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Interactive digital display solutions to deliver critical information to passengers
L.B. Foster

As international passenger numbers continue to build following the lifting of Covid-19 travel restrictions, many UK airports are now focusing investment on delivering critical travel information that improves the overall passenger experience.

L.B. Foster is a leading supplier of innovative, interactive digital display solutions. The company has deployed over 40 mobile Inform totems at London's Heathrow Airport, featuring flight information display (FID) feeds that deliver real-time travel information to passengers.

Adam Cousins, transport customer experience specialist at L.B. Foster, says: “The challenge for many airports is ensuring that FIDs are located in the right place to meet the demands of footfall as customers move through terminals. FID location is usually dictated by the built airport environment, such as wall or ceiling availability, as well as power. These locations are not always where the customers need a screen and they are completely reliant on the communications network.”

L.B. Foster finds a way around this challenge as its Inform mobile information totems are powered by its Inform media software, which includes FIDS as well as wayfinding, personalized flight information and various languages, including sign language. Each totem at Heathrow is a truly mobile, 4/5G-connected, battery-powered enhanced FID that can be positioned where customers need it most and is not reliant on the airport’s network or power supply.

Cousins concludes: “That’s how you deliver critical passenger information when and where it’s needed.”

For more information visit the company’s booth at Passenger Terminal EXPO.

Booth: 1310

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