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Virtual airport operations management
Amorph Systems

Managing terminal operations from a virtual control room is now possible with, a cloud-based solution for airports seeking a simple and affordable digitalized solution.

In the not-too-distant past, the ultimate goal for most larger airports was to establish a centralized airport operations center (APOC) where representatives from various operations stakeholders were co-located.
Despite all the positive aspects of an APOC, it is a costly exercise. Furthermore, although smaller airports have multiple stakeholders who could benefit from improved collaboration, they do not have the budget or sufficient resources to establish an APOC.

The pandemic has taught us that many elements of airport operations can be managed remotely with effective access to systems and visibility of operations. Implementing a virtual capability enables productivity at a similar level to on-site work. Eliminating the physical constraints of an APOC also means that more stakeholders can participate and cooperate.

Although the peak of the pandemic seems to have passed and a degree of normality is returning in many places, remote working has established itself as valuable concept. Virtual control rooms are a viable, affordable option for airports of all sizes.

Apart from the virtual control room solution, Amorph Systems will be demonstrating other innovations at the expo, such as advanced queue and passenger flow monitoring with lidar, and ingestion of ADS-B data to show the actual movement of aircraft on the apron for detailed situational awareness.

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