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Sustainable, scalable, modular security lanes
Bavel Consulting

The Tray and Trolley Return System (TTRS) is a cutting-edge security lane solution developed by PTE exhibitor Bavel Consulting. It can achieve a throughput of 220-240 passengers per lane/hour.
TTRS consists of three integrated parts: the loading table, security trolley and roller bed. The system works entirely on gravity and does not consume electricity, saving the airport on running costs.

In the divestment area, multiple passengers can divest at the same time using the loading tables, enabling faster passengers to overtake slower ones. The loading tables are customizable for a variety of tray sizes, although a larger tray typically maximizes throughput.

Trays are returned to the divestment area using the security trolley operated by staff. Each security trolley has a high capacity, which means that the number of tray replenishment journeys is minimized, ultimately increasing efficiency and reducing the number of lanes required.

Due to the modular design of TTRS, security lanes can be designed to the exact specifications of the airport and installed within a few hours. This minimizes disruption during installation and enables future capacity requirements to be fulfilled by adding modular units.

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