Speaker Interviews

Passenger Terminal Expo 2022 – Conference speaker interviews

Paul Griffiths, CEO Dubai Airports, United Arab Emirates

As the world’s largest international airport, Dubai Airports rebounded from the global pandemic much faster than many other airports and were able to insulate ourselves from many of the problems of resource and facility reactivation that have been experienced by other airports around the world. Paul's presentation covered recovery and rediscovery – challenges and opportunities for the world’s largest intercontinental hub. Click Play to discover more.

Sujata Suri, vice president strategy and commercial development, Hamad International Airport (MATAR), Qatar

Sujata moderated a panel discussion which examined the pandemic as a game-changer to the aviation industry and looked into the subsequent effects on customer expectations and the evolution of the airport business proposition. It also covered the role of technology since the pandemic era and its effects on passenger satisfaction, including commonly observed technological advances in airports and whether these are here to stay or are passing trends that may fade as passenger concerns related to Covid-19 slowly fade. Click Play to discover more.

Anita Chagar, Diversity Network Lead, Heathrow Airport; Tom Ruth, President and CEO, Edmonton International Airport and Dr Dan Wong, Associate Professor and Aviation Management Program Leader, Prince Sultan University, Saudi Arabia

Anita was joined on stage in the conference by Tom and Dan to discuss: Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) have become essential in business or enterprise planning and implementation to attract high-quality applicants, foster more energized employees, increase job satisfaction, and improve overall profitability. As with the civil aviation sector, airports have increasingly become more international in all aspects of their business activities, including customers, contractors, employees, and suppliers, necessitating a diverse employee population. To achieve long-term success, airports, airlines, and other elements of the civil aviation sector will need to integrate DEI into their organization. Speakers from academia and the airport industry will discuss their experiences and offer recommendations. Click play to discover more.

Jörn Jaeger, Head of Airspace and Vertiports, Volocopter Germany

Placing and operating take-off and landing sites in dense urban environments (vertiports) creates several challenges and needs a thorough understanding of the aircraft concept of operations. Volocopter conducted a project to design a fully functional vertiport with the smallest footprint possible. Jörn's presentation provided insight into the project results by giving an overview of vertiport requirements, constraints and solutions. Click play to hear more.

Kevin Cox, Chief Executive Officer, Ferrovial Vertiports, USA

Kevin's presentation at Passenger Terminal Conference 2022 was titled: “Successfully siting, designing, building and operating vertiports now to ensure our future” which looked at how this nascent industry is highly dependent upon the proper siting, development, construction, and operation of a series of agnostic vertiport networks, seamlessly integrated into the fabric of their surroundings. Click Play to discover more.

Emily Yates Head of Accessibility and Inclusive Design, Mima, UK

London Heathrow Airport aims to become the world’s most accessible airport. This aspiration required consideration beyond the built environment and physical accessibility, and a design standard document that provided empathy-building narratives in addition to technical requirements. Created and reviewed by people with lived experience of disability – including Heathrow’s Accessibility Advisory Group (HAAG) – this document sets a standard for a holistic approach to inclusion for passengers and colleagues, building it into the fabric of the airport and its processes, procedures and values for years to come. Click Play to discover more.

Alessandro Fidato, Chief Operating Officer SEA Milan Airports

Alessandro discusses his presentation which looked at the how in June 2021, Linate Airport inaugurated its restyling after important revamping works that began in 2019 and have completely renovated the Milan city airport. The project involved architectural and functional refurbishment with a substantial change in passenger flows in a considerable part of the existing terminal together with the building of a new three-story building a new shopping gallery and a new food court with a total investment of €40m including relevant technological innovation, such as SEA face boarding.

Passenger Terminal Expo 2022 – Exhibitor interviews


Fahad Alharbi, CEO of Damman Airports Company in Saudi Arabia, explains how Matarat Holdings plans to grow passenger traffic in Saudi Arabia by sampling the BHS systems, biometric solutions and other technical service providers available at Passenger Terminal Expo.


AeroCloud's CEO, George Richardson, explains how its intelligent airport management platform makes operations teams' lives easier by increasing situational awareness, automating tasks and ensuring everyone across the airport gets the information they need.


Vitra launched its soft, modular seating system, Soft Wait, on Day One of the event. The sofa-style system combines comfort and ergonomics while also being suited to heavy use and the demands of public spaces. Pascal Berberet, head of Airport Division at Vitra explains more.

Alstef Automation

Nicolas Breton, CEO of Alstef Automation, presents an AGV alternative to traditional BHS AGV – which is able to reach speeds of 7 meters per second – and its potential to increase airport operators’ flexibility.

Materna IPS

Georg Oschmann, managing director, Materna IPS explains its latest innovations in self-service automated baggage drop-off, with a particular focus on its biometric capabilities.


Yannick Beunardeau, senior vice president of airport and airline operations EMEA at Amadeus, describes how Amadeus is facilitating the biometric end-to-end passenger journey and how this vision can support airports through staff shortages by improving passenger flow.

ICM Group

Richard Dinkelmann, CEO of ICM Group, an Amadeus Company, explains how the company’s self-service bag machine reduces queuing and increases airports’ passenger capacity through user-friendly design and intuitive graphics.

In Group

Pascal Janer, vice president of sales in Europe for In Group, demonstrates how In Group’s GDPR-compliant biometric solutions – such as its contactless fingerprint scanner, face ID and touchless screen – create a sanitary and seamless passenger journey.

Honeywell International

Andy Bourdais, senior sales supervisor at Honeywell International, explains how Honeywell’s bespoke workflow management brings disparate airport systems together to reduce queuing, increase terminal operations efficiency and improve the passenger experience.

Collins Aerospace

Augusto Santos, head of design and innovation at Collins Aerospace, describes how the company’s suite of passenger processing and airport operations solutions can support cost-conscious airports looking to increase their efficiency and reduce passenger stress.


Lynn Gordon, vice president of business development at Arconas, announces the global launch of its Avro seating collection at Passenger Terminal Expo 2022. Arvo was designed to survive the airport environment with minimal maintenance as each installation features a common base support structure with a wide range of seating tops and each removable module is recyclable.

ADB Safegate

Ilya Burkin, global sales director at ADB Safegate introduces the company’s digital apron concept and its ability to support airports’ safety, sustainability and costs through improved turnaround management.


Peter O’Donoghue, chief technology officer at Leidos discusses the company’s portfolio of aviation security solutions, including an explosive detection device, a cabin baggage scanner and its automated tray return system.