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DAY 2: Cognitec introduces updated biometric verification module

Cognitec has introduced the updated version of its FaceVACS-Entry product, a lightweight biometric-enabled verification device suitable for installation in e-gates and kiosks.

The technology takes standards-compliant biometric photos and compares them with digital facial images retrieved from ID documents or databases. Its instant camera positioning, active lighting and responsive user guidance have been designed to create optimal capturing conditions, accurate verification results and fast processing times.

The system serves all applications that require the acquisition of standards-compliant photos and the verification of digital images against live images – such as border control scenarios and entry/exit programs. Travelers can complete all border procedures in a self-service setting in just a few seconds.

Elke Oberg, marketing manager at Cognitec, commented, “Our FaceVACS-Entry product can capture biometric photos, check the ISO compliance and enable the officer to either accept or reject the image. The product is currently being used for entry/exit programs in the EU for non-Schengen visitors. This smaller device can be hung on the door of the gate to do a very fast verification of the traveler. It's super-light and slim but still covers the EU requirement for heights. It's nice to see that everybody's back at the expo after this long break. In Europe, this is definitely the show to be at if you're showing anything for airports or immigration.”

To find out more about Cognitec’s products, visit Booth 1730.

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