb environment for the cross dissemination of information among like-minded professionals"

Sean Loughran, Long-Range Planning Manager, Port of Portland, USA
"I thought the conference was excellent. The presenters all seemed well prepared and the topics were all very relevant to the issues of the day"

Damian Brooke, VP Finance and IT, Tampa International Airport, USA
"This conference is a great venue for us to really bounce ideas off other airports and see what they’re doing. Talk to the contractors and vendors. The more we meet with other airports, other vendors, it gives us great material for ideas for the future"

Chris Baldwin, Gatwick Connect Product Leader, Gatwick Airport Limited, UK
"The network of attendees means that you can gain a huge amount of subject matter and expert insight in a short amount of time"

Geraldine Lundy, Passenger Accessibility Manager, Virgin Atlantic, UK
"Good conference"

Lea Bodossian, Secretary General, Airport Regions Conference, Belgium
"Opens new perspectives"

Natalia Roj, Manager Issues and Risks, Hamad International Airport, Qatar
"Very interesting content and exhibition"

Garry Porter, Manager of Operations, Darwin International Airport, Australia
"Informative and great array of speakers"

Chee Chiau Ong, Senior Vice President, Changi Airport Group, Singapore
“Passenger Terminal Conference is a great way of keeping in touch with what is happening in the industry and to learn about many different projects and developments happening around the world. I was particularly interested in hearing about the aerotropolis idea in Taiwan and to understand more about what they’re doing. The exhibition has also been great, we’ve met with a number of colleagues and suppliers, and the event is the best way to network with all kinds of people in the airport industry.”

Eero Knnutila, Head of Service Development, Finavia, Finland
“I’m particularly interested in learning about customer experience and the digital opportunities within airports, and the conference has had a number of great presentations on this topic. It is a great way to learn from other airports about how to improve the passenger experience. Passenger Terminal Expo and Conference is a great place to meet people from all areas of the airport industry, from suppliers to airport operators, so it is the perfect place to network."

Marcia Austin, Manager, Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air, USA
“Passenger Terminal Expo provides the perfect opportunity to learn about developments in the customer and passenger experience areas of the industry. This is my fifth year attending the Expo and it is always enjoyable. I have also attended the conference, which provides a great opportunity to learn about what is happening at other airports and carriers, and to see some of the best practices that I can take back to our airline. I can learn how the industry is improving the passenger experience from the lounge through to the service offered on the aircraft.”

Eva Maarend, Marketing Specialist, Tallinn Airport, Estonia
"The endless networking opportunities are the greatest value of the Passenger Terminal EXPO. Bringing together colleagues and industry leaders provides a great opportunity to learn from the best, exchange thoughts and experiences and reflect your own. As innovation at airports is inevitable, the expo provides a vast insight into where this industry is headed. Passenger Terminal EXPO is a place to get inspired!"

Michael Hoehenberger, Head Traffic and Infrastructure Planning, Munich Airport, Germany
"Well organised conference"

Morten Poulsen, Senior Project Manager, Copenhagen Airports, Denmark
"Many interesting speakers"

James Golding, Project Manager, Heathrow Airport Limited, UK
"An excellent opportunity to hear from a diverse spectrum of speakers from the world of aviation on a wide and varied range of topics"

Mazhar Butt, Head of Customer Experience, Dubai Airports, UAE
“Once again Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE gets the industry together and provides us all with the opportunity to discover, engage and align. With all the major airports represented at Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE you can be sure to hear about best practice worldwide and everyone’s future plans. Passenger Terminal EXPO continues to bring the best vendors and suppliers under one roof, enabling us to see the latest line of products available. If there is one conference I would recommend anyone in aviation to attend, it would always be Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE & EXPO. Well done for arranging an excellent event once again! Can’t wait to be in Cologne in March 2016!”

Amélie Chameret, CDM Project Manager, Aéroports De La Côte d’Azur, France
"The different conference"

Jeremy Allen Mitchell, Service Assurance Manager, Sharjah Airport Authority, UAE
"First time for attendance. I was very impressed. Will hopefully be back for 2016"

Henriette Joost, IT Asset Manager, Copenhagen Airport, Denmark
"Good for networking and good for meeting the vendors/partners"

Laila Stokkevåg, Administration Manager, Avinor, Norway
"It was relevant for our project opening a new terminal"

Eric Youngquist, Senior Manager - Customer Experience, United Airlines, USA
"PTE is the one event I try to make every year. Great speakers, excellent exhibitors and a unique opportunity to explore everything going on in the industry in one location at once. Excellent. I thought it was one of the best in a number of years"

Rowan Chalmers, EGM Operations/Customer Experience, Perth Airport, Australia
"Good. Some interesting speakers and a good selection of suppliers"

David Costa, Manager, ANA Aeroportos De Portugal SA, Portugal
"Very interesting. Good networking opportunities and nice combination of conference topics and exhibition participants"

Rachel Crowley, Head of Corporate Relations, Brisbane Airport Corporation, Australia
"It’s been fantastic. I’ve really enjoyed the last couple of days. I’ve been amazed at how many common threads there have been going through the presentations. We all, ultimately, face similar challenges. We are all different sizes, but there is that really unifying challenge that we have and I’ve just really enjoyed hearing how everyone is going about addressing the challenges"

Gunnhildur Vilbergsdóttir, Commercial Manager, Keflavik Airport, Iceland
"Overall I was very pleased"

Alf Lindholm, IM Business Manager, Finavia, Finland
"Good and comprehensive programme of all airport issues"

Isabelle Jeanneau, Self-Service Coordinator, Swedavia, Sweden
"I think it was a nice conference. It was my first time and I hadn’t expected so much"

Marcia Austin, Manager, Recruitment Operations, Alaska Airlines, USA
"It’s huge value to meet people from around the world and understand what they’re doing in their organisations and take those things back to my organisation to share and look at things differently. A nice diverse thought that is happening around here"

Michael Eggenschwiler, CEO, Hamburg Airport, Germany
"Well I think there is a lot of benchmarking here, there are a lot of stakeholders here, a lot of companies here with products. I think the exchange in learning how others do it is something I highly value. Benchmarking is one of the top topics we need to know and not only listen to customers but see what others are doing. If you don’t do it constantly, I think you miss out on something"

Max Steiner, Manager, Flughafen Zurich, Switzerland
"Was worthwhile attending"

Gunilla Boyden, Project Manager, Swedavia AB, Sweden
"Overall interesting speakers and topics"

Andri Orn Vidisson, IT Manager, Keflavik Airport Isavia, Iceland
"I was very happy with the expo and spent much more time talking to exhibitors on the stands. One of the best expos of the five times I’ve been to PTE"

Ann Crook, Director of Aviation, Elmira Corning Regional Airport, USA
"PTX is a great opportunity to share experiences with similar airports from all over the world. This provided a rare opportunity to compare notes with similar airports in different countries"

Ina Eldøy, Head of Marketing and Brand Management, Avinor AS, Norway
"PTE 2015 has been a great learning experience both on a personal and professional level. It is important for our company to be present at this event in order for us to secure a positive development for our 46 airports and the future for the Norwegian population. It is also important for us to contribute and share our stories and experiences with colleagues across the world. This opens the door to dialogue and valuable relations across companies and continents"

Steve Thomas, Regional Compliance Manager, Alaska Airlines, USA
"It was a great place for airport facility and infrastructure"

Charles Marshall, Utilities Manager, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, USA
"It was a good conference. There were good speakers, and the vendors had useful information as well"

Peter Mayerhofer, Masterplan Coordination Operations, Vienna International Airport Plc, Austria
"It is still the best and biggest conference for airports"

Ivonne Kuger, Head of Consulting & ORAT, Flughafen Munich, Germany
"Useful for meeting people and catching up on recent industry development and trends"

Soline Olszanski, VP Strategy & Innovation, HUB ONE, France
"PTE is a very interesting conference for the air transport industry business"

Jean-Michel Hua, Directeur Qualité Clients CDG, Aéroports de Paris, France
"Very interesting and useful"

Martin Kucera, Airport Operations Director, Prague Airport, Czech Republic

Jim Parashos, Director Commercial and Aviation Development, Darwin Airport, Australia
"A very good event as always"

Giorgio Medici, Head of Customer Care, SEA Aeroporti Di Milano, Italy
"We had good speakers and presentations, and excellent moderators"

Alonso Franco Vega, Lieutenant Head Operative Section of Guardia Civil Security Company, Guardia Civil At Barcelona - El Prat International Airport Unit, Spain
"It was an honour to participate in this event. The high level of all speakers brought up new ideas to meet challenges"

Paulo Roberto Certo Fernandes Afonso, Coordinator, Civil Aviation Secretariat of Brazil, Brazil
"The conference was great. The high level of the presentations and the experience of the speakers were the best part of it. Amazing. Too bad it was not possible to watch all the speakers"

Douglas Stolls, Manager Guest Regulations/Central Baggage/IAP Airports, Virgin America, USA
"I think it’s interesting. We get a chance to talk to other airlines quite frequently, but to be at a conference where it’s predominantly folks from the airport environment and service providers, I think it’s always good to get perspectives from different work groups, so this is a great forum for us to meet those people"

Michael Person Gripkow, Chief Commercial & Marketing Officer, Swedavia, Sweden
"Here is fine. I think there are so many impressions and I have a hard time trying to choose which seminars to go to"

Peter Moore, Development Director - Airport Design, Dubai Airport, UAE
"It’s my third year at PTE. It seems the more I come, the more I recognise new and old friends from further afield, but quite honestly, as I’ve always been saying, I think we all have the same problems. They might be different in terms of scale and complexity, but quite honestly, there’s a lot we can learn from each other, from talking, networking. The product suppliers in the main exhibition hall are also there to assist you with support or systems that can be allocated to sort out the day-to-day problems. It’s great to catch up with friends and also to find out what people are doing"

Ivonne Gamboa, Director, Terminal Connectivity Program, Calgary Airport Authority, Canada
"It’s been fantastic. I think the majority of the speakers here have been unique and I have learned a lot. It is a unique way of sharing experiences within the airports and in the airport industry as well"

Michael Martin, Senior Vice President, DAA International, Ireland
"For DAA International, Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE provides a superb forum for the exchange of ideas and creative thinking in the airport industry. We are an airport owner and operator with 75 years’ experience, and the conference allows us to share our innovation and commercial know-how both on and off the podium with fellow airports, consultants, manufacturers and investors"

Mazhar Butt, Head of Development - Passenger Experience, Dubai Airport, UAE
"PTE is the one event across the globe, annually, where you can see all the technology, all the best vendors, suppliers, but also you can meet all your colleagues and peers and understand what they’re doing at the airports and wherever they’re working, so it’s the one opportunity we get to understand what is out there, what is changing in the industry and also share what we’re doing, so hopefully start getting some interest and enthusiasm in technology suppliers and other vendors. So for us PTE is the one place you have to come to either make a mark or understand what best practice is today and tomorrow"

Stanislav Jonas, Manager Security Strategy and Standards, Prague Airport, Czech Republic
"The conference was well organised. As a speaker I got all the support needed"

Wayne Grotheer, Director Aviation Project Management, Port of Seattle, USA
"Very good"

Nancy Stern, Architect, Vancouver Airport Authority, Canada
"Always a great conference. Informative and current. Great variety of topics and information"

Jose Luis Romo, Director of Planning, Grupo Aeroportuario De La Ciudad De México, Mexico

Gudmundur Dadi Runarsson, Deputy Terminal Director, Keflavik Airport - Isavia Ltd, Iceland
"The conference and expo were excellent in 2015"

Olivier Althuser, Head of Passenger Experience, Aéroports De Lyon, France
"Very good"

Mehmet Necdet, Buyukbay, Technical Manager, TAV Izmir, Turkey
"Perfect. Very well organised"

Paulo Roberto Certo Fernandes Afonso, Coordinator, Civil Aviation Secretariat of Brazil, Brazil
"It has been great so far, it’s really a great show. The level of the conferences is very high. They’re setting a really high standard, which makes me a little concerned about my presentation tomorrow! It is my first time here, but it’s been worth it. Lots of experiences to take back. I can’t follow all the speakers at once, but I’m trying to do what I can, trying to see as many as possible"

Catherine Mayer, VP, SITA, USA
"Very good"

Adam Taylor, Senior Vice President Global Accounts, AirServ, USA
“Passenger Terminal Conference has a very comprehensive program of talks, which for me help to provide affirmation that the work we’re doing is heading in the right direction in terms of passenger experience. The sessions have helped me learn more and understand about how the industry is using technology to support processes and the potential of technology in the future. The industry is moving so quickly it is important to come to events like this to learn about what others are doing and see how we can use that information to improve and grow.”

Antony Marke, Managing Director, OmniServ, UK
“It is always good to have your finger on the pulse and that is why I’m here – to really see what the latest technology is, how it can improve the passenger journey, what the airports processes are and what is important to them. It is a good place to meet all types of people and find out how the industry is developing in their area or sector and how we can learn from this to develop our business.”

Anthony Smith, Border Security Consultant, Fortinus Global Ltd, UK
"An excellent conference with very high-quality speakers and exhibitors"

Oliver Gumpert, Business Development, Doppelmayr Cable Car GmbH & Co KG, Austria
"They are all there – great event – a must for the aviation industry"

Karl Lyndon, Director, BuroHappold Engineering, UK
"Attending PTC is a great opportunity to keep up with the latest thinking and trends in passenger terminal design. It’s also the who’s who networking event of the year"

Dr Patricia Ryan, Director Of Business Development, Metalsmiths Sterling, USA
"Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE speakers in commercial development provide the latest information and are willing to share their personal experiences. I always learn a tremendous amount at this conference"

Jim Slevin, Director, Human Recognition Systems, UK
"Yet again Passenger Terminal sets the benchmark for aviation exhibitions and conferences. A wide range of topics available, all excellently presented"

Francis Barich, Principal, Barich Inc, USA
"Very well done. The best opportunity to work with solution providers"

Rian Burger, Principal, Stantec, Canada
"This is undoubtedly the premier airport terminal conference in the world. I go to many conferences mainly for networking but this is the only one I actually learn something, and it offers the best-possible networking across all continents"

James Ingram, Director, DKMA, Switzerland
"The conference was a great opportunity to meet industry experts and discuss the challenges and opportunities for improving airports"

Lawrence Studdiford, National Aviation Systems Practice Leader, AECOM, USA
"Passenger Terminal EXPO is always a fantastic venue for collaborating with colleagues worldwide and learning about new innovations within various market sectors of aviation"

Eric Bernard, CEO, Visioglobe, France
"Very interesting speakers and topics"

Nimrod Halfon, Senior Consultant, Four Winds Interactive, USA
"Great event for networking and learning about new trends in the industry. The best global conference for aviation"

Stuart Condie, Director, Direct Infrastructure, UK
"Ran very smoothly and to time with an interesting set of speakers"

David Holm, Director Architect, Cox Architecture, Australia
"Very good"

Andrew Evans, Technical Director, AECOM, UK

Ihab Osman, SVP & CTO, Ross & Baruzzini Inc, USA

Alan Lamond, Director, Pascall + Watson, UK
"The Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE continues to provide the greatest opportunities to meet the industry’s key players"

John Trupiano, Principal, Corgan, USA
"So many great topics that you can’t possibly see them all! Always outstanding"

Roddy Boggus, Senior Vice President / Aviation Director | Global Aviation Market Leader, Parsons Brinckerhoff, USA
"This year’s conference was one of the best I have attended. I was really happy with the quality of exhibitors, presenters and attendees"

Mehrdad Parsad, Associate Architect, Stantec, Canada
"This is the most important annual event for people in the airport industry, from architects to operators and airlines. Everyone can benefit from another person’s experience and point of view"

Benny Lim, VP, Certis Cisco Aviation Security Pte Ltd, Singapore
"Very good"

Austin McGinley, Client Services Director, JHP, UK
"The conference sessions are an excellent forum to hear from senior airport sector professionals the very latest thinking and commercial strategies in this highly dynamic sector"

J Lee Glenn, Director of Aviation Design, HKS Inc, USA

Etienne Van Zuijlen, Managing Director, E10CDM Aviation Consultancy, Netherlands
"PTX is a unique opportunity to get updated with latest trends across the airport industry combined with an unrivalled networking opportunity"

Reinhard Zeiler, General Manager, ON-BLOCK GmbH, Austria
"PTC is the top conference in the airport industry. Every year it covers the most important subjects in the industry"

Robert Chicas, Senior Vice President, HOK, USA
"Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE is now very clearly the premier aviation conference of the year. PTX covers all of the most important aspects and considerations of airport development initiatives around the globe"

Christina Doerge, Architect Dipl.-Ing, K+P Stadtplaner Und Architekten GmbH, Germany
"The conference was very interesting and inspiring"

Steve Zerkowitz, CEO, BluSky Services, Belgium
"Impressive, broad coverage"

Jeremy McGrath, Director, McGrath Aviation Projects, Australia
"I try to come every couple of years to this conference because it’s inspirational in lots of regards. It recharges batteries, seeing what is happening around the world. Particularly I think for me, the European examples are world leading as far as I’m concerned and I’ve been coming to this conference for the last 15 years, every couple of years"

Lynn Gordon, Vice President, Airport Solutions, Arconas, Canada
"It is our key global show. We have been here now, about eight, nine years in a row. It’s been quite a journey, but this has probably been the best one so far. It’s been very, very busy and the show’s been very important for us in showing our global reach and to meet our global customers"

Jan Reh, CEO, BAG2GO GmbH, Germany
"From the first day until today we have had a lot of contact with customers, with airlines that are here. Working together with the ecosystems is very important for us, because BAG2GO is the puzzle piece and we aim to make serious travel better. You have all the drop-off manufacturers here for the luggage, you have IT providers here, you have a good landscape of what this industry is all about"

Johan Rajczyk, Sales, Beumer Group, Denmark
"We consider PTE to be the expo where dedicated industry people come. They have the conference; it is really people who are decision makers, the airport owners, so, therefore, we need to be here as one of the major players in the industry"

Denis Castanet, Business Development Manager, Bosch Security Systems, France
"It’s been a great show for us. We have always been busy at the show. We have had a very wide spectrum of questions and that is good because we have a wide spectrum of solutions that create a lot of thinking and questions. So that greatly improves our strategy and how to prepare for the future"

Raphael Roy, Business Development Director, Gunnebo Entrance Control Ltd, UK
"PTE is a very specialist fair; all the right people come here. All the people that are interested in these types of solutions will be here. For us, it’s a very important platform to be able to show what we can bring to the airport industry"

Martin Bowman, Sector Director, Lockheed Martin, UK
"This is the premier airport show in the world. First thing we do when we get here is book our booth for next year. This is definitely the show that brings the most diverse range of job roles, job sponsors from the aviation sector to it. It also brings companies from all around the globe. You’ve companies from North America, the European market, the Middle Eastern market, Asia-Pacific market. This is the show to attend"

Chris Forrest, Vice President, Global Airports, Rockwell Collins, UK
"PTE is not only one of the biggest shows, it’s the big show for airports in Europe. It’s one of the biggest airport shows in the world. It’s one we’ve been coming to for many, many years. It is the show of the year that we put in the calendar. That’s why we target this show to launch products; it’s very important to us"

Tim Ellis, Pre-sales Engineer, Samsung Electronics, UK
"The week’s been really good. The first couple of days were non-stop. The week’s been very busy. We’ve been speaking to the right people and everyone has been very interested in our products and we have been able to get our message across"

Nick Gates, Portfolio Director, SITA, UK
"It’s a really big event. It’s very popular from all the IT providers and it is a great event. We get to see what our competitors are doing; we have lots and lots of customers here. It is just the biggest event for SITA in the year"

Binnur Güleryüz Onaran, General Manager, TAV Information Technologies, Turkey
"First of all, to meet with prospective customers. We are very happy because we only attend PTE every year. I think this is the seventh year we have come to PTE. With our current customers, sharing our new developments, new products, new services, and also marketing activities, is very important. And we schedule most of our meetings here. It’s been a good week. Every year we have more visitors and it’s very successful"

Mauro Oretti, VP Sales & Marketing, SkyTeam, Netherlands
"Good conference"

Ahmet Selcuk, Business Development Manager Middle East, TAV Construction, Turkey
"I attended the airports planning and design sessions on 10 March and 11 March. The speakers for both days were very distinguished leaders of the industry and I am very pleased to have attended these informative and enlightening presentations. The fact that the profile of the speakers ranged from a wide array of geographies has been a focal point of the success of the event"

Stuart Hood, Managing Principal, Integral Group, Canada
"Very good"

Ravinder Gill, Design Manager, Areen, UK

Alan Bishop, Associate, Areen Design, UK
"Good conference, good range of topics. Decent exhibition"

Lars Elfving, Project Manager, Eltel Networks, Sweden
"Well organised"

Steven Leighton, Director, Helios, UK
"Good quality presentations by and large. Well organised and moderated"

Sigurthorsson Adalsteinn, Consultant, VSO Consulting, Iceland
"This was a very good conference"

Georgios Vagiannis, Project Manager Engineering and Special Projects, Uponor Corporation, Germany
"Really good event"

Ian Dunn, Senior Consultant, DG McEwan Limited, UK
"Nice to meet up with old colleagues and see the latest innovations buzz. Talk discussions as a delegate. Useful"

Pedro Garcia Iglesias, Sales Manager, T-Systems, Portugal
"Good exhibition and nice conferences"

Christopher Shugg, Deputy Managing Director (Aviation), Singapore
"Very worthwhile event with experts from around the world plus a good exhibition along with the conference"

Kevin McLoughlin, Director - Special Airport Systems, WSP, UK
"An excellent exhibition this year with state-of-the-art technology on display"

Paul Urmston, Marketing Director, Salones VIP Pacific Club, Chile
"Quite informative. We definitely learned a few things to share with our team"

Jesus Olea, CEO, IntegraServices, Mexico
"A good opportunity to keep up to date with knowledge about airports"



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