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DAY 2: Ink Innovation unveils new business division
Ink Innovation

Ink Innovation has introduced its new business division, Ink+, comprised of experts from key industries including transportation, smart cities, hospitality, travel and tourism. Ink+ is expected to provide insights on navigating disruption in the aviation field.

Alongside this, the company is giving live demos of upgraded self-service units such as QuickTag Lite and Bag Drop. These changes are designed to improve the passenger experience and lower operating costs, making it easier for airports to manage the growing demand for air travel. All units incorporate advanced biometric technology to further the touchless passenger journey, including the Gate and Totem units which are on display.

Harmen Brenninkmeijer, president of Ink Innovation, said, "We are committed to customer-centric innovation to create unforgettable experiences that inspire and empower. This year we are looking forward to showcasing our latest innovation and unveiling what we’ve been working on lately. We’ll talk more about Ink+ services, our new business division that we are confident can offer critical insights and help airlines and airports improve their operations."

Javed Malik, chairman of the advisory board of Ink Innovation and the leader of Ink+, added, "As digital technologies become more prominent, it's crucial to assess their suitability for your infrastructure and goals. Riding the coattails of industry trends may not always be the best approach. Exploring alternative revenue streams and funding options for your digital roadmap can lead to a more sustainable approach to technological advancements. These are the types of insights the Ink+ leadership shares to initiate productive conversations."

To find out more about Ink Innovation’s products, visit Booth 1535.

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