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DAY 2: Digitalized cloud announcement system to reduce on-site IT expenditure

Automatic announcement systems company Sittig is presenting its digitalized cloud announcement systems, the PAXGuide Cloud system.

The PAXGuide Cloud system enables airports around the world to stream automatic announcements from Sittig’s secure cloud. The system interfaces with other systems such as camera systems, sensor systems or public address systems to ensure maximum automation.

The modular software architecture enables customers to individually adapt the system to their own requirements. This flexibility is expected to reduce expenditure on on-site IT infrastructure. Its cloud infrastructure also means that it can be rolled out and operated at multiple airports in a scalable and cost-efficient manner and deliver a consistent level of quality.

“We've been to Passenger Terminal Expo for the last 10 to 12 years,” said Christian Tischler, general manager of finance at Sittig Technologies. “It targets the right people and it's exactly the right fair for us. Compared with other airport shows, it's much more specific to our customers so it’s very useful.”

He continued, “The PAXGuide Cloud system is an automatic announcement system that is connected to text-to-speech as well. This means it has the ability to make text-to-speech announcements as well as pre-recorded messages. It also improved the quality of announcements and means that it can operate in more than 40 languages. The new thing about the system is that we can have a cloud-based version, so you don't have to install it on the premises. This increases the use cases and also the size of airports using it.”

Booth: Z3.6010

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