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The world's premier international airport terminal conference and exhibition
Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE & EXPO provides the most significant opportunity for airport and airline industries to debate current issues and form business relationships on a global scale. 2014 will be the 20th international conference and exhibition for passenger terminal design, management, security and technology.


Helmut an de Meulen, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, Materna Information & Communications, Germany talks about Materna IPS (Integrated Passenger Services) the company's integrated solution for airports and airlines which encompasses passenger check-in both web and mobile, self bag drop, security access and quick boarding gates as well as revenue protection and collection on behalf of airlines for oversized and additional luggage.

Harald Jentsch, Director Product Line Sales CXS & EDS, Smiths Detection, Germany launches the all new high-speed explosives-detection system for checked baggage, the HI-SCAN 10080 XCT which has gained EU standard 3 approval and was a point of much interest at the show.

Pascal Berberet, Head of Airport Division, Vitra International, Switzerland comments on the company's intelligent and inspiring range of products including an all new privacy concept called Workbays, manufactured from acoustically absorbing material and providing a space where passengers can work or relax in peace and quiet and that can be configured in numerous retreat and meeting style areas.

David Kershaw, Director – Global Airport Solutions, ARINC, United Kingdom comments on the full range of capabilities showcased on the company's stand including aviation solutions; messaging; data display and security solutions and in particular talks about ARINC's work in the field of integrating data and messaging solutions on passenger-friendly applications including tablets and touch screens.

Raphael Roy, Business Development Manager, Gunnebo Entrance Controls, United Kingdom comments on the company's airport security solutions which combine speed and reliability to simplify the passenger experience by ensuring reliable and trouble free interaction for passengers with security staff and systems.

Bart Houlleberghs, Commercial Director, Type 22, the Netherlands launches the all new Scan&Fly quick bag drop solution, which can be easily retrofitted into existing airport check-in desks. The passenger-friendly baggage drop off reduces queues, helps airlines to cut down on operational costs, while airports benefit from increased passenger drop-off capacity.

Nick Gates, portfolio Director, Airport Solution Line, SITA, United Kingdom, talks about the many areas in which SITA assists airports and airlines with products and services, including self-service solutions such as Bagdrop, self-boarding gates and CUSS and new developments in the field of business intelligence.

Jan Poulsen, Sales Director, Lyngsoe Systems, Denmark, comments on its BagQuality Network, a standalone system which enables airports to improve baggage handling quality across a whole airport site by identifying areas of low performance in order to decrease the rate of mishandled baggage, reduce costs associated with lost and delayed baggage and to optimise the service quality of baggage handling systems.

Frank Mikkelsen, Sales Manager, DSG Systems, Norway comments on the company's fully automated backdrop system that simplifies and streamlines the process of passenger check-in with a centralised dashboard configuration enabling centralised control across a number of airport sites and BagDrop clients which has been adopted by major airports in Scandinavia including: Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki and Oslo.

Michael Seidler, Senior Sales Manager, PrehKeyTec, Germany comments on the company's range of ruggedised keyboards which have a high-level of flexibility and extreme reliability – including IP54 spill water protection and a lifetime of more than 30 million actuations – and touches briefly on the MCI 111 A OCR reader and keyboard module for use at airport check-in and gates.

Ute Nellen, Head of International Marketing, KABA Gallenschütz, Germany presents the Argus HSB-M03 automated boarding pass and boarding gate developed in partnership with SITA and NEC, with integrated facial recognition system, passport reader and barcode scanner for boarding pass validation.

Gabor Jozsa, VP Business Development, ARH Hungary, introduces the company's range of advanced ID-document and e-passport and biometric scanners that are optimised for airports, including an all new biometric facial and fingerprint enrolment device developed specifically for visa applications from passengers entering the Schengen Zone from points of origin outside of the Agreement Area.

Anna Stebleva, Vice President of Business Development, ARTEC GROUP, Luxembourg, a first time exhibitor at Passenger Terminal Expo, launches the company into the airport security sector with its 3D facial recognition camera and software, already extensively used in other industry fields, which will enable frequent flyers to enrol a 3D biometric image of their facial features for rapid security processing through boarding gates and check points.

Michael Bodzioch, Sales Manager, PHP Real Airport Seating, Poland presents a brand new line of durable PU airport seating specifically developed for high volume use with a unique and ergonomic design and also touches on its range of steel and aluminium seating for both indoor and outdoor use.

Lon G. Von Hurwitz, Chief Executive Officer, World Health Networks, United States in cooperation with the Health Heart Federation, launches its all new non-invasive biometric health station, a self-service medical grade health station provided at no cost to the airports. The health stations take non-invasive biometric measurements, which determine risk-assessment for heart disease for individual users. Internet connected, digital health stations offer a range of critical biometric tests with identification and data storage, tracking capabilities and a smart device user interface.



Perfect event with excellent content in the conference
Donghyun Kim, Manager, Incheon International Airport, KOREA






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