Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE & EXPO 2011 testimonials

Read what people said about the 2011 EXPO! Come back soon to see what people had to say this year!

"This is of course the premier event for airports in the world and to be able to come here and address some of that audience is very useful to us so we can tell them how we’re getting on. Hey, our market is here, so why wouldn’t we be here? I have been every year you have run this conference and hope to keep coming"
Richard Gooding, Chief Executive, London City Airport, UK

"This is the premier conference. We have counterparts, investors, and technical individuals from across the globe come here to share their thoughts, to discuss options, so what better than to come here and share ideas"
Khaled Naja, Chief Operating Officer, Chicago Department of Aviation, USA

"I have seen two things that have really impressed me: one is the quality and diversity of the presentations and two, the extensive trade show, both of those features we were looking forward to and this show has done exactly what we were hoping it would do. The interesting part is different suppliers that we normally wouldn’t see in North America, the nuances of things they are doing that are a little different than we would apply in North America. There is a number of products that I have made note of that we can now look at bringing to my world"
Bill Restall, President & CEO, Saskatoon Airport Authority, Canada

"I thought that the conference was excellent, it covered so many aviation industry topics and I really enjoyed the exhibition"
Kazumi Hiraoka, Senior Manager, Narita International Airport Corporation, Japan

"Great networking, that’s one of the most important aspects of coming to the Passenger Terminal EXPO because you get to meet so many professionals from the top airports in the world, it is important if you are in this business. Passenger Terminal EXPO is one of the conferences you must attend if you are serious about your business. I have been in this position for three years and this is my second Passenger Terminal EXPO conference. I went to England three years ago and now I’m here, that signifies the importance of the conference"
Clarence Derby, Chairman, Princess Juliana International Airport, Netherlands Antilles

"Probably, nowhere else you can get, under one roof, information about such diverse aviation subjects. And the coverage is also a geographical one as you get the latest news from all continents. The conference overall is like Ali Baba's Cave: with such a number of presentations on such a wide range of subjects there is something for everyone!"
Giuseppe Rizzo, Project Manager European Policies, European Commission, Belgium

"The session provided the opportunity for industry leaders to share information on the latest improvements in passenger processing technologies and processes.  There was considerable excitement generated around recent trials such as the commencement of customer-affixed baggage tagging in the United States and enhancements to that process in other parts of the world"
Samuel Ingalls, Assistant Director of Aviation, Information Systems, McCarran International Airport, USA

"The conference was very informative, and well worth the trip"
Victor Chin, Director Airport Programs and Planning, JetBlue, USA

"There are only a few chances to address airport people – this conference is a major chance to do this and of course I want to learn more about recent developments in other fields and so it is very easy to go to the sessions or stroll around the exhibition and see what is happening"
Roland Krieg, Chief Information Officer, Fraport, Germany

"The conference was well-organised and structured. It was well worth the time and definitely worth the visit!"
Nina Malherbe, Head of Department: Baggage Operations, Airports Company of South Africa (ACSA)

"Passenger Terminal continues to deliver year after year the best panel of airport community experts that share their best with the rest of the world, every airport should attend, business for 2011/2012 is starting to take-off again"
Francisco Miguel Pestana Brandao da Silva Oliveira,  ICT Senior Advisor, ANA, Aeroportos de Portugal SA, Portugal

"Very useful, it was great to see what was happening at other airports, I was partcularly surprised as to how open everyone was with regard to their aiport and what worked and what didn't"
Kathryn Williams, EPC Business Manager, Gatwick Airport Limited, UK

"Very interesting items in the conference and very well structured, the parts I was in were very well moderated too"
Birgit Karl, Senior Manager IT-Development, Deutsche Lufthansa, Germany

"This is a great event, a lot of major players in the industry are here and even roaming around in the exhibition you meet a lot of colleagues, former colleagues, big players in the industry. I think it is a great place to socialise with people and to share experiences"
Julian Jaeger, Chief Executive Officer, Malta International Airport, Malta

"We are about to embark on a masterplan exercise at our airport and this conference is an excellent venue to pretty much touch base with all of the aspects of airport planning and development that we will be encountering. The quality is uniformly very high, I have found it very educational very beneficial"
John Mok, Chief Executive Officer, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport, USA

"The conference, it’s the first time that I have actually been to this particular event – one of the things that really impressed me was the global reach you have here and the global nature of the event. Obviously I am coming from Asia-Pacific, there are other speakers here including Singapore, for example, there’s a lot of people from the USA and obviously Europe because it’s the host destination. Certainly I was really impressed by just how much work is going on in this area and also it was actually very, very nice to be part of a session where sustainability is something we’ve been talking about for over two days here, so there is a big focus on sustainability, so I think that was really, really good to see"
Mark Watson, Head of Environmental Affairs, Cathay Pacific Airlines, Hong Kong, China

"First of all the number of attending delegates inspires - and you usually have a lot of people attending your conferences. The wide range of representatives from all over the world gives you a wide range of views on the different subjects at airports. Even though we have similar regulation and procedures all over the world, the way that we approach non-aviation business differs. That gives you a big opportunity to take in other airports concepts or ideas and add them or reshape them a little bit for your own Airport. That’s business development!"
Olle Sundin, Managing Director, Swedavia AB, Sweden

"The conference was very interesting. The panels were very well organized and the quality of the speakers was excellent. As usual Passenger Terminal Conference is an amazing venue to exchange ideas about the future of airports and to meet new talented people involved in the industry"
Giulio Leucci, Head of Corporate Strategy and Corporate Development, SAGAT Turin Airport, Italy

"I thought the conference was useful, enlightening, and informational. I appreciated the relevance of the topics and the variety of vendor booths"
Arland Fagerstrom, Baggage Operations Manager, Port of Seattle, USA

"Useful platform to share experience and knowledge and build business connections amongst the airport community"
Sue Ming Koh, Director Engineering & Master Planning, Changi Airport Group (S) PTE LTD, Singapore

"The 2011 conference was the best one yet; both informative and entertaining while providing valuable insight and potential new initiatives to bring back to our operation. I'm looking forward to 2012 in Vienna!"
Johnathon Bear, Manager Airport Services, American Airlines, USA

"PTX has established itself in the industry as one of the main platforms for networking but also for the presentation of new products, new services and new processes. I think the combination of both the exhibition hall, where you can see for yourself what kind of products are available, along with the sharing of knowledge and new ways of pursuing business in the conferences are unique, and the quality of the speakers and the quality of the presentations and exhibits are such that you don’t want to miss it. It’s a relatively small industry and people move on from airports to airlines and from airline to service providers and this is a good way to catch up and keep up with your long lost friends and acquaintances, so I think it is a fantastic opportunity"
Ansgar Sickert, Managing Director, Fraport India, India

"There are three different types of "take-out" from this conference, the first is the data - you see and listen to very interesting data that you can go back and actually copy how they have done things or approach things in a similar way. The second is that which you see behind me - all the exhibition space, which basically is a whole lot of new ideas that you can consider and see if it is appropriate for your airport. Thirdly and probably most importantly, you get to meet key decision makers, to meet the people who are experienced and have gone through the problems of the industry, have tackled the issues that happen and hopefully you can learn from them and not make as many mistakes in the future"
Jack MacGowan, Chief Commercial Officer, Dublin Airports Authority, Eire

"There is so much here in one place, you get so many ideas as you walk through the exhibition hall, or talk to your counterparts, or you attend some of the speeches and the panels. You are sharing a lot of things that are similar but you are looking at how different people attack different issues as well as provide different services for their airport and then you can go back with these best practices and you can make a difference in your own airport"
Tom Ruth, President & CEO, Halifax International Airport Authority, Canada

"The conference was a good use of time. PTE is an excellent event for seeing all of the major traders under one roof. It is possible to see as much in a single day that would normally take weeks to do whilst in the office"
Wayne Smith, Head of IS, Birmingham Airport, UK

"I always come to learn, not necessarily to buy, but to learn, to go back and say I’ve thought about this, I’ve seen this, I’ve heard what this company is doing. I’ve just been in the Customer Experience session because I’m doing my speech tomorrow morning and essentially it’s about learning, it’s about knowledge gathering.
As always at the conference there are very high quality speakers, a very good delegate list, lots of people here, looks like there are a lot more people here than there were last year"
Paul Kehoe, Chief Executive Officer, Birmingham Airport, UK

"The whole idea of this conference is to meet people with diverse experiences from all around the world and to hear people describe their experiences, anecdotes and case histories from their experiences. It’s a great place to gather that information and interact with people, not just in the conference but outside the conference. It’s a great networking opportunity. In the exhibition you see a lot of companies exhibiting their future products – as a private operator, as we bid for new jobs, it is always good to know what is available in the market and what is being thought about for the future and incorporate them into our own designs"
Govindan Shridharin, Executive Director, GMR Airport Developments, India

“PTX 2011 brought together regulators, experts from the industry and manufacturers. Thanks to its unique club-like atmosphere it offered a perfect framework for discussing the hot topics in Aviation Security in a controversial, but constructive way"
Urs Haldimann, Head Legal and International Affairs, Federal Office of Civil Aviation, Switzerland

"It is networking, it is benchmarking, it is controversy, it is friendly chatter and it is information exchange altogether. But most of all it is inspirational"
Michael Rumpf, Senior Consultant Baggage Operations, Munich Airport – Flughafen München GmbH - Oman Branch, Oman

"What’s really, really good is to sit down in front of your peers and talk about what you’ve done and how you’ve done it and get their feedback. You are not here simply for people to throw roses at you and say you’ve done a great job, far from it, what you actually want people to be is constructive in their criticism, to talk about things they’re doing that are new, and of course there are people from all over the world here.
This is a very international conference and we’re listening to people in America, we’re listening to people in Europe, in Asia, the Middle East etc., and we’re learning new things all the time and that’s what is really great about sharing our experiences and getting feedback. From the Chief Executive all the way down, you’ve got different people here and then you’ve got the suppliers, you’ve got the engineering construction companies and you’ve got the designers. We all have one thing in common, we want to do the right thing and we want to do it as well as we can and we are all sharing those ideas, which is great"
Declan Collier, Chief Executive, Dublin Airports Authority, Eire

"I already knew a lot of speakers in my section from a global working group that I was on with the global reporting initiative – all of us come from very different backgrounds on different continents and when you come to places like this and you get to share ideas amongst each other you really find that you have some similarities and some big differences but those similarities and differences are easily transferred to your own operation"
Matt Harris, Senior Director, Executive Office, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, USA

"This is my first Passenger Terminal EXPO and it has been a fantastic show, full of great confrences to attend. A very positive experience, lot of different subjects and topics that are very important for the industry both for airline and airport authorities. It’s been great to see the exhibition, a lot of interesting products and new technology for the industry and I recommend any airport or airline personnel to come to this show and I look forward to Vienna"
Allen Lainez, Director Service Excellence, Copa Airlines, Panama

"Wonderful! I have attended two sessions on retail and commercial activities, which was great and we have picked up on a couple of ideas and also the morning sessions with respect to passenger experience was wonderful. "Great and fruitful, nice speakers and well organized. It was sharing and grasping ideas, information and statistics from all over the world""
Balvir Bhatia, Deputy General Manager, Terminal Operations, Mumbai International Airport, India

"We’ve come to the conference to look at three main areas: airport design – we are into master plan stage, we started the last couple of weeks on airport master plan for the next 20 years; customer service – we are very much into improving our customer service, we have been gaining some praises and awards from the ASQ programme, so we wanted to sharpen ourselves even further; concessions and concession management and the initiatives etc., so those are some of the main areas that we have been trying to cover with a two man team from Barbados. When we looked at the programme we realised that there are subjects that would be critical to us and that’s why we made the twelve-hour trip to Copenhagen to be part of this conference. You can’t come to a conference like this and not take anything back otherwise you are wasting your time - we have seen many things that we can take back and work towards improving our airport"
Joseph Johnson, CEO, Grantley Adams International Airport, Barbados

"It’s a gathering of a lot of different companies providing different products, and most of the products are for the future and hopefully in the future will provide further services to the passenger"
Howard Hei, Executive Director of Airport Operations, Hong Kong International Airport, China

"The conference is really important because ideas come from everywhere. I find that a lot of airports have the same kind of problems with different solutions and so this place is very good for idea sharing"
Majidah Hashim, Senior Executive, Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad, Malaysia

"It has been very interesting to share all our ideas and hear what other airports are focusing on and I think we have a lot of things to learn from each other"
Lone Edelbo, Head of Master Planning, Copenhagen Airport, Denmark

"Well organized conference and best vendor showfloor I've seen at any conference"
Richard Kolodner, TSA Representative to the EU, TSA, Belgium

"The conference was outstanding"
Darcy Bullock, Professor, Purdue University, USA

"It is without doubt a great opportunity from a law enforcement point of view to  engage with other agencies in a partnership approach where we can learn from each other and have an insight into how other agencies, airlines and airports operate from around the world. Learning, sharing and passing on those ideas can only be of a benefit to the industry and security. The conference is very well organised, meticulously planned and an excellent flow of information. An excellent worldwide event - well done"
Neville Hay, Detective Sergeant, Counter Terrorist Intelligence Unit, Sussex Police, UK

"I think we have several stakeholders here, not only from Kingfisher’s perspective but as a whole community of airport operation providers and technology providers and this is a good platform where I should be able to share ideas, get feedback from them and get into a culture where we share information amongst different stake holders in this overall travel business and get a queue into it"
Sourav Sinha, Chief Information Officer, Kingfisher Airlines Ltd, India

"The conference went very well and all the participants were very committed. In broad terms the overall balance was very good indeed"
Giulio De Metrio, Chief Operating Officer and Deputy CEO, SEA Aeroporti di Milano, Italy

"It’s been really valuable listening to the other airports’ experiences – it’s almost like a mini case study and so you get comfort in knowing that they have the same challenges and what they are doing. You come away with a few gems and a few ideas about how we can improve our experience and it’s really great that everyone shares – you know it is a competitive industry – so it’s nice to know that everyone is in the same room and sharing experiences"
Sarah Aldworth, Marketing Manager, Auckland International Airport, New Zealand

"I thought the conference was very well organized and the highlight was the programme because it was well rounded and very informative. The programme was so packed with presentations of interest that I found I could not attend all that I wanted to attend. For most conferences I actually try to avoid the exhibition hall because it is boring, but I didn’t do this at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2011. I spent time a good amount of time each day visiting the exhibits"
Dave Powell, Director, Major Capital Improvements Program, Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority, USA

"This is the best conference in the business – and you can quote me on that. Well done for organising such a great event.  We look forward to doing it all over again in Vienna next year"
Ally Shearer, Manager, Border Security and Facilitation, Virgin Atlantic Airways, UK

"I felt the conference was very well organized with a broad array of speakers and topics. It was good to see speaker representation from airlines as well since I don't think airports and airlines can continue to be distant "partners". The vendor exhibitor floor was full and seemed to include a very complete range of displays. The time spent really felt like a quality industry event and provided lots of opportunities to engage attendees and exhibitors throughout. I enjoyed the EXPO as an attendee and speaker. I'm looking forward to EXPO 2012"
Gary Long, VP and CIO, Greater Toronto Airports Authority, Canada

"Presentation subjects and speakers at the PTE Conference were excellent and extremely diverse, the key thing for me is that PTE provides me new ideas, examples and contacts, but mostly contributes to confirm and adjust the directions we are taking as an airport. My main challenge was to plan my schedule to ensure I saw all I the presentations I wanted to!"
Antoine Rostworowski, Director of Business Development, Aéroports de Montréal, Canada

"Well organized and interesting speakers. Moreover a great opportunity to network with like minds. Here you have the only opportunity to experience all aspects of aviation. From seats to trolleys and from security to spotters!"
Ronald Augustin, Deputy Senior Vice President Security Services, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, The Netherlands

"It was an exiting event in Copenhagen"
Abdulrahman Mbamba, Manager IT, Tanzania Airports Authority, Tanzania

"I was thinking as I sat and listened to the presentations how wonderful it is to take the time to fully concentrate on innovation and strategies, because what happens back at the office is deadlines keep coming up and there is little time to think ahead. Sometimes when I listened to a presentation I heard something that made me think about a challenge at our airport and even come up with ideas or solutions to completely different situations. Other presentations were so good I just wrote "download" as I listened to it. I very much enjoyed the conference"
Christel Øen, Business Analyst, Bergen Airport, Avinor AS, Norway

"The Passenger Terminal EXPO conferences were a great opportunity to see what’s going on in the industry in relation to a range of issues. I was very impressed by the calibre of the speakers on airport sustainability in particular – I was able to meet and exchange viewpoints with some people who were very knowledgeable in this increasingly important area of airport operations"
Alistair McCreadie, Corporate Services Coordinator, ASUR, Mexico

"Get upgraded at the Expo - I work in airport BHS, security and process automation and the conference for those topics was really useful - each Airport Authority’s efforts and trials to implement the plan for their airport's future was examined at Terminal EXPO 2011. In particular I could benchmark developing strategies and future baggage handling services of several airports at the baggage session and thought it was a good chance to upgrade and compare our strategy to others"
Gun-Hyo Park, Deputy Director, BHS Operations Team, Transport Facilities Group, Incheon International Airport Corporation, Korea

"The programme: the conference practically covers all airport issues…and I congratulate you on the great organisation - keep it up!"
Jurij Mežnaršič, Adviser to CEO, Business Development, Aerodrom Ljubljana dd, Slovenia

"I thought the conference went very well"
Peter Spurway, Vice President, Corporate Communications, Concession Development & Airport Experience, Halifax International Airport Authority, Canada

"This was my second year to speak at the Passenger Terminal Exo2011. I found it just as remarkable as the first year. For the aviation industry it offers an opportunity to hear about, as well as to see, the latest projects, industry trends, developments, ideas, innovations, new products and services from around the world. It draws the leading experts from airlines, airports, authorities and consultants. This conference creates great networking opportunities for the industry worldwide"
Ken Buchanan, EVP – Revenue Management, D/FW International Airport, USA

"The worldwide selection of experts on airport sustainability presenting at the conference was a virtual who’s who on the subject – very impressive"
Randy McGill, GM Environmental Stewardship, Greater Toronto Airports Authority, Canada

"It’s very heartening to find that the Passenger Terminal Conference included the Airport Rail topic. For any new airports or existing sizeable international and domestic airports, it is imperative to ensure that an efficient and sustainable mode of transportation is available as an option to the public. The recent conference was very well organised – interesting exhibition and an excellent opportunity for networking!"
Noormah Mohd Noor, Chief Executive Officer, Express Rail Link Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

"Best PTX ever!  Great opportunties to learn and to network. A very good conference. Great speakers, pertinent subject matter and Copenhagen was a great location, I look forward to Vienna!"
Steve Wareham, Director of MSP Operations, Metropolitan Airports Commission, USA

"Informative and complementary. An attractive meeting for policymakers, experts and representitives of the market. It was great to discuss the developments in the field of border management...quite a lot of governments have come to the stage to decide upon the implementation of policies and investments. In the meantime the market has become more mature. This is an interesting combination"
Gert Versluis, Programme Director Identity Management and Immigration, Immigration and Naturalisation Service, The Netherlands

"This year’s PTX Conference was very well attended with senior level industry leaders that provided valuable insight"
Robert Kennedy, Interim Deputy General Manager, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, USA

"I believe we all consider the PTX Copenhagen event a great success"
David Stewart, Head of Airports, IATA, Canada

"PTX 2011 for me was very inspiring. It's good to hear from all specialists what they foresee will happen in the aviation sector and specifically with baggage handling. It opens the mind and it gives new insights and opportunities. I also made a number of very valuable contacts at the event"
Mark Lakerveld, Senior Manager of Baggage, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Netherlands

"IT, electronic check-in and baggage handling sessions were very well attended. We were thrilled at the progress being made in Australia related to the elimination of ticket counter check-in for Domestic Qantas. Significant progress continues on RFID enhancements in Las Vegas, and state of the art inline baggage systems are proliferating airports worldwide. This year we saw conventional tradition take a back seat to innovation and enhanced technology. Our airports and air carriers are demonstrating a focused vision and aggressive implementation that will ensure rapid deployment of new and creative processes. The future looks very promising - a good success in Copenhagen"
Brian Keene, Director of Worldwide Baggage Performance, United Airlines, USA

"Broad conference subjects with very high level contents"
Kelvin Leong Chan, Assistant Vice President Engineering, Changi Airport Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Singapore

"The conference was interesting and informative"
Elke Blair-Fish, EPC Business Manager, Gatwick Airport, UK

"Excellent. Very informative"
Haroon Jeena, Group Executive Commercial, Airports Company South Africa, Africa

"PTE is the classic of all aviation and passenger terminal conferences. Brilliant! There is no better conference for terminal processes"
Marcel Plaum, Senior ManagerTraffic & Terminal Management, Fraport AG, Germany

"Very good presentations"
Romana Hasler, Project Management, Vienna International Airport, Austria

"Great organisation"
Rogier Doffegnies, Advisor, Schiphol Group, The Netherlands

"I was very impressed with the quality of the conference. It  was a great opportunity to meet new colleagues and share our thoughts regarding the best practices in our business, a lot of new ideas and brilliant tips to follow!! Once again thank you...we can't wait for Vienna 2012!!"
Hiosvany Muina, Airport Manager, Copa Airlines, USA

"Definitely don't miss this conference! All topics were of great importance and interest"
Maria Mavroidi, Transport Engineer, Athens International Airport, Greece

"I have been telling those who inquire about PTE that the conference this spring in CPH was one of the best I have attended. Good work - again"
Eric Youngquist, Senior Project Manager - Corporate Real Estate, United Airlines, USA

"Very professional and well organized,  very good agenda and speakers with different points of view. Hope to be there next year"
Nissim Ben Ezra, Manager Security Technologies, Israel Airport Authority, Israel

"I returned back to India yesterday after attending Passenger Terminal EXPO. Let me congratulate you & your entire team for organizing such an amazing event. All my colleagues also enjoyed it & found everything seamless. This was a great experience for me to be able to see the latest in aviation from around the world, on one platform. I was very lucky to meet some really good people. The sessions were very informative & and provided easy access to know the best practices & the challenges around the world"
Ritesh Sharma, Deputy General Manager - Terminal Operations, Mumbai International Airport Pvt Ltd, India

"Congratulations for successfully conducting this  year's Passenger Terminal EXPO"
Krishna Ayyar, Manager Airport Planning, Civil Aviation Authority, Botswana

"Good EXPO, nice to mix with others through lunch and evening receptions"
Diann Wilson, Director, Training and Organizational Development, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, USA

"The conferences are very interesting every year"
Hakim Djillali, Head of Development, Aeroports De Lyon, France

"Well organized conference and interesting for updating the current problems around the world in the airport industry as well as good participation in the exhibition that allowed us to close many commercial agreements in different areas"
Andres Mauricio Rodriguez Torres, Head of Development Eldorado Airport, OPAIN S.A., Colombia

"Very interesting and useful for my job, because you can learn of other's experiences and work to apply them to your daily work"
Paolo Battaglia, Architect, SEA Aeroporti di Milano, Italy

"This kind of event is where you talk about the future, about what is going to happen in the next coming years"
Marcelo Minoliti, Director of Infrastructure, Aeropuertos Argentina 2000, Argentina

"Fantastic. It was very informative and very useful. The networking was very valuable. This event was very  useful and provides a lot of benefits for airlines, handling agents & airport operators"
Amar Nasser, General Manager-Development, Oman Air, Oman

"Interesting presentations in the conference and partners in the fair"

Ulf Lengemann, Senior Manager Gate Processes, Lufthansa German Airlines, Germany

"The conference was very-well organized, the majority of the topics presented were very interesting and inspiring"
Ksenia Kurakina, Head of Non-aviation Business, Koltsovo Airport, Russia

"Very good range of speakers and exhibitors"
Rob Williams, Process Lead, BAA Heathrow Ltd, UK

"Execellent conference. Well organised. As well as the speakers materials, the thoughts and opinions of other participants were equally valuable and made the attendance even more worthwhile!"
Meenakshi Agrawal, Vice President, Mumbai International Airport, India

"Just do it. The confrence was well hosted with great speakers and topics, I had a wonderful time"
Rohan Thorat, Duty Terminal Manager, Mumbai International Airport, India

"Very good organization of the conference"
Jolanta Rokosz, Manager of PAX Terminals, John Paul II International Airport, Poland

"It was my first time to participate the conference and I really enjoy it. Well organized, interesting speeches and very good possibilities for networking with industry colleagues"
Ela Sharko, Commercial Specialist, Tirana International Airport, Albania

"Good forum to hear developments in the aviation industry. Good chance to network with others in similar job functions/interest in other airports"
Kris Mok, Manager, Corporate Development & International Relations, Changi Airport Group, Singapore

"The whole conference was really good, well organised"
Pawel Kolatorski, Senior Project Leader Terminal Engineering, Zurich Airport Ltd., Switzerland

"The conference was very well organised and presentations very interesting"
Calliopi Raftopoulou, EMS, Water & Hazardous Waste Coordinator, Athens International Airport, Greece

"Excellent, interesting speakers and well organised"
Oliver Victor Guenther Petersen, Senior Analyst, Copenhagen Airport, Denmark

"I thought it was excellent - PTExpo is the only way to go!"
John Cable, Information Systems Manager, Melbourne International Airport, USA

"The conference - it was a great experience. This was my first ever time to this expo. I got a lot out of it"
Lisa Lewis, EPC Business Manager, Gatwick Airport Limited, UK

"Would come back again!"
Ana Luis, Development & Marketing of Services, ANA Aeroportos de Portugal, S.A., Portugal

"The conference was very infromative and good sharing of experiences"
Ali Kazouiny, Airlines & Agencies Relations Manager, ADAC, UAE

"A very interesting conference"
Fausto Matias, Electrical Engineer - Head of Mainteneance, Lisbon Airport, Portugal

"The conference in its entirety, I found very interesting and a good opportunity for comparison"
Cinzia Nucciarone, Airport Planner, ADR (Aeroporti di Roma) S.p.A., Italy

"Good organisation and city choice"
Ricardo Alexandre Gois Ferreira, Building of Engineering Superintendent, INFRAERO, Brazil

"Bringing the experts together - worldwide! Great!"
Uwe Kaschdailewitsch, Head of Department Conveying and Machine Technology, Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH, Germany

"I found the conference very useful"
Paul Bolam, IT Architecture Design Manager, BAA, UK

"Passenger Terminal Expo provides great value, bringing together relevant experts from around the world. It's not to be missed!"
Peter Spurway, VP, Corporate Communications, Concession Development & Airport Experience, Halifax International Airport Authority, Canada

"Very well organized and attended"
Matthew Harris, Senior Director, Executive Office, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, USA

"Excellently organised with some excellent speakers"
Carl Dainter, Director, Davis Langdon, UK

"Conference was very good, with quite a number of companies exhibiting"
David Michaels, CEO, Com-Net Software/SITA, USA

"Passenger Terminal is a great venue to break down barriers and facilitate communications. Great opportunity to get together with friends in the industry and learn about the latest trends. PTX conferences continue to get better and better!!!"
Al Lyons, Principal, Americas ITC Leader, Arup, USA

"It is very difficult to sum up the value PT EXPO is to me. Over the years I have been able to avoid investing in obsolete technology and I’ve been able to meet strangers who have become colleagues who share a common interest in providing solutions to the challenges our industry faces. Each year aviation is faced with new challenges, PT EXPO provides the opportunity of discovering in a few days how technologists and operational staff have met these challenges. There has never been a time over the last 8 years that I have not been able to gain from the ideas, concepts and technology presented at PT EXPO"
Robert Smallback, CEO, RCSC, USA

"There are only two big conferences a year and this is the one which has really top notch people coming here, particularly due to the fact that it is a conference with very ambitious and upscale type of discussions, therefore we have to be present to work on that link between things which are discussed in the community, like consultancy, and then the concrete realisation of those discussion in products, in services, in solutions"
Stefan Keh, CEO Infrastructure Logistics, Siemens, Germany

"This exhibition, this is probably our fourth year in a row now, it’s been very valuable for us as a North American company that operates globally, this event is very much a global event, so it is a window to the airport world for us. We do go to different trade shows but we find this one is very much a global event and also the type of people who come here are the decision makers and for us that’s really important because we want to be talking to people who can make a buying or business decision for their airport and they do. 
We also see a lot of our existing client base while we are here, so that’s nice, you can spend your life on an aircraft visiting everybody or you can come to a really great show and visit with them at the show with your product here and that’s a big plus for us"
Lynn Gordon, Vice President Airport Solutions, Arconas, Canada

"We have been focusing the company in the last few years only on a specific process at the airport which is the process of clearance – document clarification, so we are now expanding the activities of the company and this is the right place to be to present this kind of solutions on an international community"
Miguel Leitman, Senior Vice President, Vision Box, Portugal

"This is a way for us to connect with airlines, to connect with airports, to connect with technology partners.  We have not yet experienced an event like this where all three are in one area. It’s terrific"
Joseph Pritikin, Director Product Marketing Biometrics, Aoptix Technologies, USA

"The show has been great for us, this is our first time at the Passenger Terminal EXPO…when you are trying to break into a new industry, as we are into the airline space, you have to go the industry specific events, if we go to general IT there is just way too much noise in the environment, this is strictly geared to us for the airlines and we get great exposure with the major players in the industry… we’re seeing the right personnel, from Delta, Emirates, BA, Air France, all over, it’s been a wonderful show"
Stephen Bergeron, President, Prehkeytec, USA

"The calibre of information and speakers at the conference was excellent – my expectations were high and they were met. Speakers were well informed and provided excellent information, and were willing to respond to questions with candid answers. I am still digesting all the information from the conference months later"
Dr. Patricia Ryan, President, Decision Services International, USA

"If your heart beats for airports then PTE is the place to meet with like minded individuals to share and to learn from each other. I guess you can call it Airport Spirit Inferno. I met a number of experienced and dedicated individuals from the industry. The conference was a great platform and perfect environment for career related networking efforts, specifically getting to know key people. I loved it – I only wish I could have been in more of the sessions at the same time. Be there in Vienna, April 2012!
Franz Eggenweber, Passenger Experience, READY 2 TAKE OFF, Austria

"I attended the conference at PT Expo last week and enjoyed it very much"
Rick Hunger, Director Business Development, Aecom, USA

"Thank you for all your efforts on PTX 2011 - I am really enjoying the conference"
David Little, Principal, Lea+Elliott, Inc., USA

"The speeches and panels are very necessary and significant for us"
Weilin Li, Proect Manager, Nuctech Co. LTD., China

"Very interesting presentations and a great place to network and find out about the hot trends in the industry"
Delphine Delebarre, Marketing Programme Manager, Amadeus, France

"Excellent conference, top notch speakers"
Bolivar Pereira, Account Manager, Honeywell, Belgium

"Well-organized (pre and post), large enough to cover a wide range of industry topics, small enough to not feel lost in the crowd and do some excellent networking"
Rudie Lion, Principal, Acuity Market Intelligence, USA

"Very high level of information at the conference"
Borry Vrieling, Owner and General Manager, Varilabel Europe BV, Belgium

"We have had an awful lot of interest from people all over the world - from the States, from Europe, from Asia, the Middle East, so it has been tremendous. We think this is the place to be if you want to talk to the right decision makers worldwide. Evidence has shown over the last three days that it was the right decision to come here, so we are very happy"
Luc De Backer, Managing Director, Teleportel, Netherlands

"It has been fantastic here, there have been so many people here and so many people want to buy and test and try – it’s been fantastic"
Nils Erik Jevne, Sales Manager Security, EasyRoller A/S, Norway

"We have exhibited here for more than eight years, every year in every place and we have had good experiences, because the customers are the right ones and the quality of the leads are good"
Ute Nellen, Director International Marketing, Kaba Gallenschütz, Germany

"Footfall was even better than last year, especially the first and second day – and more companies were present who provide not just equipment but also solutions – total solutions"
Sarwan Singh Shahi, General Manager (Aviation), W. H Brady, India

"The Passenger Terminal EXPO Conference continues to impress me as one of, if not the, best forums to hear about the latest information in the global aviation industry. My highlight is always hearing about the ways that airports are looking at innovative approaches to develop their facilities to meet the ever-changing aviation environment. The broad range of participants from worldwide locations significantly enhances the quality of the presentations and the range of ideas/solutions presented at the sessions"
Steve Cornell, Associate VP, West Region Aviation Director, T.Y. Lin International, USA

"I was impressed with the high level of international delegates that attended the security sessions"
Steve Wolff, President, Wolff Consulting Services, USA

"I was impressed by the participation of high-level airport management staff and industry experts. The presentations were top-notch, very visual, well-presented, and covered industry leading topics"
Gene Peters, Director, Ricondo & Associate, USA

"The conference in Copenhagen was fantastic, it was very well planned and organised. The quality of the presentations and speakers were the best I have seen. The product show was great and the speakers forums were insightful and informative. Congratulations!"
Douglas Cooley, Executive Vice President, Michaud Cooley Erickson, USA

"I think it’s fantastic. There are a lot of new products and technologies. Especially in the growing and emerging market like India, there is a lot of opportunity to use products that are being displayed and showcased here"
N. Sathyanarayanan, Managing Director, CPS (Central Parking Services), Russia

"I’m pleasantly surprised by the amount of foot traffic that’s come through. I think in terms of the size of the exhibition my perception is it’s slightly smaller than last time. My guess is that means the quality of the people coming to the stand is probably higher in that it’s more concentrated. They’re making an effort to get here and if they’re coming to see us it’s because they want to talk business"
Paul Humphries, Marketing Manager ARINC EMEA, UK

"Nicely laid out, easy to find your way around. I’ve talked to a few people from different stands and it’s been really interesting. Some great new products on show"
Jens Larsen, Senior Engineer, ARUP, Denmark

"I think it’s very interesting. We were just at Sea Trade in Miami but this is a lot more technologically centred. We’re finding the booths to be very interesting and engaging and it’s certainly helping us with some ideas we have"
JJ Litchford, Business Development Manager, Bags Inc, USA

"I like the set-up. A lot of space. It’s a good balance between software, hardware and manufacturing"
Stefan Krummeck, Principal Director, TFP Farrells Architects, Hong Kong

"Our highlights were the several panel discussions - lively debate - we had some strong opinions voiced"
Art Kosatka, CEO, Transecure, USA

"The Passenger Terminal EXPO 2011 was very well organized"
Rafi Ron, CEO, NASS, USA

"The open discussion in the session was very intensive and fruitful"
Detlef Houdeau, Senior Director,  Infineon Technologies AG, Germany

"I find Passenger Terminal EXPO to be a great way to search new business partners, to establish relations and get information about new airport equipment and terminals"
Dmitry Sumyatin, Export/Import Manager, Airflot Technics Ltd, Russia

"For me the highlights were making new acquaintances and renewing old ones and attending the conference sessions"
Ellen Crews, National Market Principal, Jacobs Engineering, USA

"Thanks for another great PTE and looking forward to Vienna"
Alaistair Deacon, Transport Solutions Director, Amor Group, UK

"Great opportunity to network and a great exhibition"
Cyrille Bataller, Director, Accenture Technology Labs Europe, France

"We had a great show, the high quality of attendees was noticed by most of my colleagues and friends in the industry"
James Creegan, Business Development Consultant, Ultra Electronics Airport Systems, UK

"Good conference, congratulations on the excellent organization. It was nice to visit PTE and I am really looking forward to next year. It was crowded, there were so many people - hopefully all you expected, so you are also satisfied"
Aleksandra Volkanovska, Director Of Sales & Marketing Eastern Europe & Russia, Simtra AeroTech AB, Sweden

"Congratulations on another great event! Once again PTE has proved to be the most effective industry event for making new contacts, meeting existing customers and learning about the airport environment.  One place to do it all! "
Catherine Mayer, Vice President, SITA, USA

"I found the event to be excellent once again"
Paul Behnke, ACI/ICAO Global AMPAP Programme: Instructor/Course Designer, ACI, USA

"The Presentation, Conference and EXPO  went very well and the new contacts I made there were most valuable. Thanks for putting on a great show, very efficiently run"
John Huey, President, John H Huey & Associates LLC, USA

"PTE was a very valuable and professionally organized event for Autoloader"
Florian Gottschaller, Managing Director, Autoloader GmbH, Germany

"The exhibition was fantastic. I have never seen such diverse exhibitors at any conference"
Mary Vigilante, President, Synergy Consultants, Inc., USA

"The conference provided powerful examples from international airports - I was impressed with the range of cutting edge sustainability projects that airports around the world are implementing. I was inspired at the range of innovative strategies airports are undertaking, and enjoyed hearing different perspectives"
Carol Lurie, Principal/Senior Planner, Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc., USA

"All topics choosen were great, very good calibre of speaker"
Luis Raymundo, Doctoral Candidate, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"There was a lot of choice and very interesting presentations. It was good to see the experiences and outlooks of other companies in the industry"
Haroon Azizpour, Senior Busines Analyst, Amadeus Services Ltd, UK

"Very good"
Russ Lewis, Managing Consultant, Global Airport Management Pty Ltd, Australia

"Very good conference event, well organized and with interesting topics to learn about. I've pretty much benefited from my presence throughout the 3 days. This is an event that I recommend to every aviation organization, it's the perfect opportunity to learn about all the buzzes and focus areas of the industry. It has also been a wonderful networking opportunity. Good job to the organizing team"
Mohamad-Ali Wehbe, Head of Business Development, SITA, Lebanon

"My attendance to the PTE 2011 exceeded my expectations. Its the most major event I've ever been to and I found it to be especially dynamic. A great experience for all professionals involved in airport projects such as designers, planners, managers, directors with the opportunity to hear speakers worldwide. Conference and exhibition were perfectly scheduled and organized. It was  also exciting to participate at the Skytrax World Airport Awards where my country got two prizes for the Best Airport and Best Staff in South America. Congratulations to the organizers!"
Elizabeth Moreno, Architect, CORPAC S.A., Peru

"Well organised event; interesting lectures"
Jean Luc Milis, Associate, Grimshaw, UK

"It was a great experience - PTE 2011. Wishing you all the very best in your preparations for the grand event next year"
Sreechand Sreedhar, Head Initiatives – Airports, Larsen & Toubro Limited, India

"The conference, as usual the most important within the industry"
Max Schintlmeister, Commercial Director, TMT Management, Germany



Perfect event with excellent content in the conference
Donghyun Kim, Manager, Incheon International Airport, KOREA




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