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Extended AI-based predictable operations platform

Environmental and Movement Monitoring for Airports (EMMA) has extended its AI-based Predictable Operations platform with airport collaborative decision-making (A-CDM) concept of operations (ConOps) configuration features.

As part of its approach, EMMA integrates gap analysis reviews and ConOps updates to make the final solution fit for purpose, as not every airport is the same. The airport A-CDM ConOps can now be fully configured into EMMA’s A-CDM solution. This enables airports to adjust their operations seamlessly, whenever needed.
Rather than consider a platform as part of a full solution to target improved sustainability, increased efficiency and better stakeholder management, EMMA thinks of ConOps as the basis of the airport’s functioning reflected in the platform. A fully configurable way of reflecting the airport’s A-CDM ConOps enables shorter implementation times of A-CDM and the possibility to tailor ConOps more efficiently based on feedback from the airport stakeholders.

EMMA helps airports make their operations efficient and predictable by optimizing resource use and increasing operational transparency through its AI platform. The company’s platform facilitates the implementation of Eurocontrol's A-CDM requirements.

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