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Security scanning and drone detection
Rohde & Schwarz

At this year’s Passenger Terminal Expo, Rohde & Schwarz will showcase innovative solutions for security scanning and drone detection. The company is a key partner for airports, law enforcement and governmental authorities, as well as for internal and external security organizations.

The R&S QPS 201 enhanced Advanced Imaging Technology (eAIT) security scanner delivers a high security performance and a fast and more comfortable passenger experience to complement the significant investments being made throughout airports to redefine the passenger experience. In use at some of the world’s busiest airports since 2015, the security scanner has achieved European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) approval and has been certified by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), as it meets the latter’s stringent detection requirements.

Modular and scalable, the R&S ARDRONIS counter-UAS solution can be deployed on a variety of platforms and readily integrated to accommodate specific threat profiles. The strength of this CUAS solution lies in the reliable localization of the drone pilot. Enhancing airport security, R&S ARDRONIS detects and locates drone pilots before a UAS takes off, minimizing or preventing costly downtimes at the airport. The drone’s remote-control uplink is detected from the moment it is switched on, providing an early-warning benefit.

Booth: Z1.3160

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