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Precise passenger tracking with lidar

Amorph Passenger Flow Measurement processes lidar data to detect, classify and track objects such as passengers and bags. With outstanding precision, lidar sensors enable the most accurate measurement of the position and movement of passengers.

Passenger processing performance can be accurately measured, managed and continuously improved using advanced, airport-specific analytics. Longer distances and wider areas can be covered with lidar sensors, and passenger flows in large airport concourses can be measured with just a few sensors. Compared with other solutions, not only is measurement more precise but the overall cost of implementation and ownership is lower.

Dynamically formed queues are automatically detected and associated with specific processing points to provide the most accurate service quality measurements and eliminate invalid queue measurements due to dependence on preconfigured queuing areas. Wi-fi-capable edge devices can be installed to receive the lidar data, thereby avoiding cable installation costs and substantially reducing implementation time.

The Amorph lidar-based solution provides an improved measurement method. It is flexible, cost-effective, totally GDPR compliant and ideal for passenger flow management.

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