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DAY 2: Integrated apron operations system incorporating 3D lidar positioning
TK Elevator

PTE exhibitor TK Elevator has launched its integrated apron operations system, ApronVision.

ApronVision features 3D lidar technology for long-range and ultra-high-precision object detection and measuring. According to TK Elevator, it was the first company that used laser-based technology to guide airplanes to their parking position. Its system creates a high-resolution point cloud of the apron with up to 2.6 million datapoints per second and a scanning angle of up to 360°. A full-screen, high-resolution LED display shows important, automated and customized turnaround information.

ApronVision was designed to enable the full automation and digitalization of the apron to provide real-time data of the apron. This real-time data is expected to create a more efficient docking and departure process by improving the control of all apron activities. ApronVision is also designed to make all the relevant information more readily available for decision-making operators.

“With ApronVision, TK Elevator sets a cutting-edge standard for airport operations,” said Manuel Alvarez, CEO of airport solutions at TK Elevator. “The intelligent technology enhances docking and departure processes and facilitates complex operations at all times. Airports benefit from the consolidation of the most critical turnaround processes and apron information in a single system. Most importantly, faster and smoother processes also improve the travel experience for passengers.”

Booth: Z3.6130

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