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AI-powered deep-learning solution to improve turnaround predictability
Schiphol Group Aviation Solutions

Schiphol Group Aviation Solutions, a Royal Schiphol Group company, will be displaying its portfolio of leading artificial intelligence (AI) solutions at this year’s Passenger Terminal EXPO.

The company will showcase its Deep Turnaround, Airport Inspector, Self-Service Unit and Position Assignment System.

Deep Turnaround is a deep-learning solution that uses AI to improve and strengthen collaboration and improve turnaround predictability. It leverages computer vision technology to translate camera images from more than 30 sub-processes, such as refueling, pushback and catering, into data that is used to identify and predict causes of delays.

Airport Inspector is an AI-driven solution used at Schiphol Airport for airport asset management. The tech is designed to assess the state of runways and aprons to minimize impact on airport operations and support visual inspections at the airport. At the expo, Schiphol Group Aviation Solutions will demonstrate the influence of AI in airport asset management and how it can boost the reliability of human eye reports.

The company’s Self-Service Unit has been designed to be a digital colleague that provides flight information, wayfinding, personal assistance and answers to passenger questions. Expo attendees will be able to interact with the unit and check their own flight status on the day of departure to determine what time they need to leave the expo.

Schiphol Group Aviation Solutions will also showcase its Position Assignment System. This is a smart wayfinding system for the security lane. By guiding passengers to the ‘quickest’ available lane and divest position, the solution can optimize throughput and decrease wait times.

To learn more about Schiphol Group Aviation Solutions' portfolio of leading AI solutions, please visit its booth at Passenger Terminal EXPO.

Booth: 2218

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